Let's get rid of Button Checks: My request of Madcatz/Hori

Perhaps this has been suggested before, but it seems to that we have the technology to create sticks that would have a small amount of memory space that could save your custom button layout. Then whatever system you plug your stick into it would automatically read your settings and apply them, eliminating the need for button checks. I don’t see why this shouldn’t also available to pad players, unless they are playing with a default pad. I realize that this might have to wait for the next generation of sticks/pads/fighting games so they all know how to interact with each other.

You’ll never get rid of button checks because players will always want to make absolutely certain that their controls are correct before a match.

Won’t happen. Sorry.

I would love for that though.

…right before I could say, “Markman, make it happen”…

It’s not up to MarkMan, it’d be up to the software developers. The controllers all identify themselves to the consoles. The game software should be able to identify the controller, and if wanted, set up a default mapping based on that controller. Even if they decided to do that, they’d still have to implement button setups for all sorts of reasons. Maybe one person likes playing with the outside six instead of the inside six on their TE. Most of the controllers are already setup so the default config is the most used one, which is why the (normal) TE/SE sticks match the default SF4/SSF4 setup, and the MvC2 MadCatz sticks match the default MvC2 config.

The only thing that can and should be done to make button configs less of a nail biter is for more fighters to implement the easy button setup seen in the BackBone ports of HD Remix and MvC2. This isn’t a hardware problem, nor can it be resolved via hardware.

Fine no button checks then. If your buttons doesn’t function while playing in the middle of the tourney, it’s because there’s no button checks. :rolleyes:

I recall this being mentioned on the EVO stream. Make button config and checks during the loading screen.

However, any possible input during loading screens is currently patented by Namco. So, pretty much would be for Tekken and SC.

Still would like to see “button check” mode, though. Like after inputting any changes controls, go to a blank-backed room to check buttons, test everything, press start, and then the round begins. I’d like any remedy that would avoid having to reload the game.

I hear the new console port of BBCS has button config on the char select screen. Cool idea.

Hopefully there is a way to actually test the buttons on the same screen (light up A B C D or whatever), or people will still have to start a match to verify.

^Something like that would be very welcome in future fighters. I’ve actually made that suggestion in the MvC3 boards.

That BB:CS idea sounds fantastic. I’ll see how it is when it arrives, I preordered from Amazon and it says it’s going to be like 5 days late :|, something small that I noticed recently was Alpha 2’s button config. If I’m playing at a friend’s house who always uses a PS3 pad so he has his buttons laid out like crazy, I always have to set mine back to the way I like it. It’s kind of a bother because of the button config menu making you select which button does which, what I would love, is what Alpha 2 had (i just bought the PS classic version), where you just hit the button that you want for each action. Small request, and small change, but it would be mighty nice.

I gotta imagine people will wanna check buttons every time money is on the line…

Kinda like the arcade version for type A and B! Cool! Always love BB =D

I remember back in the day, pressing select while choosing a stage will bring you to button configs. It was perfect.

SNES Street Fighter II Turbo, you were the best.

HDR and MvC2 on PSN/XBLA had that, as well as BlazBlue: CT.

This might be quite a crude method but you could wire a 6-way (sp6t) switch to each of your 6 buttons and physically set your button config, depending of course on what kind of system the pcb you have is using. Say you want button 1 to act as your square button, set your switch to the square button setting on the switch and turn off the rest. If you want button 1 to act as your SFIV focus shortcut, turn on L1 and R1 and turn everything else off. This of course requires your game’s button config to be set to default. Another quirk would be the size of the switch since you would have at least 6 of them. Maybe you can use 6-way dip switch to keep the size at a minimum.


A rotary dip switch would do but you can’t assign two or more commands to a button with that (unless you assign one with more commands in a setting). The slider ones would be better. Another thing to consider would be the mess of wires since each button would have at least 7 wires coming out of it. Maybe using ribbon cables and header sets would help make things clean. But then that would mean a lot of soldering.

i’m just going to wire my TE the way that i like it, so i’ll just put it to “type-A” and that will be the american style button layout i prefer.

You’re missing a whole shit-ton of diodes that’d you need, otherwise if the DIPs weren’t a perfect 1-to-1 the whole thing would get wonky. Making a small interface board to sit between the buttons and the controller pcb’s would be easy to make to do on the fly button reassignment; i could have one made in under a day easy enough, but that wouldn’t help. There’d still need to be a button config in the game.

OP wants the hardware and software folks to work all hand-in-hand so that no one ever needs to deal with button configs again. Noble idea I suppose, I’m all for making things simpler, but it simply isn’t feasible. Take any standard off of the shelf controller like an SE or TE. Now tell me how the game is supposed to know automagically that this new person who just plugged the stick in prefers playing with the left-most six, or the right-most six. Or in TvC if they prefer PABC or ABCP. Do they prefer the top row of four buttons, or the curved four (Short, Jab, Strong, Fierce)? All of these are perfectly reasonable play styles.

The only way something like this could even possibly come about would be to have some sort of storage on the stick itself, and expect the customer to bother to look up directions on how to save the play preferences to the stick for any specific game. Then, expect the software developers to acknowledge and use the ‘standard’. It’s not going to happen. It’d be nice? Yes, actually it would. But the only voice who even bothered to consider button setup issues in a tournament doesn’t work for BackBone anymore. The only technical way it might be adopted would be to have it be little more than a USB hub in the stick, with a small mass storage device (thumb drive) along with the controller; anything else would hurt adoption since people couldn’t add it to their existing controllers. Console makers would crap themselves at the idea of software reading from and being configured by such an easily accessible USB technology. And then you’d have to convince the software developers that it’s worth the sizable development man-hours (money) to include this feature that helps only a small minority of players, and won’t exclude those same players if it’s not included. (i.e. we’ll still play even if it has only the base button config.)

Not gonna happen. Sorry.

Any stick based config system is likely going to be more trouble than it’s worth, on the account of that these are reliant on the game being set to the default config. Once someone sets it to something else, then you’re going to have to go through the same thing of going to the menu’s to set the controls to the default setup. As stated, do it software side, have the ability to select configs before picking characters. As for button checks, people are still going to insist just to make sure (you never know when something could be off with your stick).

Played it yesterday. There isn’t. You still have to start the match as far as I could tell.

Thankfully in BB, you set the button by pressing the button (instead of SSF4’s silly button config menu). So you don’t really have to test it anyway. You just hit the button on your controller you want for A, scroll down to B next and hit that button on your controller, and repeat for anything else. No reason to test it at all unless you were dumb and hit the wrong button. Even then you should notice you fucked up in the first 10 seconds of a round, and ask the opponent if you can fix it. Most people are cool enough to just say okay and restart the match, and most tourneys allow restarts for technical issues in the very very beginning of a match. By all means button check during a huge tourney like EVO or finals at a major. Though if you were about to die in 10 seconds because you’re awful, then it’d be pretty debatable and you’ll probably have to prove you’re not making it up…

To focus back to the topic: If we want to eliminate button checks then the button configs are going to have to be implemented in places like the character select screen, by the game software developers. It would be awesome if they had a button check during loading screens though, if not a button config. Shame there’s that silly copyright on “things during loading screens” that Namco has.