Another solid turnout. Big thanks to POWNZ for hosting a great event.

1st - Gerjay (Dhalsim/Rufus)
2nd - Noodleman (Sagat/Gouken)
3rd - Blitzman (Rufus)
4th - Jay Wang (Balrog)
5th - WB! (Chun Li)
5th - CQ (Balrog)
7th - Kymah (Gen)
7th - YellowS4 (Zangief/Ryu)
9th - Nagata Lock II (Chun Li/Vega)
9th - Poke Guy (Bison/Blanka)
9th - Wilson (Bison/Blanka)
9th - JS Master (Chun Li/Sagat/Blanka)
13th - RXS (Bison)
13th - DioBrando (Bison)
13th - Mtran66 (Bison)
13th - DaflipmastaXV (Sagat)
17th - EX Matt
17th - JED07
17th - TDeneka
17th - Magus
17th - Jiggabry
17th - DaDesiCanadian
17th - Albedo
17th - Dice01
25th - Anubis32
25th - Amordian
25th - Pain
25th - Mr. Canuck
25th - Billy Dee
25th - Angel Of Rage
25th - Hisham
25th - Berg

1st - Kymah
2nd - WB!
3rd - Gerjay
4th - JED07
5th - DaDesiCanadian
5th - Jay Wang
7th - Jiggabry
7th - Magus
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - Hisham
9th - DioBrando
9th - JS Master
13th - Amordian
13th - Disgruntled Goat
13th - RXS
13th - Ebonheart

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (16 Entrants)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - JS Master
3rd - Shaun
4th - Disgruntled Goat
5th - Lord Magnus
5th - DaflipmastaXV
7th - Gerjay
7th - EX Matt
9th - Fobstar
9th - CQ
9th - BillyDee
9th - RXS
13th - Hisham
13th - Dice01
13th - Angel Of Rage
13th - DaDesiCanadian

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (12 Entrants)
1st - Poke Guy
2nd - JS Master
3rd - Wilson
4th - Gerjay
5th - Noodleman
5th - Jiggabry
7th - Fobstar
7th - DaflipmastaXV
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - YellowS4
9th - Angel Of Rage
9th - RXS

Big thanks to everyone that came out. It was a lot of fun with lots of hype. The next tournament at POWNZ will be Saturday May 2nd.

It was nice meeting the rest of the GTASF who I never got to meet before.

Funniest moment of the night:

Teddy’s following Jay Wang to Turtle Jacks. Jay Wang then randomly tries to make a left turn into a bus terminal where only buses are alowed. Me, Dice, Teddy and Yuhin are like WTF is going on here. After realizing his mistake, Jay Wang then tries to turn back onto the road, and we are basically blocking a couple of cars on the road at this point. After it is all said and done, we lose sight of Jay Wang’s car and basically have to call him up to find out where the fuck he went. And that wasn’t all lmao.

We finally caught up with Jay Wang’s car again, and we are pretty close to turtle jacks. Jay Wang gets into the right lane, and Teddy followed. Suddenly, realizing it was a highway entrance, Jay Wang made a quick lane change, once again almost fucking us over haha.

That car ride was so fucked up.

I came 4th in CvS2, I beat the noodles. (baaah)

Great tourney today, it was such fun times. Lets get more SF4 hype!!!

PS - I suck in Marvel :frowning:

Yay Gerjay can pay off that ticket WOOT WOOT.

u pure counter pick team me. :sad:

The box held it down!

yea, the results are pretty clear in cvs2…shit game though.

DA BOX! Hit 'em wit da ball then put 'em in da box.

Fun times. GGs to all I played with my scrubby SF4 and STHD Chun Lis.

Was cool meeting some people in person I haven’t met yet like Hisham. Good to see some faces haven’t seen in a while like Kin and Anant.

Grand finals against Kin was fun as hell.

Not 100% sure if I’ll be at the next one.

nice tournament name :lovin:

ive never played so poorly in my life

It was a fun tournament today. Hamilton is an interesting place to say the least. I needed to hit up an ATM before entering POWNZ, so I had the good fortune of being able to inhale the sewage filled air for a few minutes before entering the building.

