Lets Get This Started Xbox 360 MVC3 Thread

Yo wassup every1 this big chris from the H. If you looking for some games hit me up on XBL gamertag cmj2303.

Uploading vidz tonight to youtube of me, gene and joey playing.

WHAHAHAHAH! Joey trying to get a head start. PHHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFF, we will see how well he does in this game. Same as mvc2. B.O.D.I.E.D. I wonder if he is going to do what he did in mvc2 and say “Deangelo this is my team” gets his ass beat in tournament 2-0 by my team/gis + Iceman OCV and never hear from the guy again. So funny! I hope he uses the same team as me again so I can show him how to play it the right way. I know he mad i kensoued him, salt spilling EVERYWERE! Joey is the customer and I am the bank. Give me my MONEY!

Also, Click hereto join the TYS community. We will be discussing all mvc3 related strats and characters. Already have Michigan and other out of state players aboard. See you there!

you’re free abk. you’ll prolly be the worst mvc2 to mvc3 player

o ya feel free to add me. everyone but ABK

We already have a original copy of mvc3
Akuma is beast .

Dayumm, were and how?

Edit: Nm, found out how to get an early copy. Cant wait to sauce boys up!

damn…I just know joey in training mode right now…I wanna make the trip but its so cold…

Your in for a treat 2nite suav. Made some arrangements! Put that jacket on and come on out. Its going down at smileys and afterhours at dennys =]

I’ll be running Tuesday after midnight

XBL: HavoKDarK