Lets Play Tournament (Pre Battle at the Border 3 tune up) - 08/01/09 - Harlingen, TX


Hello everybody DEMON_JIM here bringing you another great tournament. And yes this tournament is to help me out with Battle at the Border 3 in September so I can run things better when that time comes. This is the first fighting game tournament at Lets Play Arcade since they moved to the new location. Come play, get some good games in, and have fun.

August 1st 2009

Let’s Play Arcade/Video Stop
817 W. Harrison
Harlingen, TX 78550

There are two ways to come into the street this is one. If your coming from US77take the exit for Tyler it the exit after the big Motel 6 to the left. This exit also takes you to the front of the mall. If you see the Simon Mall and Walmart to your right you have gone to far it is the exit right before all this. (DO NOT TAKE THE EXIT THAT GOES RIGHT TO MCALLEN there are two exits you know this one is the wrong one because it takes you on a giant curve to the right the one you want takes you to ground level)

If your coming from US83 i believe it’s the exit for Dixieland. This exit is right after Logan’s Steakhouse, it leads you right next to a Pep Boys and taco bell. Your on Tyler at this point well pretty much. Just stay straight after exiting until you see O’Reilly/Aarons the arcade is in there.

This is for both once you get on Tyler driver a decent while down until you see an O’Reily auto parts store and Aarons Furniture Rental. The arcade is on the other side INSIDE I repeat INSIDE VIDEO STOP you will see a banner on the panes of glass saying so.


Registration starts at 12PM (thats when Lets Play opens) but you may register for any game whenever you like just as long as that game hasn’t started yet. (ex: You wanna play SF4 just make sure you register by 5:45)

2:00 BlazBlu
3:30 Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo High Definition Remix
4:30 Marvel vs Capcom 2
6:00 Street Fighter 4

Final calls for games will be announced 20 minutes before the game starts so that the brackets can be made. You have 5 minutes after that to get added to the bracket. Once the bracket is made and you want to enter a late fee of $2 will be added to your entry fee for that tournament. Don’t wanna pay it you won’t get added.

–Venue Fee: Lets Play charges at a pay per hour basis at a really good price. There will be a special for thistournament $5.41 gets you in and you can play ALL DAY!!!

EVERYONE MUST PAY TO ENTER I recommend the all day thing.

–Entry fee per tournament: $10


1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

POT BONUSES!!! (sorry I can’t put more money into this, this is out of my pocket and BATB3 will have some nice pot bonuses for a few tournaments)
MvC2 - $20
SF4 - $40
HDR - $20
BB - $20

Updated: If any tournament hit 16 players or goes above Lets Play has agreed to add $1 per entrant into the pots for the 1st place winner. So if 20 people join HDR then there is another $20 bonus added on to that game.

Street Fighter 4 (XBOX360)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (XBOX360 or DC) (XBOX version has to pass the test if it’s up to par)
Blazeblu (XBOX360)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo High Definition Remix (XBOX360)

–All games will be run double elimination best 2outof3 games, winner/loser/grand finals will all be run 3outof5
–Winner stays with same character/team, loser may choose another
–Blind pick available upon request

Street Fighter 4
–All characters allowed
–Stage will be random select
–99 second timer
–No Handicap

Marvel vs Capcom 2
–No duplicate character on a team (ex:Sent/Sent/Storm)
–No game breaking glitches (Juggernaut glitch allowed)
–Dead body infinites are only for positional advantages

–Unlimited characters banned
More TBA

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo High Definition Remix
–Akuma is banned
–Remix mode
–Speed: Turbo 3

There are plenty of food places nearby and Lets Play sells drinks and snacks. Please do not bang on the arcade machines lets keep this a drug and alcohol free zone.



im there :woot:


I see, good date. I should be able to make it.


I should have my new arcade stick (ordered a TE) in time for this so I will be playing. I have had NO practice since May so I am so rusty. I got a week to try to remember how to play HDR and SF4 LOL. Those 2 I will be entering. Iffy on marvel and I have yet to play BB so I will not be entering that.



Updated with pot bonuses!!!



