Lets lighten it up a bit. Car Crushing

Thats right. Have some fun! I was just playing around with it and it kinda seems Viper is cut out for it. Considering Ive never done it in the years before I had pretty good luck.

It you take out the top two halves leaving the bottom is where the fun starts.

Instead of jumping from side to side to break the bottom halves just stay on one side and medium seismo SJC the other until it wont break anymore.

Just after about three tries I ended up with a final score of 95200.

Have any of you guys played around with car crusher?

try fff the car to death.

its also pretty fun flame kicking it to death.

Yeah, after the top half of the car is trashed, no push back Seismos are fun to do since it covers a bit more than half the cars length. The Barrel challenge seems like a challenge to get a higher score with special moves. Tried only doing the barrel challenge with only Seismos…that bitch was hard as hell!

I perfectly FFF’d the car to death, and only got 102,000 points. Does anyone know how the scoring works? I want moar points!

Okay, just got 104,000 from perfectly FFFFF’ing the shit out of the car. I wish the dude in the background was like, “Oh, my carrr!!!” whenever you got a high score, instead of just for cody and guy (final fight)…

Honestly, the threads are really not adding anything helpful to anything, so let’s have some fun discussions.
Car crusher and barrel killers! I’ve been ignoring this part of the game for the longest time, but I’ll try exploiting it. :wink:

I have to get my execution up to FFFFFFFFFF the car to death bcs negative edging is a bit awkward for this though it’s totally doable. I have more fun just Seismo chaining the thing to death.

Got 108,200 just did either standing or crouching fierce into mp thunder knuckle on each side until the last hit is “blocked” then seismo chained finishing with 4 ex seismos. Had 34 seconds left, and i still had a few hiccups in my execution so better scores can be achieved…

Edit: just got 109,800