Let's say you went back in time


Ok, here’s the premise. Through some bizarre glitch in the Universal Matrix, (or a hot tub time machine, whatthefuckever) you got transported back 15 years, to 1995.

Now somehow, transported with you is an iphone (or laptop, w/e portable internet device) that never runs out of battery and has full internet connection to the internet of 2010.

Now this internet connection allows you to VIEW web pages and download things from today, but you have absolutely no way to communicate BACK to current times. No e-mail sending, no message board posting, not even any wiki-editing.

So the question is, how would you live?

Would you become legitimately wealthy through knowledge of the stock market, or inventing something like Google?

Would you just look up winning lottery numbers or make millions from sports betting?

Would you let other people KNOW you’re from the future, thus becoming a celebrity, or would you live in secret?

Secondary question:

What would you do about the tragedies that you KNOW are going to happen?

For instance, what would you do about 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Asian Tsunami, the earthquake in Haiti, etc? Would you just let them all happen or would you try to warn people?



Who wouldn’t invest in Google? Hell yea I take full advantage of the dot.com bubble before it pops. I wold also take advantage of the real estate bubble before that shit pops too. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I would also make every single casino in Vegas broke.

All about the $$$.


Well, if you came forward predicting 100% of the disasters and deaths of the world accurately, you would probably be seized by the government and quarantined, so GG to your millions of dollars that you’ve made.

Also, LOL at warning the gov’t about 9/11, George Bush already knew it was going to happen and he ignored the warning.


definitely stock market + sports book


I’d use the info to make money but wouldn’t do anything to change what happens to the world. Don’t want to trigger some sort of grandather paradox after all.


What would I do if I could go back to the past? Warn the world that George Bush will become president.


id have this in the end



It all comes down to the money, like it was said in that song with Whodini that no one remembers but me. There’s SO many ways to get rich with this scenario, where do you even begin? The easiest thing is just betting on sports; especially any major upset. Imagine how many people would’ve laughed at you if you went back even further in time and bet against Tyson for his match with Buster Douglas? Everyone would be like "this fool bet against Tyson? Heyyy count me in on that action too…watch Mike crush that ass like every other chump."

I’d want to invent youtube before the actual guys who invented youtube. Then of course there’s Google…but what about entertainment…? You could beat people to the punch on their own creative properties that were destined to be successful—> I’d become the guy that created the Bleach manga/anime…or perhaps the guy that came up with Naruto. (*heh, this would also be an opportunity to fix whatever things you don’t like about the series…making sure not to stray too much from what it is currently though, so you can still be successful.) Or, let’s say I’m now the one that decided to make an American version of The Ring…or I’m the one that came up with whatever other movie that was successful. Oooooh! I am now the creator of The Matrix movies. Oh yeah, part 1 didn’t come out until '99 so there ya go. I’d have at least a 4-year headstart in beating them to the punch on that…then of course I fix certain things that were wrong with parts 2 and 3, rolling around in the ridiculous amounts of money from part 1 and all my other IPs out there.

You’d have to be somewhat reasonable though and slow down on the IP-theft…1 guy coming up with all those things in such a short-span of time might start to look suspicious…heh, take a break for awhile then go back to some small-time stuff, like hitting 1 Powerball jackpot. (2 or more jackpot wins starts to look suspicious again. Eh, but as a new celebrity…people would expect me to give the winnings up to charity…haha…fools. I suppose I could donate part of that.)

*I am curious though as to how much it would drastically alter the course of history if one were to stop a major event like the 9/11/01 disaster from happening. Yeah, I would try and find each of those guys before it happens, and just kill them. Besides the legal consequences here…the new problem is that there would be other guys waiting to take their place anyway, so killing them might ultimately be pointless…well, at least it would grant a certain level of satisfaction for killing those specific people. The ideal situation would be to have them trapped in a deserted area so I could take my time…and my torture could be something of quality… more fulfilling and appropriate. That situation would be such a great opportunity to put all those creative and “involved” torture ideas I have in mind to good use. The problem after that is getting away with it all, unfortunately.


I’d do some Mothman/Q shit, like showing up on the edge of a soon to be famous photo in a trench coat.


Win the lottery, invest money on the stock market. Wouldn’t do things like ‘‘invent google’’, kinda stealing another man’s pay check.

Wouldn’t stop the disasters either, if 9/11 didn’t occur it would likely be something else.




I wouldnt do a thing about disasters, just the shit that has happened in my life.


So NONE of you would let anyone else know you came from the future? Too risky?



You sir, are an idiot.


What’s so dumb about what I said?

I’m not saying that it was an inside job, but I truly believe that he was given a warning that an attack was going to happen and he didn’t heed the tip that was presented.




Well, who would believe you? Probably just better to quietly invest in Google and make that money. Or create Hotmail and have it be sold to Microsoft.


So if you don’t tell people you’re from the future, where did you come from? If you become famous, you have to have ID, SS, etc right? Unless you’re given a full proof alternate identity. And what about your 1995 self? Can you talk to…yourself? If so, I’d tell him a bunch of stuff to do/look out for.

I wouldn’t want to come up with Bleach, Google, etc because I don’t know how long those inventors have been working on those projects. What if they’ve had those ideas before 1995 and are in the process of developing said products? James Cameron supposedly had the idea of Avatar even before directing Titanic.

Betting games is the safest, lottery is easiest.

If you don’t tell people about katrina or 9/11, what about your family member’s accidents and disasters? Would you tell your aunt to move away from New Orleans, or don’t drive next Tuesday since she’ll be in a car accident?

  1. Win the lottery
  2. Go to the lottery offices to fill out paperwork
  3. They find out my Social Security number belongs to a 9 year old

  1. profit!