On the way back from the ATM, there were two drunk guys following a crazy lady. One of the drunk guys threw an empty kleenex box at the lady and then they both started laughing. The crazy lady picked up the empty kleenex box, and put it in her bag. Hamilton is awesome.

I enter POWNZ, and empty my wallet by $30 to play street fighter for 7 hours. Either the venue fee or the tourney fee needs to be reduced, shit was silly. Anyway, I walk into the place.

Vanny: That’s the worst goatee ever man, i’m not gonna lie
Me: :sad:

Anyways, I sign up for HD, SF4, and Marvel, because that was Teddy’s stipulation for driving us down there. Except I came with CQ, so I have no idea why I joined Marvel. Fuck that shit game.

My first game was Marvel, which was amazing. There was this wooden stick which was about the size of a small house. Despite this, the buttons were jammed as close to the stick as possible. I press Assist 1, I get a crouching fierce. I press Light Punch, I get Assist 2. I would have probably lost anyway, but everyone knows the frustration of playing on a shitty stick. It was annoying. Second game of Marvel I played on a good stick, got peaced out anyway. Fuck Marvel.

SF4 was more fun. My first game, I play against Jamie and his randomly amazing Chun… Jamie lands s.mp/s.lp into throw about 50 times that game. I’m a fast learner, so I fall for it everytime. Next.

My next match is Yu-hin, who’s somehow managed to play SF4 even less than me. I warn him about the Abel gimmicks, and he beats me the first round. Then I pull out more gimmicks, and he can’t handle them. Tick into ex-command grab ftw.

My last game, I play Wilson’s uh… Ryu or Sagat I can’t remember. Deal with him pretty quickly, then he busts out Blanka. I blow the first round by being UNABEL to block ultra. He pretty much dominates me. The last round, i have about 1/4th hp left, and he lands a focus. For some reason I decide to mash, and pause the game. I say fuck it, un-pause it, and give him the round. Not owning the game makes it too hard to practice.

HD was much more fun. I’ve only played vanilla, and HD looked like fun. Jed07 beats me the first round, and I find out the timing is much slower than regular ST. A pad with no macros is also ass. I switched to a stick from then on. My next match is some random dude, whatever, I bust out the bluenka and beat him. Next up is Nagata.

JayWang: Justin, you’re playing Anant.
Justin: Who’re you using Anant?
Me: Bluenka
Justin: I forfeit.

We somehow convince him to play anyway, and we both end up with this awful stick. Good thing Blanka doesn’t need qcf motions. Can’t say the same for Ryu. :rofl:

I beat Bry, and then oh look… It’s Jamie again. With Chun. Again. I’m prepared for s.mp into throw gimmicks this time, so I only fall for it another 50 times, and i’m out of the tournament.

Then I had nothing better to do, so I helped run some tournaments, aka hold the brackets and draw people doing c.fierces on them.

We decide to go to Turtlejacks for dinner (where our waiter was Bear Ryoma’s elder brother or some shit), and I decided to tag a ride in noodle’s Z. Noodleman failed with the GPS pretty hard.

Me: I wonder if Nooble’s gonna engrish it up with his GPS. We’re probably going to end up at “Turtleback’s” or something.
Everyone: :rofl:

Then I watch noobles typing in the name “T…U…R…T…L…E…B…A…C…”


He erases it, then tries again. He decides to go with the address this time.

Noodleman: Hey CQ, what’s the address?
CQ: 1180 Upper James Street.
Noodleman: More like…UpperLAMES street! LOL!

Then I watch noobles type in the street. “U…P…P…E…R…M…I…D…D…L…E”


By the way, those ellipses indicate that nooble is the slowest GPS typer in the world. He would type the P, then search around to keypad for about 5 seconds before hitting…the next P. Ridiculous. The entire debaucle took about 5 minutes, before we finally got it right. :rofl:

Good night, good games to everyone I played/met.

