Lets Play : Zangief vs Vega

Would you like to learn the Vega match up? Good knows how many shitty Vega’s they are on Xbox live. And finding a decent Gief is pretty hard. Ive played Weapons once, played Wongtushu, and Clyde. Would like to play more Gief’s so I can see a variety of options available. I want to really learn the basics of this match up, although its online its something to work of. Why things work why they dont, etc. I want to have First to 20 against anybody who wants to. After the first set, we will play 2-3 days later after thinking about it, and go it again so we can apply what we learned a bit.

Unfortounatly i wont be able to play this weekened. So respond on this thread or send and a friend invite. I dont care about your skill level.

I’m up for it. I need to learn this match up bad

Yeah, ill hit you up on monday.

So yeah, i got a camera. But it wont be a direct recording k. so you guys can see what went wrong etc.

i would…but no xbox

@ Dewd

Hey good games. Are you sure you dont want me to post, you did good, and im sure peeps here can and will tell you how you can improve. but if you dont, then i understand.

Nah, I did ass bro. I kept getting hit with shit I shouldn’t have. Not really my pride holding me back, just the way I played is. No thanks.

no problem man. Well lets just play again, before my Vega gets rusty. Im not using him until i get my Sagat to the same level because i wont main Vega exclusively in AE because he is going to be utter shit tier.

My advice is to abuse your dashes, back dashes, and focus attacks. I always find that Vega matches are a cakewalk if you just learn to stop trying to AA when he comes off the wall. Just avoid wall dives and punish accordingly, and if you can get in, you win. Period. Gief can stuff all of Vega’s AA with little effort, j.mk, crossup splash and knee-drop are all devastating tools against the guy. I prefer going for close Suplex whenever possible to stay up close and I try not to lariat at all.

Just be careful, you have a big buffer of health to screw up with, this isn’t a tough matchup as long as you can get some practice.