Let's get rid of Button Checks: My request of Madcatz/Hori

Perhaps this has been suggested before, but it seems to that we have the technology to create sticks that would have a small amount of memory space that could save your custom button layout. Then whatever system you plug your stick into it would automatically read your settings and apply them, eliminating the need for button checks. I don’t see why this shouldn’t also available to pad players, unless they are playing with a default pad.

Hell I’d be happy if the Marvel/HDR button system was instituted in all capcom fighting games

If you use the default setup in SF4, it lines up perfectly with any madkatz stick.

I realize that this might have to wait for the next generation of sticks/pads/fighting games so they all know how to interact with each other.

Seconded. Two second button configs FTW.

Seriously. I don’t understand why they can’t have something as intuitive as HDR. It’s so simple it hurts!!!

Why is this in GD?