EDIT: Oh shit, almost forgot the line of the night:

(Jed, talking about how hungry he was)

Jed: Man, I just want something in me right now, I don’t care what it is.
Me: No…homo? :rofl:
Jed, 10 seconds later: …Oh shit. :rofl:

Jay Wang tried to kill me twice on the road. True story

Oh, i’m going to include this in a separate post, because it deserves the attention:

The POWNZ staff is fucking great. They helped out every single time, mostly without even being asked. They went out of the way to make sure everyone playing SF was well accommodated, and had infinite patience while waiting for the TV’s to free up. Thanks for putting in the effort guys, in case you’re reading this.

OK so we’re all about the old school logs and shit right now so I’ll do one up.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Taking Eric’s money in side bets

LOW POINT OF THE DAY: Losing the side bet money to Eric in a Money Match

Line Of The Day: “We’re all friends here. Except Kin. Fuck you Kin.” “What?” “YEAH FUCK YOU KIN!” (I spend some time telling Jelani we’re all friends and then the entire table shits on Kymah at the same time. His shocked face was priceless).

So in a throwback to the old school I didn’t get much sleep before the tournament. I went to bed at 5:00am and my body decided to kick me up at 8:00am. OH FUCK NO! So I go back to sleep and then my MSN goes off. Again… and again… and again… and again… AND AGAIN! What the fuck is going on? How can Jason possibly be running dat group chat this early in the morning on a Saturday? So I get up at 10:30am and it’s Vince. Apparently Vince doesn’t know how to write a complete sentence so I basically get spammed by a makeshift alarm clock. Thanks Vince, remind me to block you on MSN. So I spend some time in the channel looking for opponents and find Jim Kim. We play FT7 and I won 7 - 0. Poor poor Jim Kim. Alright let’s pack up all this shit and head over to POWNZ.

I get there and Jay Wang is running the show getting the entry fees and registrations done. Big thanks to Jay Wang for all his help since he returned to the scene. I talk with POWNZ staff on various things and notice they’ve done an even better job with the setup for the tournament. It’s amazing how well these guys listen to you when you make requests. They really need a location more central to the rest of the GTA. They’d make a killing with this kind of setup and that kind of posotive attitude. Everyone’s here… except Sauga. What a fucking surprise. SHOW UP ON TIME JUST ONCE!


Vs RXS (1st Round): Poor Vince, he’s dead and he knows it. He came by my place on Wednesday for CvS2 casuals and got torn up pretty badly. This time I’m using my real team so I can’t imagine it’ll be pretty and it wasn’t. My timing is all kinds of shitty but I at least remember what works and what doesn’t and take it down 2 - 0. I hope Vince sticks with CvS2 now that he’s playing SF as a whole better than he used to.

Vs JS Master (2nd Round - Winners Bracket): I just finished a set in SFIV and spend the first game trying to figure out why I can’t throw Eric after a blocked jumping roundhouse. Total destruction in back to back games as I get 2CV’d the first game. Eric changes his R2 and then tells me “what difference does it make, you didn’t face my Ratio 2 in the first game anyway.” Touche… second game is more rape. I get to see his R2 at least. Fuck you Eric.

Vs Fobstar (2nd Round - Losers Bracket): “You want to play for real or have fun?” “Meh… whatever.” “OK I’ll use Weapon X.” Vanny raped me up in back to back games. We play each other a lot. He knows all of my stupid shit. He destroyed me. First game I used a junk team (Nakoruru/Haohmaru/Vega). Second game I used The Business Team and he beat that team even worse than the casual team in the first game. Props to Vanny, I hate you for beating me. We should get Pho this week.


As a preface, Jay Wang’s seeding for me in this tournament was a fucking joke.

Vs DioBrando (1st Round): Case in point, this guy tore it up at the tournament in Toronto last month and I’m playing him first round. Justin tells me “I seeded you, I thought he was just some scrub.” He can’t change the bracket so we play through. I barely beat him. I have exactly ONE smart moment hitting a reversal ShinkuHadoken and barely squeak out the win.

