Lets improves Ghost Riders j.H



Ghost Rider’s j.H is like his worst chain normal it does absolutely nothing worth mentioning except being a crappy anti-air that doesn’t have a hitbox you’d dream of.

My idea would be to give j.H a soft knockdown property that can be used 2 times at most until hit-scaling comes in.

This would give GR a decent option for his combos and a practical use for j.H.

For example a BnB could instead become.

s.H,s.H,DP.L,s.S j.M,j.M,j.H falls from soft knockdown and Ghost Rider falls down with the opponent in the Soft-knockdown state so then u can began whatever exciting combo you want.

if it doesnt get the soft-knockdown property during air-magic series it can atleast offer Ghost Rider the option of landing that hit in the air he needs to begin a nice damaging combo.


j.H has good range if you use it to punish an air attack > TAC. I agree that it doesn’t have many uses beyond that. I mostly use :b:+:h: to stuff jump-ins.


I haven’t been using ghost rider much, but i’ve found some uses for j.H already.
It does 90k damage and no one can see the chain coming. I use it to swat flyers in the air like trish and morrigan.