I think I can make it, a bit rusty in HDR though, getting too used to SFIV.


why is sf4 on 360… is it because lack of systems for ps3 or region vote. 80% of players have ps3/ps2 sticks with adapters.

bah… might not go cause of this. hate asking people for sticks. but oh well. inform plz.


More players in this region have 360 sticks. Also Lets Play has a more abundant amount of 360s then PS3s with games to match. I’m still on the fence on whether or not BATB3 will be on PS3 or 360.

If it helps you can borrow my stick. It’s a SF4 TE stick.



I might try to make this. I have family in Harlingen. I only have PS3 sticks, so I would need to know if 360 sticks will be available to use. (HDR only)

EDIT: what do you mean by this? “(ST will be played if HDR not available)”, HDR is not guaranteed to be a tourney? Why would HDR not be available?


I will gladly let anyone use my TE.


At the time of posting HDR had only been bought for the PS3. I don’t know if it is owned yet or not but I can gurantee HDR will be there. In fact I’m taking off that disclaimer right now. We usually have spare sticks lying around the machines so a stick should be no problem Lets Play Arcade also has a stick or two for the 360 you may use. We are pretty friendly down here so borrowing sticks is not a problem.



im there!


Updated with the schedule.



I was talking to ray and I think it would be best to host some of the games on multiple platforms not only to please everyone (try to at least) but also because at the moment we only have hdr on the 4 ps3’s that we have, and because there really is no difference in game play between the systems (to my knowledge anyway) except controller preference. I think just using 2 (maybe 3 depending on turnout) of the ps3’s is more than enough to get a game like hdr done and since its old school streetfighter it will go pretty damn fast.

Anyway if its necessary I think ray was willing to buy what ever is needed to get this shit right and ready to go come the day of the tourney. We have 3 ps3 sticks and one 360 stick on hand for use, hdr is only on ps3 at the moment, we have 2 copies of sf4 on 360 and one copy (maybe 2 i dont remember) for ps3, and one copy of blazblue for ps3. I can bring my copy of blaz and sf4 for 360 if needed. If sf4 is going to be hosted on multiplatform we still have like 3 or 4 360’s that have all the characters unlocked, as for ps3 ill have to work on unlocking everyone on the ps3’s that are going to be used(if any).


i can bring my PS3 with SFIV and a PS2/3 stick if that helps, all chars unlocked.


I will not mix a single game with different platforms. That would end up in dissaster. I was gonna bring my HDD for the 360 for HDR. Again your failing to realize is that mixing up systems is bad no tournament that I can think mixes systems because you set yourself up for disaster (I’m talking PS3 and XBOX before somebody smart comes in and says we use DCs).

If it moves over to PS3 I will be straight up and say I won’t be playing in my own tournament I’ll host but won’t play no hate on a ps3 I just don’t have a ps3 stick that I’ve played on that I’m comfortable with. Unlike a few I have a real hard time adapting to different sticks during tournament play. (The last 2 ST tournaments I was in this exact thing was a huge factor in me losing, I had a really shitty stick on one and the other I switched from American to Jap).

I’ll put a vote on the Harlingen thread for this.



Jim, you are the Tournament Director the choice is yours as to what system we use, I will adapt to your choice. So there is no need to argue over this, so far it looks like everyone has chosen 360. I only have 1 stick for 360 so everyone bring their own, and use mine as a last resort. I will take care of SF4 (3 copies), STHD (2 or 3 systems), and MVC2 (2 or 3 systems). If you guys can come up withe BlazBlues.

Mu V Man:cybot:


Wasn’t arguing just stating a point and yes the tournament will stay on 360 the majority rules and well absolutely nobody from the deep south voted for ps3 LOL.


P.S. - Great job with the flyers.

I’ll will take any money matches in HDR or ST preferably ST but I’ll play HDR. I’ll take stipulation matches but only for ST.



How many players are you expecting to get? If it gets hype some of us from NOLA might head down there.


As of right now I honestly couldn’t tell you. Corpus and SA have expressed interest plus our players along with an array of new players that wanna play SF4 and HDR.

You should also try and make it to Battle at the Border 3 in Sept. I’m expecting over 100 people in attendence maybe more if I team up with another group.