Vs Gerjay (2nd Round): Oh this is real nice. Glad to see that “seeding” went a long way in not seeing a top player. Gerjay and I play Ryu mirror and it’s lots of fun. I go from almost sending him to losers to blowing the whole deal because apparently QCFx2 HP is beyond my realm of execution and I eat super instead. Awesome… last game I get hit by reversal uppercut after JUST HAVING TOLD Gerjay how to avoid a particular kind of Vega tick throw with reversal Dragon Punch.

Vs DaDesiCanadian (3rd Round): Anant raped me up in the set we played online a few weeks back. I already know I’m in no mindset to deal with his Blanka and tried to legit forfeit and basically wasn’t allowed to. That’s a new one. We play on the world’s worst sticks and I get demolished because fireballs and these pieces of shit don’t work together.


Vs Pain (1st Round): This guy used Cammy and he’s all over the map. I think the idea was that he’d move around and I’d chase him, get confused and get hit by stuff. I elect to stand there and wait for him to do something and smack him. I came within a hair of perfecting him once in each game.

Vs Teddy (2nd Round): Oh now this was interesting. Teddy has been going on about Rufus for weeks now. I asked Rey to show me how Rufus works and it turned out I could only handle him with Vega. So of course I use Chun Li and get mauled. So I switch to Vega and got really frustrated as Teddy was literally mashing out moves (as in I looked over and watched it happen), which is something I have NEVER seen Teddy do. Ex Messiah is a fucking whore of a special move. I remember how I fought Rey and pull it together. Teddy misses every link into Ultra you can think of and I win the second game. Third game I raped him up and talked A LOT OF SHIT! I talked so much shit I actually apologized to him when I calmed down from the set. Fuck Rufus, what a scrubtacular piece of garbage character Capcom created.

Vs CQ (3rd Round): I was looking forward to this one a lot. I use Guile in the first game and follow the formula I created for Chris Balrog during our Money Match last month. It worked perfectly in the 1st round of the 1st game and then I… abandon the plan? Al… right. So I manage to blow the first game after building a good lead and get pinned in the corner. I tried to Ultra through the breaks in CQ’s Balrog Ultra and eat a shot for not executing right. Great time for me to try to be a fancy boy. Second game I switch to Chun Li, again take the first round and then collapse in the second round, doing EX SBK waaaaaay too early and getting nothing instead of the wake up for the kill. Good games, I just didn’t win them.

Vs Jamie (4th Round - Losers Bracket): This was all kinds of a strange set. I used Vega, ran him over for 1 and 1/2 rounds and then fell apart. So I switch to Chun for the mirror and Jamie DESTROYS ME! ABSOLUTE RAPE! I almost got perfected in the first round. What a sickening end to my tournament day.


:wgrin: Everyone talking HORRIBLE SHIT on Blitzman while he played Gerjay. :wgrin:

:rofl: Sonic The Scrubhog :rofl:

:shake: The director for that web site was HUUUUUUGE! 400lbs isn’t an exaggeration. :shake:

:wasted: YOU JUST GOT FLOWCHARTED! :wasted:

:razzy: CQ gets owned up by Turtle Jack’s Big Wing Sandwich. RACIST FOR SURE! :razzy:

It was a great time and I hope to see everyone again soon.

Blitzman?!!?!? Jay Wang/!?!?!?! YellowS4?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? GERJAY!?!?!?!? beating all?!?!?!?!?!?


i like it.

Fuuuuck, Blitzman_G, I finally realized why your face looked so familiar. Were you that guy who used to play Ryu/Ken at Getty nearly every day last summer, at around 5/6’o clock?

I was the Abel there, who used to come everyday around that time too…

I’ll make a log, sure…

I show up to POWNZ with The Girth, The Jigga and Anant, ON TIME (Fuck you Justin! Teddy doesn’t count for all of Sauga). This is when I see this familiar scrub, oh shit! It’s the JS Master. I play him for a dollar in casuals and lose pretty bad. After, I get a few more warm up games in and the tourny starts.

