"Let's go, Justin!"

YouTube Easter eggs, based on what someone shouted @ 00:26 of this video.

How many can you find?

:p: [media=youtube]DfcSlmQ6m_Y#t=1m59s[/media] @ 02:00
:p: [media=youtube]NjwlHeaJNYc#t=0m8s[/media] @ 00:09
:p: [media=youtube]KmTlaH54hDo#t=0m28s[/media] @ 0:29
:p::p: [media=youtube]xe39JrqkXQ0#t=1m26s[/media] @ 01:27

I think there’s an arcadehustla interview with fl0e where he’s talking about seeing Daigo parry an SA in casuals. He says he shouts at justin during the match like “NO DON’T DO IT!!” or something.

Someone translate the Medley of Daigo video please.

As a closet Nicodou fanboy, I lost my shit at this one. The Dudley/Marisa Stole the Precious Thing section was brilliant.

Justin Wang is so hot. I want to have his children.

pretty much this



lol the whole thing drove me nuts :clapdos::lovin:

I particularly wanna see a translation of the Justin Wong part. There’s a montage of his big moments against Japanese players (Evo 2003, full parry, Kuroda humiliation) that got me giggling.

This vid is brilliant.

haruhi and daigo?

that’s some weaboo stuff right there. lol very funny i liked that.

My favorite was probably Higurashi’s “You” replacing Anata with Umehara to hilarious effect into some dumb line about moving on at Tougeki. The best ones imo were where they were almost exactly identical except for like one word replaced, though Alice’s theme was really good since it was easy to understand and was one of the better parts of the original anyways.

lol Justin Wong

Does the title of Nemo’s most recent blog post count for half a point?

What a mockery. lol

Haha cheeky japs


Oh damn Oh damn Oh damn.

Tomo at 04:42 and 09:00

ZOMG itz dah champ!

lol the guy shouting “lets go justin” is an internet meme in japan?
haha awesome, i guess i can see how it would be funny to them when all they’re able to understand from the announcers/crowd is a cheer for justin, then him immediately getting savagely owned.