"Let's Go Justin!" Tribute Video

A tribute video I made to Justin Wong’s run at the #SF4 #EVO2K9 championships entitled “Let’s Go Justin!” Hope you guys like it.


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Great job. Orochon Ramen Special 2 tonite, I’ll pay for yours. But only if you get the Special 2. HAHAHAHA

dude all of your vids are so dope!!!
keep it up man amazing work

Oh shit! That shit is fuckin slick as hell man. Great job capturing the moments. Good shit!! :love::pray:

too epic.

Good job on the video. Definitely an epic evo moment.

Great video.

good shit on the video :tup:

Awesome vid, thank you for not putting in “raise the rufus”.

Great stuff on capturing the audience’s reactions.

justin didnt use rufus that match so how would he have recorded it…

Damn the music is perfect. Well done my man

[media=youtube]ijhUJTZrxLk&fmt=22[/media] for HD version

oh no. don’t do it. i seriously got heart burn training to take on that challenge.

i’m gonna take down that bowl one day. pleaaase believe it. :smokin:

Hey what camera did you shoot with this video? Was it the Canon HV30? Kinda looks like it.

I haven’t tried the Special 2, I eat Special 1 just for fun. Its really not that hot for me, its just at the right amount. The reason I don’t eat the Special 2 is because I just can’t down all the soup, my bladder just isn’t large enough for all the yummy spicy liquid.

Where do people get all this delicious sounding ramen from???

Good job, I liked it. But please, disable comments for this video. The world will be a better place for it.

Great work AJ.


What he said