Lets not kid ourselves here, some of us are watching HBO's Girls

So lets talk about it.

I hate every character on this show as a person but yet I keep up with it every week… Is this the Lena Dunham effect?

I’m not…I don’t have HBO.

What in the fuck is your gay, dick in the booty ass talking about?

Denial all around.

makin ya hood look real soft right now lol.

I dont know why I watch it. Its called “hilarious” but I rarely crack a smile while watching it.

I think this pasr episode was the first time ive evef seen jizz depicted on tv. That chick did not like adam doggying her and cumming on her tits at all.

^ Same, finally someone with balls too. I couldn’t really tell anybody WHY im watching. Initially I was curious as to what kind of perspective it was going to give so maybe I could learn something about the opposite sex. Then I realized it was just a bunch of spoiled bitches living the hipster life and having self esteem problems but kept watching for some reason. Then somewhere around the 4th episode of this season it actually started to get semi interesting. I don’t find it funny at all and I have nothing but contempt for every single character. But I keep watching and its un-explainable, maybe I like to tune in to be perplexed about what this show is actually trying to say? ( although Its prob the sex scenes and a morbid curiosity as to how low its going to go. Also I think im liable to give anything HBO turns out at least a chance)

I saw a bit of jizz on GoT last season but this was a huge ass load dumped on some titties. Adam is going to go back to his little fuckpig Hannah after this chick gets scared off. He done fucked up.

I saw a clip on Dailymotion. New England Clam Chowder on TV… really?

I loved the first season. Tried getting into the second season but gave up after episode two. It’s gotten dumb. It’s also a bit silly to watch because all these women are privileged. They are all daughters of millionaires and the writer and creator has * never* been poor. They do not know how it is (was) to live in Williamsburg when you were making sub-$30K and it was still pretty dangerous. Same with new Bushwick, Park Slope, and now Bed Stuy.

If it were funny I’d still watch. Let me know when it’s back to that.

i have no problem freely admitting that i watch girls and enjoy it on multiple levels. haven’t watched the last 2 episodes though…this thread actually just reminded me to download them.

lmao…that was way more explicit than expected.

Most of the humor I find in the show is the way everyone around the girls reacts to them…like they’re self absorbed drama queens and most of the subcharacters think they’re just whining or crazy. The Doctor’s comments to Hannah after she pokes her eardrum were pretty dry and funny. It has plenty of awkward humor moments I like, most of Adam’s shit is pretty damn funny thru the first two seasons. Didn’t laugh out loud to it as much as some of Veep’s one liners, but it sorta plays in the realm of Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiam where it’s willing to put it’s characters into a lot of faux pas situations where they just fuck up and you watch the sorta trainwreck. Squirm inducing humor in a lot moments. It’s all right.

Raz0r the second season is a lot better actually because its actually starting to go somewhere and add some character development. Last nights ep was probably the best one, very Black-Swan esque. Also, its fiction dude they dont have to have actually experienced it.

I found this to make some interesting points although comparing Girls to Seinfeld is blasphemy against the TV Gods.

What the show is is a fantasy of what it would be like to live in Brooklyn, not the actual way it is which is what she sells it as.

Shiri Appleby, still as lovely as ever! Wanted her ever since Roswell.

i don’t really get why you think the show would be a fantasy of what is like to live in brooklyn considering it’s not really a fantasy. i DO think the show is fairly realistic since i know lots of people who live lives pretty similar to those of the characters in the show.

brooklyn, downtown jersey city and hoboken are full of rich girls (from schools like middlebury, wellesley, smith, etc…) living those exact lives.

Raz0r is saying that this is the hipster version of events being told and that in itself is disgusting and revolting. Just like the terms, “East Williamsburg”, “ProCo”, and whatever the fuck they’re calling Park Slope this week.

it’s a hipster version of events that actually exists and isn’t even particularly rare, which is why i’m saying it’s not a fantasy.

i’d call something like entourage a fantasy show, girls is a slice of life show…an upper middle class slice of life, but still slice of life imo.

so because of this thread as i was turning channels last night I came across this.
WTF is this shit?!?
This dumb chick was singing Kanye West like she was doing something. Did she not know wtf she was singing? Then she went back and was arguing with the dude and they started fuckin, ok?!?!

Turned the channel, turned back and this chick was crawlin on the floor and homeboi was straight rapish with the sex and lasted like 10 seconds then busted on her chest like she asked for it. Do people actually have sex like that? I felt sorry for that chick cuz dude was a joke.

All the amazing things that srk has introduced me too, this was most definately not one of them.

Probably one of the harsher episodes you could have walked in on if you haven’t seen the series before…
The response to that one has not been kind