Let's pack the these rooms for ECT!


I pretty much made this thread to help me find people to room with for the upcoming East Coast Throwdown tournament. This can also be used as just a general thread for grouping people together but anyway, I wanna pack a room out so that it’s cheap. Heres a bit of info on me…

Name: Stephen Berthomieux
Sex: Male
Games: 3s, SFIV & pretty much every other SF
Gamer tag/ PSN: Stadic_ (PSN)
Dislikes: Feet… so no feet in my face, and we are good. Haha…


sweet fro brah.


Haha, thanks. I got a hair cut though, but hey… by May, it should be at a decent size by then. But that’s a good idea, people should post their facebook as well.

EDIT: Thanks to whoever for moving the thread, wasn’t sure where this should go.


Gotta love the neg rep. Haha…