Let's make Roseville Golfland a spot to play


I know this place isn’t really considered a place for fighting games, but I see soo much potential there. I’m going there tomorrow and going to try to donate some joysticks and buttons to fix the KoF machine and SF 2 machine. I think if we get a decent sized gathering that plays there pretty often, they would notice and maybe we can get them to get an AE cabinet or KOF 13 cab. It would be fucking amazing to have an arcade to go to around here that we could play at. If you guys want to help me out and try to get the scene more active around the Roseville area than lets start supporting our local arcade. Even if it is shit right now, we can eventually get them to make it better. Money talks. If they see a strong scene playing the fighting games I think we have a good chance to get newer machines.


I live in Rocklin, and I have talked to them a few times. They make their money in Sunsplash and minigolf. They don’t care about the arcade at all. Saka has tried the same thing too when he worked at Sunsplash.

There is a new lazer tag place in Rocklin called Lazer Craze. I talked to the manager and he would be willing to buy cabs down the road. He is going with a family oriented environment, and he didn’t know that fighting games are getting popular again.

I would start talking to him more, but I started CFD and working on BatC.


You’re going to have an extremely hard time convincing any arcade nowadays to invest in those cabs. They’re just too expensive upfront and down the road. As Jay said, sakabato24 has tried in the past but didn’t get far because 1. lack of interest on the players’ part 2. lack of interest on RVGL’s part.

Your best bet ATM would be to arrange some arcade-style casuals at TapEx in Elk Grove on non-tournament days, attend tournaments that have casuals before/after (ask Jay about his, and I can tell you we usually have about a good hour or more of casuals at TapEx tournaments), or host/join sessions.

I know people play 3s or SFIV on the cab during the week at TapEx but it’s random and not really anything formally arranged from what I’ve seen. I do ask that if you go this route to be courteous and buy something there if you can.

saka did leave the A1 Comics venue (on Auburn) on good terms with them, so if you want to try to get something going there - ranbats, tournaments, what have you - then you might start with that.

Sacramento’s scene is not big on sessions lately, so you’re going to have to wait for tournaments or travel.


Well , not exactly what I was hoping to hear. But I do appreciate the feedback and suggestions. I think I’m still going to try to see what I can do at Roseville Golfland before completely giving up. I’ll also try to talk to the guy at Lazer Craze and I think the A-1 venue sounds pretty promising. What days did Saka usually hold them on? Tap Ex sounds good but it’s kind of far from me. I know it sounds kind of lazy , but it’s not always easy to make a 30+ minute drive. That’s why I want to really get something going in the Roseville area. I need to come up with a business model or something to present to Roseville Golfland. I don’t think it’s completely impossible to get a machine in there. It’s just going to take alot of work. But I’m willing to try.


your biggest problem is exactly what you said about the 30+ minute drive. most of the people in the sac area are in/closer to the elk grove area, who would be in the same exact position as you just stated in regards to driving out to roseville


Relevant posts:

There are a million and one reasons people can’t/won’t/don’t come out to tournaments and sessions and I try to be slow to judge regarding that. However, I can say that I’ve observed a few “I can’t be bothered to play but wow Sacramento scene sucks why doesn’t anyone play” spells in the Sacramento thread. During one of these spells, 200yen posted with his phone number and was willing to travel to people’s houses at their convenience to play with them and if I recall correctly only a few people took him up on his offer - and among them, **none of them were the ones complaining. **Conversely, the people that complained about a lack of people to play with did not respond.

I am completely there with you regarding the 30 minute drive, and juggling schedules is never easy. In the end, though, I think you have to figure out if it’s worth doing for you personally. I can tell you that from personal experience, making the 30 minute drive once or sometimes twice a week to Davis was something I did not mind at all because I was going to hang out with SRK friends and session in SFIV for hours.

I stand by my opinion of needing a constant and consistent place to play with players eager to play in order for any scene growth/improvement. I think you have the right idea, but without willing players, there’s only so much you can do.

PM me if you’re serious about picking up that A1 Comics venue and want tips; I have attended both of SFIV tournaments there and am slightly familiar with how things were run.


just play online. like true champions


well here’s the big problem. RVGL dont care about there machines. they always break.


They should release Mega Man1-10 with DLC online co-op

Yeah - most of the time I went there, the sticks and buttons on all the fighting game cabs had lots of problems (loose springs, faulty microswitches, sticky/nonfunctioning buttons)


not to be a downer, but yeah you’ll never get a scene to take off at Roseville GL. I went there to play minigolf a few months ago and thought I’d check out the arcade and it was kind of a boneyard of broken machines and DDR stuff. I haven’t been to the Lazer Craze in Rocklin yet. does it have any FG machines? you think they’d be open to hosting some tournaments if people brought in some console setups?

I recently moved from Roseville to Penryn, but I think I’m going to check out the tourney at TapEx coming up in March. probably won’t enter but I want to check it out. maybe I’ll enter the April one and test my (rusty) skills out.


I would love to see Roseville have a nice FG community. I live in the Bay Area, but my folks live in Roseville and i would come down every weekend if I knew there would be competitive play (gamertag SIKEHouseCEO on PSN). I’ve wanted to start up an arcade business devoted to fighting games, and I’m in sales so I could whip together a business plan if we believe it would be profitable. Having a scene like that would really help NorCal re-emerge as a fighting game mecca. The cabs are expensive though and if you were to do it, you’d have to do it on a membership type basis starting out so you have guaranteed income. Hit me up via email if we’re serious about this thing rizenvc@gmail.com (Rizen Venture Capital)


Alright. I’ll send you an e mail a little later on today.