LET'S PICK UP THE PACE @ POWNZ on 03/28/2009 (SFIV/?/?/?)

cvs 2 , 3s, and sf4. depending on if i can get a ride.

wont be getting one from me with your game selection!

lol cvs2. fuck that game.

The Darkside is still strong in this one!

Put me down for dat 4, CVS2, MVC2 (as the agreement with Teddy) and HD.

Fuck 3s.

Oh I’m in for CvS2, fuck 3s!

i meant make sweet love to it in a figurative and literal sense.

Also in for:

KOF 2002 UM
GG Accent Core

put me down for SF4 and HDR

I’m down for KoF2002UM. I’ll need to get a copy of the game sometime…

Put me down for GG as well please.

…three votes for GG? i’m kinda freaking out a little bit (one’s on the pownz forums).

more people vote for GG, you know you want to play it.

Can you put me down for SFIV, STHD and GG

I really want to see GG take off, put me down for that also

Maybe Dice will show up this time if GG takes off… lol

I’m voting twice for 3S.

FUCK every other game!

:confused: Are you actually signing up for 3S or just being funny? :confused:

lol u have to ask if I’m signing up for a 3S tournament!

I said BOTH votes!!!

It’s more about whether you’re actually going to mission all that way a second time.

whoa what guilty gear tied for second?
i like this.

I’ll join SF4. I vote cvs2 for side.

Anyone want to sell me a ps2 to ps3 adapter or tell me where to buy one? Thanks.