Let's get together and practice


my new psn gamertag is: RE Shinsuke82. my tournament gamertag is: RE Shinsuke

the RE stands for RED EYE, as in my old liquor store where i used to host the RED EYE FIGHT NIGHTS. i am trying to start a team for EVO 2011 in las vegas. all members are welcomed, no matter what skilled level. and i am also interested in meeting up at least once per week to practice and prepare for EVO 2011. if you are interested write a message. if i need to, i am willing to drive to you. i have a ps3 and 3 arcade sticks, all modded out with sanwa parts.

the games we will be practicing is SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4, SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO HD REMIX, TEKKEN 6 and (if you have a ps3 version) MVC3.


ps* you can get ahold of me by email: joeurgod@yahoo.com and also on facebook by using the same email.


blaze it!


haha. where r u located dander?


Where ever the weed at.


whats up sanchez. how are you man?


Pay no mind to Sanchez’s reply. He’s still scared of weed. I’m in Paramount but amn’t much of a sf4 or mvc3 player. I just wanna meet more people that aren’t afraid of BLAZING IT


wait… if you are willing to drive to people’s places why don’t you just drive your self to the arcade? :wtf:


blazin and playin mvc3

yo i just started gettin into playing with others in fighting games… and of course im down to blazeee. message me people if u guys want to play or blazee yo


blaze it and 3s!


lols so when are we all doin dis mangg?


@dudesimonlee anytime. i am good for saturday and sunday.

@ the legend i could drive to the arcade, but my objective is to start a group that could practice together weekly to prepare for evo 2011.


so does anyone host casuals?


Hey I just found your thread. I just posted a thread for people willing to travel. i haven’t played on ps3 but you can hit me up on there as well


i m willing to travel.


Well where do you live by? I’m hitting up dons arcade this Friday if you’re near that area


who else is willing to host?


I encourage everyone to stop by Denjin Arcade (Simi Valley, CA).

We have ssf4/mvc3/tekken6 and enough room to accommodate a lot of people.

This week we will start hosting casual sessions in MVC3 (hopefully a little ssf4 too) on Friday and Saturday from 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM

I hope this will become a consistent, weekly event.

(The price is $4.00 per hour to use each console set up, $5 if you want to rent the house sticks)


glaze it!