First round (Magnus):
He plays Sakura and I perfect him first round and destroy him the 2nd. He then switches up to Ken and it’s a flowchart Ken, no problems there. I take the set

Second round (JS Master):
JS talks his smack and ends up betting Teddy 5 dollars that he’ll beat him. So he picks Sagat and takes me down the first game 2-1. I finally start getting my safe jumps down and JS gets confused, so there’s really not much he could do at that point. I take the next two games off of him in revenge for my dollar!

Third round (Nagata):
I basically feared this match as I knew he was going to take Guile. Last month he took Teddy’s money in a sidebet against me (baaaah) He takes a win off me in the first round, I take the next two. He switches to the chun and I was feeling pretty confident about playing Chun as she doesn’t have much options when I safe jump on her. I take the set and some knowledge with me.

Fourth round (Noodles):
I hate Sagat :frowning: I take the first game off of him and pull some scrubby ass shit in the process (c.lp c.lp taunt instead of throw or something like that :frowning: ) We play some pretty tight matches but my execution starts going to shit and I miss a few combos and eat fireballs. I lose the set and I goto losers. Fuck you my gay friend.

Fifth round (Blitzman):
Fuck Rufus.

I also enter marvel. Fuck marvel.

Highlights include:

-Talking huge amounts of shit all over Blitzman (it’s all love!)

-Gay jokes with noodle


-Noodles scrub out with the GPS

-Getting chaunced SO BAD at dinner. Justin and I ordered the same thing but mine came half the size!

-Random fork in the highway on the way back :frowning:

-There was a random car getting huge speed behind me on the way home, so I signal and goto change lanes and the guy cuts into that lane so fast. What a jerk! Oh shit, it was Noodleman!

Since I wanna be all cool, I’ll make my own log.

So, bascially I’m waiting on Teddy to come pick me up. He told me yesterday not to expect him at my house before 3. I’m thinking, fair enough, I’ll just give him a call at 3 to see what is happening. He picks up, and basically says this: “I’m not gonna lie, it is gonna take me like another 30 mins before I pick you up.” Dude shows up to pick me up at like 3:40. So bad.

Anyways, Marvel was so bad. I don’t understand how to play that game. Fuck marvel man. Screw joining marvel again, I would have rather joined CVS2.

HD remix was pure scummy. The patch apperantly made it so much slower. That fucked everything up… And thanks to teddy comming so late, I had to play Jamie first round. Oh man, so bad. Chun is a dirty whore, who’s medium punch throw takes off way to much damage.

Second match was a Dee Jay mirror match with Jelani. You are good man, you should have been using pad though. Practice on sticks during casuals. Tourney matches, you should stick with what you are most comfortable with.

Third match up was against Jiggabry which took forever to start because he was always playing a game when we could have played. It was Dee Jay against Ryu. Man, I fucked up my crossup combos so many times during that match. Maybe Anant was right and I should have switched it up to Blanka…

My performance in 4 was so fucked. I could here people cheering me on in both my matches, yet I still fucked it up. First match was against DioBrando, I think. We both won one a piece, and I completely messed up on the last round. Me thinks I should have switched to Blanka earlier. My second match was even worst because Chun > Bison all day. I have no clue what to do against her. So after getting peaced out 0-2, I decided to try and make the most of HD.


-Ride to Turtle Jacks and nearly getting killed by Jay Wang twice. Teddy is not asian enough to follow Jay Wang on the road haha.

-Random waiter who was into SFA3. Man that was so weird lol.

-The random hate on Kin while we were eating. I was just talking to him so I didn’t really know wtf happened, and why everyone was cussing him out. It was too jokes.

-The various and funny messages that Jay and Kin have gotten on PSN from rage quitters. Man that one dude saying he’ll fuck jay’s grandmother still makes me crack up.

I had a fun time guys, even though it was my first time. It was a really fun experience… but man I need to sharpen my skills a lot more hah…

So when’s the next one?? :smiley:

Dam sounds like it was a blast. Wish i could have been there. I should be able to make it on May 2nd.