Lets Nerf Zero

With all the talk About a new iteration of marvel 3 coming out. It has me wondering how can capcom nerf zero without destroying him as a viable character.

My opinion, L.Loop has to go sadly.
Maybe raise the height restriction so lightning cant be done so close to the ground.
And health increase to 900k.

Whats your oppinion?

Just remove buster cancels and nerf his hitstun.

I played Vanilla the other day and I realized that the recovery of lightning was not cancelable by Sougenmu. I would put that back in. This would still make a single lightning loop possible with help from an assist to start it, and I think that’s pretty fair.

I don’t think Zero would be a good enough character without lightning buster cancel. I would however remove the buster cancel ability from has command dash cause that’s pretty stupid.

Give me my vanilla Zero back.

Give him Magnetic Blast.

I’d say just nerf Raikousen so it doesn’t cross in the corner and minimum scaling for 10% in specials and leave everything else alone.

Zero is much more fun to play in Ultimate because of buster cancels…
Don’t spoil that!

With minimum scaling of 10% the damage of a full scaled lightning loop would be 1/3 of what it’s today… so a perfect LL (hitting every hit of every lightning) would do about 140k damage (as it stands today, each lightning does 35k in 30% scaling if all 5 hits connect, a full LL is 12 lights… you do 6 commands and sougenmu does the other 6) + buster (about 30k in 30% scaling) and a extra lightning, in 10% scaling, fullscalled a dive (7k), buster (10,8k), light (12k) into a perfect LL (140k) with 2 extra busters (21,6k) and a extra lightning (12k) would do about 203k damage and that’s almost the same damage you’d net for one meter from Rekkoha (180k)!
the only advantage you’d have for executing this over rekkoha after this nerf would be the possibility of repeating it at the end… and still… you’d spend 3 meters, a lot of time and execution to do the same damage you would do with a single LL today…
it would be about 70, 80% more damage than you’d net with a single Genmu Zero at the end of a combo. And that, ONLY if you manage to actually make EVERY HIT from every raikousen to connect.

seems fair, IMO.
I don’t think removing the highest execution combos and options is the best way to change a character.

MAYBE you could extend the time to charge buster a bit OR give it a little bit more recovery to make it less stupid in neutral.

Or, we can just buff the low tiers.

Whilst I don’t play Zero, I was surprised when i saw his min scaling. Definitely needs to be lower

Unfortunately, the Zero power level isn’t the best power level for this game as a whole…
It’s not just about balance…
This game needs to be pointed more in the direction of resets and mixups and less in the direction of ToDs and bullshit welcomes…
Zero is too powerful, the low tier chars NEED to be buffed, yes, but Zero needs to be nerfed as well to make this game better not just more balanced.

This. Ultimate Zero is a lot more braindead and boring than Vanilla Zero, who was pretty fun to play in comparison. I’d like to see him with a double jump if they do do that, so he’s more like himself from Megaman X.

Obviously you dont fucken keep up with the recent combos were we dont tk anymore…

Seriously fuck off leave our charcter alone if you remove anything zero will be worthless. Hes built in a way were all his tools flow into each other.

Health increase would only make the moridoom and dormammu match up better.

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Btw tell me when Zero teams start winning Major after Major and Local after Local in any region. Yeah hes a problem alright…

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While this thread is infinitely stupid, needless and just a bad idea all around - your statement isn’t why. Your statement is the biggest problem in the Marvel community right now. The idea that the character controls what happens on the screen as opposed to the player is beyond asinine. Zero is one - if not THE - best characters in the game. There’s no arguing that. The only character IMO that can challenge him for the top spot is lvl4 Frank. Zero has the tools to deal with 99% of the BS in the game. Any success or lack thereof that the character has is solely based on player skill.

So please, just stop.

Um… This isnt Theory, Zero isnt the best, he has amazing tools but is HIGHLY overrated because people let the character get away with so much and dont study the match up and just bitch about it, He may have potential to be the best but You have to talk about the meta NOW not try to rush the meta. Seriously we arent going for end game we are trying to adapt and excel at the meta now. lvl 4 Frank isnt near the top 5. Hes another gimmick were no one knows the match up. Zero has the Tools but hes nowhere near optimized yet.

“Lets Nerf Zero”

This may be the 2nd most amusing Zero thread since ‘Zeros at EVO’

These two posts are dumber than the topic itself.

lol zero’s lightning loops need to GO or either decrease in damage (more damage scaling). Other than that, I think this character should be left alone.

Without his buster cancels… this character HELLA drops down the tier chart.

Haiku is right on some level. With all of Zero’s tools he doesn’t win majors…there is a reason for that. The top five in this game are pretty close IMO. But i’m not even going into that since this is SRK where firebrand is high tier and wolverine is mid because he can’t get in…yeah i’m staying out of this one.