Let's Rock! (Possibly) Dante Thread

Everyone’s talking about the silhouettes ( however you spell it ) and from what we can tell, it’s either Dante, Wesker, or Demitri. As you’ve noticed from the thread title, Dante is only speculation at this point based on the silhouettes.

What do you guys think his supers and move sets will be like ?

I’m hoping for some S combo greatness

Shouldn’t we wait until the characters have been revealed to make topics rather than guessing from the silhouettes who they are?

Even if you personally aren’t wrong, someone else could be.

Dante could potentially be one of the most broken characters in the game. Picture him using Round Trip to zone, followed by Alastor DT complete with full aerial control, huge lightning bursts and barrel rolls. Crazy.

speculating that a non-announced character is automatically s-tier.

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@bass X0

while it would be more appropriate that no one should be playing the guessing game with silhouettes, the game is in development stages and he could still be in the cast but not in the silhouettes. You also have to take into consideration that Chris from RE5 is confirmed and ptx-90 from lost planet was in tvc and tvc:uas. Based on those additional factors, it would be really odd for Capcom not to use Dante in mvc3 as he is one of Capcoms most popular icons.


That would be crazy sick. I hope he gets great use of his trickster set moves

Dante 100% better fucking be in this game. No if, ands, buts about it.

Nero should be there too.

Fuck Nero, Vergil all the way!

Well… Devil May Cry is a big game series. Capcom would be foolish not to include it.

I’m not a particular fan of the series, so it doesn’t bother me that much.

Not only that, but Dante/Vergil/Nero, the game is all about stylish combos. I mean, they would fit right into a fighting game.

Can’t we keep speculation to the other threads, and wait with creating a new thread until they’re announced? Because otherwise there’s gonna be a lot of threads, even just based on what people think the silhouettes are…

I’m pretty sure this is gonna be the game Dante finally makes his appearance. He always gets shafted but this time…this time I think is gonna be different.

DANTE ALL THE FUCKIN WAY!!! Mastered the DMC series I’d love to just beast with him on MVC3. I hope he’s in it he will be my favorite and I agree with Pasky ehem FUCK NERO LOL

No offense, but I can see Dante being over-used by scrubs online.

… along with Ken.

We can but there’s just too much evidence pointing towards him as an actual character for mvc3. I however still agree with you somewhat. While it’s still not concrete, there are only so many characters that fits the silhouettes so only 1 of each assumed character will be allowed according to the subforum rules. If however Dante isn’t included, this thread will at that time be either locked or deleted but like I said, it’s highly unlikely he won’t be in the game.

First Dante bnb.


Super can be exchanged with celebration super if he gets in or isthiswhatifuckingwaitedfor, if he gets in and turns out rubish.

Yes Dante more pwease.

Dante has to be in this. They might as well confirm it now.

I bet he will have all his styles from DMC4. Maybe changing his style will cost meter.

Dante should have 83 special attacks just like devil may cry 4:rofl::rofl:
Dante for Devil tier:rock:

Dante is the character I’ve been waiting for the most in the vs. series. They can make him into an incredibly fun character if they choose to utilize the different styles (gunslinger, swordmaster) somehow. Kind of like how Gen changes stances.

he’s got 4 games under his belt… kinda. and people flipped when the madmanscafe april fools joke was new. he’s got the moves and fanbase. he’ll be in it. bet it.