Let's Revive the NJ Skullgirls Community (Help Out If You Can)

Greetings Everyone from NJ, NY, and PA

So, with the Break and LB no longer running the SG community, it falls upon fans like us to start holding weeklies that will.

I’m talking with a few places up in the clifton area. However, they want a possible number to give them on turnout. So, I’m posting here to see if theres interest. If I held a weekly up here, would you come, and if you did what would you pay for entry/venue?

Also what day of the week is best for you guys and is there anyone who might be able to stream it?

There’s a place by me that’s perfect for this type of thing, it has televisions and set ups and all that (we just need to test for lag).

Gamer’s Paradise, check them out. That being said I can probably get like 5 heads to show up easily, though its a good idea to throw other games in there too (Persona / Aquapazza / Melty / whatever).

Alright I’m adding on this question. What games should be run together with skullgirls?

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at risk of being over shadowed, you might have to throw a capcom game in there, but only because i know those games generate attention…unfortunately



All I wonder about is which day it will be. Sunday afternoons would be good for me. Persona should definitely make the cut. A game like that helps draw people in. A Capcom game might be a good idea though.

I would play Skullgirls, BlazBlue, Mahvel and maybe Persona…

Google maps says this place is accessible to me.

Throw in some UMVC3. Seriously, both games have similar enough overlap to attract similar crowds.

Is it possible for you to get some sort of sponsor to help with tournaments? I think that would bring some people knowing that their is an incentive to come play. I know here in San Diego, the club I’m in is sponsored by the people of Landiego and they have the money, just need to know where to put the money towards as long as there is a community of people playing the game(SF4AE and UMvC3 is a no brainer).

hehe right at the time I move out of NJ. Unfortunate timing. Good luck guys!

I’m like 4 hours from NJ, so while I couldn’t attend anything that happened during the week, I could come down for stuff happening on weekends. I could also bring the entire Massachusetts SG community with me (there is no SG community here, it’s just me, that’s the joke).

Ooh, sounds interesting! I just want to know, is Gamer’s Paradise the location being held?

classic peanuts

Yeah I’ll talk to them sometime during the week.

I’m more than willing to help support this cause in any way I can. I just landed a job and my schedule isn’t concrete at the moment but I will try my best to attend whenever you guys decide a good day.

Hopefully things are moving forward with Skullgirls in the East coast. I’d totally like to go to Gamer’s paradise to enjoy some Skullgirls with like-minded people.

I live in New Jersey! I like Skullgirls! I’d come!
But I’m really bad :frowning:

Edit: Regarding what other games should be involved, I’d actually say Persona 4 Arena since I’ve taken quite a liking to that game and we should also throw BlazBlue in there too cause watching that game is really fun (to me at least). But still, I would like to see Skullgirls be the main attraction. Heck, maybe by watching the rest of you guys play and getting my ass handed to me will help me learn.

Nobody cares how good you aren’t. Go and play and learn and improve and make friends.

I probably should’ve pointed out that how good I’m not isn’t going to stop me from coming! The only thing that might stop me is (according to google maps) the 39 minute drive depending on what day this is held. Let’s just hope this is still going strong by February when I can drive on my own instead of having to bother my sister about it.

Bwar, one of my leads backed out… hopefully chibi is having better luck with Gamer’s Paradise