Let's not kid ourselves



I’ve been using Akuma since Day 1 Vanilla so I am true to him and when the nerf hammer comes for us I will still use him and be successful.

Now question to any real Gouki users.

Are you guys not sick of all the fake Akuma users picking him up? I mean it’s getting out of hand. I see Bonchan, flash metroid on here now, Momochi back to him to

I mean really we can’t stop people from using them but if you’re going to hop tiers go all the way with Cammy.

Anyone else feel the same?


I will agree that I’ve noticed a large influx of Akuma players since Evo 2012. It is getting a little ridiculous, but I don’t mind teaching them a lesson or two for trying to be Infiltration.


I don’t mind seeing more quality players picking Akuma up since there’s always room to learn some new strategies from them. As for your random online warrior wanting to be a tier whore, they’re pretty much free wins and will usually drop him after seeing they can’t go auto pilot mode with him and get easy wins.

As for the mentioned players, I highly doubt Bonchan would main Akuma, maybe as an alt at most. Momochi has been playing Akuma on and off since he dropped him as his main in SSFIV. As for FlashM, the guy’s been using many characters since Viper I honestly doubt he’ll stick with Akuma.


heard Bonchan was confirmed to have maining him full time, and Momochi using him again is just an example but it’s the principal of him dropping him and returning that should widen your eyes a bit.

My reasoning behind this is that people take little infiltration gimmicks and think they’re awesome but in fact suck once playing a half decent player.

Overall it’s sad to see Akuma become the Yang of 2012 I suppose.


How is this any different from the past? X player does great with Y character and people who want to “skill up” jump in the bandwagon as the community decrees Y character is broken tier (when they weren’t before). It’s only short term anyway.


Akuma is still going to be good after the nerfs. That’s the way his character design works, he was designed to be a boss character. Unless they severely cripple his damage, having a 3F DP, an Air Fireball, a meterless 3 hit fireball, teleport, and all the rest of his tools, he’s still going to be strong. It’s fundamental bad game design, but you’d need a LONG series of severe nerfs to make him non tournament viable. He’s not going to be “Yang of 2012”, you have little concept of game design and balancing if you think he will be.

And secondly, you should be happy your character is successful enough to win tournaments and have people wanting to switch over to him. Nobody ever seems to want to switch over to Seth and Viper, they just wanna complain about them being top tier… they just look from afar and bitch away.


Do you design video games?




Why would I be happy infiltration is achieving success? What’s that do for us besides make us a target? Make you feel good a character you used accomplished something? You sound like one of those people who just use him.

He’s always been capable of winning and dominating and I could care less who it’s by what I care how it’s done and the effects.

Thanks to infiltration we have targets on our backs and the sad truth infiltration just uses Akuma as a tool of many characters to counter his way to victory.

If he won a whole tournament or even evo with Akuma I’d be more impressed, him using X character against X player doesn’t make anything he does appealing to me. just a guy who uses Akuma well and counters to win

I’d rather tokido than his fraud Akuma win.


I agree with his reasoning. Akuma is a well-designed character who basically fits well into the game logic. Akuma has never been a terrible character in any Street Fighter game ever because his tools are supposed to be very good at the exchange of Health. But we all know that Health becomes more less or irrelevant once you reach a certain level of play. For other examples, look at The Mishimas or Nina from Tekken or Fox from Super Smash Brothers. Well designed characters who play well within game parameters and they are never bad.

The only reason people don’t complain about Akuma is that he requires a lot of work compared to other characters (coughcoughCammy,Seth,Vipercough,cough). Plus, since most people know how to counter Day 1 - Day 3 Akuma gimmicks (Run-Away fireball, Sweep -> Raging Demon) Akuma players always need to be on their game.

That being said, Xbox live is full of Akumas who think Demon Flip is the best move ever that no one can punish.


It’s not that I don’t agree with him. I’ve always been of the mindset that options > health always. But he was talking about game design and balancing so I was curious what kind of credentials he had so I could absorb his post in context.


My experience of dealing with game design comes from the aspect of a player, and someone who takes interest in this sort of thing. In fact the only reason that I can even speak on this topic was because of my observations of other games. It intrigued me how certain characters in certain games (e.g. see Seth, Irelia from League of Legends) can be consecutively nerfed in every version of the game and still be a dominant character in the game. Irelia is a great example of this because she is truely a balance nightmare, she has a stun on a 4 second cooldown, AOE damage, true damage, innate lifesteal, a gap closer, and a CC reduction. With all these tools it becomes considerably harder to balance the character, as a result Riot has nerfed her roughly 10 times and she still is one of the best solo top laners in the game. This is mostly because it’s hard to have a character with as many tools as she has and still keep her “balanced” without making all her tools mediocre.

I feel the same logic applies to Akuma and Seth.


was v.2013 announced or something?


The only ways to make Akuma worse than mediocre are to really kill him with brutal all-around nerfs so his payoffs suck all the time, or nerf some of his tools to oblivion. As long as his tools remain good enough to be usable, the sheer number of them will keep him at least decent.


ROTFLMFAO akuma has been hated ever since ST. LONG before infiltration picked him up. he wins EVO using akuma, beating top players along the way with him, then he gets 3-0d by daigo at 25th annvrsry losers finals using akuma, then 6-0s daigo using akuma again. with all of the ppl he’s beaten, calling him fraudulent is just :rofl:


Momochi is a fake Akuma player.

Haha, this guy. I love it. More threads please!


im rly starting to think this is a troll thread


i never do this but STFU ! … you sound way to bitter , who cares if he picks gouken against guile once in a while or ryu against rufus , hes mained akuma since vanilla and grinded out with him and has always done very well with the character. and to say hes a fraud and tokido isnt is laughable , when tokido has always been known as the cheapest player


Praise him all you want guys! He’s really appreciative of it.

I respect tokido more than any of those mentioned because (yes he uses the cheapest character) has he not used Akuma since Day 1?did he flee elsewhere when the going gets tough? No.

What’s Infiltration do? Switches as per match and person when he faces the dilemma of Ricky or Dieminion etc.

If you main akuma you live and die by him. He takes very winnable matches and throws on Brass knucks and runs to another character. You guys say what he does otherwise, does any of that matter if he’d have lost to X character and sent to losers? Nopeeeeee.

And ‘lol’ at the Momochi love. The man’s Akuma is just a vision of its former self with his fundamentals. The man has run around character select every version and outdated, him being successful with him is raw skill.

Outside of Tokido which of these people don’t switch mains when the going gets tough? None


Tokido did use Yun for a while at the arcades…

Also, LOL @ Momochi being pretty much the best Akuma player during Vanilla not counting for anything when he decides to use him again, it’s just his “raw skill” that gets him wins