Let's "kick that SONFABEESH Bison's ass SO HORD", aka (SF: The Movie) game thread

OK, so I was messing around with this silly game to try and find some game breaking stuff. Oh, this is the arcade version and not the game console versions. So far, the only stuff I know is:

Akuma (Corner Combo):

Roundhouse Hurricane Kick (4 Hits each) x 5 - Any Super [Takes full advantage of the Special Move chain engine.]


Eyepatch stun thingy - Roundhouse Tiger Knee (2 Hits) - Close S.Fierce (3 Hits) - Roundhouse Tiger Knee (2 Hits) - Jab Tiger Uppercut - S.Jab - Tiger Genocide

So, anyone else messed around with this game? And feel free to also add anything broken with the console version.

Wait… I don’t remember Akuma being in the SF Movie… Care to refresh my memory?

Or did they just take some other guy to act as Akuma? :lol:

Any videos?

They gave some turd a red Akuma wig and mo-capped him into the game. He looks almost as absurd as Blanka does.

I remember far HP XX Tiger Knee, close FP XX Tiger Knee working. I only did that to cheese my way to victory against the CPU. I’m sure you’ll never find match vids of this shit. =p

Yup, its some other guy playing Akuma. And maybe some videos might show up on that video thread.

Anyway in the arcade version, it seems that you can’t cancel to special moves from normal moves. The combo system seems to be chaining specials to another specials, and lots of juggling. Also, there’s Marvel like air combos in it, but kinda useless.

in the arcade version akuma had a useful jumping knee move. hold RK then release, could make easy combos of it. Top tier imo was guile, bison (dic) and akuma. Game was so shit it was funny, still play it occasionally for a laugh

The hidden cyborgs actually ran the game. =/

And IIRC Gief had OTG SPDs.

Who could forget Balrog’s Win Pose? “GUH!! GUH!!!”

FYI, the guy who plays Akuma in the game is Ernie Reyes Sr…father to Ernie Reyes Jr., protagonist of Surf Ninjas.

What bothers me the most is that the game wasn’t just a MK ripoff in the visual terms…but also in gameplay (Guile/Van Dammage had Johnny Cage’s split punch, Cammy/Kylie Mycrotch had Scorpion’s spear in the form of a rope, and Bison/Raul Tuesday had Rayden’s lightning).


Oh shit :rofl: you mean that fool from surf ninjas right?

MAN I that guy was funny now I wanna watch surf ninjas again.:sad:

That is pretty fun. Also funny that the fact Zangief and Sagat can do Jumping forward sommersaults.

Anyway, its kinda hard to find some broken stuff in the arcade version, cause the MAME cheats don’t have a “disable time” cheat. Also, whats dumb is if both players have the same amount of life by the time the time’s up, the gave is automatically over.

But I know is that Ryu’s shadow hurricane kick has juggle potential.

And what is the slow down the fighters code? GameFAQs seem to gave me the wrong code and I get an “Inviso Tag” message.

Another BUMP.

Anyway, thanks to JedahsMinistry for the MAME with .avi support, I maybe able to make some sort of silly combo vid on this game. As polarity pointed out on the Combo vid thread, the broken stuff so far that I know of are:

-Akuma’s Infinitie Hurricane Kick corner combo.
-Akuma’s Teleport/Jab to death infinity on the Player 1 corner.
-Chun Li’s Bird Kick over the opponent and Lightning Leg to death infinity on the Player 1 corner.

What other broken stuff I don’t know of yet? And yes, as suggested by polarity, I will use Benny Hill theme for my music. Also throw in a couple of Tattoo Assassin combos in this silly mix.

With Chun on Zangief (and perhaps on others but Zangief seems easiest to do it to) you can do upkicks, j.hp, repeat. There’s two weird things regarding this: 1, it seems you actually have a decent number of jumping frames before you have to cancel the jump into the upkicks, so if you time it well you can get quite a few reps in before you get pushed out. 2, sometimes when you land you get pushed back an insane amount (like, you just go sliding across the whole screen), but it seems you can cancel this by jumping fast enough after you land.

I think you might be able to make this combo into an infinite if when you’re nearly too far out you do an air SBK rather than a j.HP, but I haven’t managed to do it myself. Still does a shitload of damage anyway.

Also found a bug with Chun (actually might work with anyone with an airthrow), again on Zangief, but I haven’t tried it on anyone else. In the corner (I tried it in the P2 one I think), you can do s.lk, jump and airthrow him. It’s a small window, but the timing isn’t that hard. Then, while he’s on the floor, you can position yourself so that your hitboxes overlap when he gets up, so when you tap left and right repeatedly, you keep switching sides. Don’t know if there’s any combos you can do from this, but it’s a pretty fun glitch.

I saw a pic of Ken doing a front flip with red shadows behind him…was that a special attack? Also, in the home version, Sawada has one super where he puts his hands above his head and runs at you with the orangutan version of Blind Retard Fury…and nothing else. He doesn’t do anything but run into you and it hits like 5 times. Does he have this in the arcade version?

polarity: Yeah, the Chun Li thing kinda works, but can’t get it infinitly.

Rhio2k: No, that’s only on the console version.

Speaking of which on the console version, are the normal attacks the same as on SSF2: Turbo? As in the actors are trying to mimic the SF2 normal attacks?

I remember finishing the saturn version, the story mode or whatever it was called where you could use guile only and there was this music video played at the end. I haven’t a fucking clue who that band was or why it was in the game, if anyone can enlighten me…

and the little azn kid from the last dragon that bruce leroy locked in the closet before that great fight scene at the club!

And he was in turtles 2!

Ryo Aska - Something There

Is that move anti-air in this game? I remember seeing a screen shot in an old Gamepro, but he’s punching upward in the air (like Makoto in 3rd Strike…a bit puzzling). Does it work like Johnny Cage’s (stun, free follow-up hit, males characters only, etc)?

Its an anti air move, and it doesn’t stun male characters. Its done by pressing and releasing Fierce.