Let's See if We Can Do Something About Our Boredom~ Q&A Thread

Didn’t see one so I decided to make one. General questions folks, match up specific stuff goes in the match up thread.

Alright, first post update. (7/27/10). Yes it’s long overdue, I’m lazy and it’s the first time I’ve done this, so bear with me.

First Batch Of Q&A.

Q: How is Cody best played?
A: This might be too soon to call, but the general concensus seems to be as a Rush Down character and occasionally, a zoning character.

Q: What are some of Cody’s best moves?
A: Cody is one of the few characters where each move has a specific job to do. b.MP is a great AA, Crack Kick (f+hk) goes over lows and moves you towards the opponent, c.lk is a great poke (which can be OS’d into Mk Ruffian Kick), etc. etc. tl;dr, there is no “best” move. They’re all just tools for their own purpose.

Q: What are Cody’s AAs? (Anti-Airs)
A: His best (arguably) is b.MP, it beats most jumping attacks and puts your opponent within a sweeps distance. HK Ruffian is also an AA but must be inputted early for it to land and not trade. Other unconventional AAs include, Slide (c.mk), and Zonk Knuckle.

Q: I main ____ , is Cody a good secondary?
A: That is all personal preference, and to me, personally, a bit counter productive. Why would you want a secondary that plays like your main?

Q: Which Ultra is better?
A: Match-up Specific. "OK, well to answer Cobras’ first question- LDD vs FD is really down to who you are up against. If you are against an opponent that can zone you out relatively easily (Sagat/Akuma/Sim/Seth) you are going to want to pick up LDD for fireball/teleport option select punishes. Against all others you will want FD. FD is AMAZING…simply put, the reason being is for 2 reasons (despite the fact it deals tasty damage) 1; It is a fantastic anti-air, similar to Dans ultra1. 2; It has amazing combo potential from FADC, one I find so easy and amazing is cross up j.Mk > c.jab, c.jab, c.strong xx HK RK, FADC -> ultra. " - Keldorn87

Q: What are some better BnB’s besides jumping in followed by cr.jabs xx special? - InfernoOmni
A: Courtesy of Raynex
"Notable bnbs include:

st.HP > cr.MP
st.MP > cr.MP
cr.LPx2 > cr.LK
f+MP > cr.LP > cr.MP (for opponents who whiff and are just out of range)

Enders: into HP CU if you want straight damage. LK Ruffian if you want to safe-jump on em’. MK Ruffian to push them to the corner."

Q: What’s a safe blockstring to use?
A: To be frank, he doesn’t really have one, but most end with LP Criminal Upper. However it is punishable by some characters, so our cellmate, zUkUu has created an LP Criminal Upper ‘Safe’ Chart, which can be found here: http://shoryuken.com/f330/lp-crimminal-upper-safe-chart-243147/

Q: How Do I cancel Criminal Upper into Super?
A: Input the super before the tornado comes out. You have to cancel into super on the initial hit of CU. [/details]

2 questions

1.I Use the last dread dust most of the time but is final destruction worth considering as my ultra?
2.is cody the best choice of a backup secondary for t.hawk?(already asked that but figured it would get better responses here)

  1. I find LDD to be better because its better for punishing and I almost never remember I can FADC into U1 and I am always in need for a good punisher. I pick U2 all the time, but thats my preference.

  2. Funny you ask. That was my set up before. (Cody as a secondary, Hawk as a first). I found myself liking Cody way more. Character wise, not too sure. Your call.

  1. Final Destruction is definitely worth using. Even more so than LDD. LDD has very little combo potential, it’s only use really is to go through fireballs. And even then you need to be pretty close. Final Destruction however has some pretty easy setups (FADC).

  2. What you’re generally looking for in your secondary is that it’s compliments your main. i.e. Honda does bad against projectiles, but pretty good versus the rest of the cast. So if you were to choose a secondary to compliment your Honda it would be a character who is good against shoto’s.

Apply this to T.Hawk and the only real troublesome characters are the heavily defense one’s. e.g. Dhalsim. Sim has great difficulty with rushdown characters. Now all you need to do is find the rushdown character that suits your playstyle. So Viper, Ibuki, Akuma, Rufus and Bison are the first that come to mind. Although any character can be played rushdown. These just do it the best.

If you’re not planning on playing at a high or tourney level it doesn’t matter who your secondary is. As long as you enjoy playing with him. If you’re looking for a similar character to Hawk then go for another grappler: Fuerte, Hakan, Abel or Gief.

  1. a)I’m failing at my BnB Combos… what am I doing wrong? (J.mk>c.jab>c.mp>xx.CU)
    b)I think I saw somewhere that cody is a “Plinking” character?

  2. What am I suppose to do after Frame Traps? (if successful finish a combo?, if not…?)

  3. After I connect with f.HP my only option seems to be to block. Is this true?

The BnB is easy enough. Practice it, its really easy.

There is no “one” answer here, any hard hitting combo will do.

Block, Or you can disrespect frames and keep attacking. 2nd option is pretty risky though

What buttons do you usually use for charging EX Zonk? And why?

I like my HP button free myself, some hard hitting combo’s if that hits (j. HP c.HP EX Zonk EX CU/U2) but I do miss my b.MP sometimes

OK, well to answer Cobras’ first question- LDD vs FD is really down to who you are up against. If you are against an opponent that can zone you out relatively easily (Sagat/Akuma/Sim/Seth) you are going to want to pick up LDD for fireball/teleport option select punishes. Against all others you will want FD. FD is AMAZING…simply put, the reason being is for 2 reasons (despite the fact it deals tasty damage) 1; It is a fantastic anti-air, similar to Dans ultra1. 2; It has amazing combo potential from FADC, one I find so easy and amazing is cross up j.Mk > c.jab, c.jab, c.strong xx HK RK, FADC -> ultra.

To be able to cross your opponent up and end the encounter with a nice damaging ultra is a great option to have. Even agains the shotos/sagat/fb characters, I still tend to pick FD with the exception of Sim/Seth due to that option select ultra for LDD being too good to drop.

As for LBoon, you should really add an extra jab in there for hit confirming so c.jab, c.jab, c.mp xx Fierce CU/RK. As for getting the BnB right, go into training mode, set the dummy to auto block, and practise doing just crouching jabs into crouching strongs. If the dummy blocks your jab into strong, then speed up your inputs, if the strong isnt coming out when you press it then delay your input. Eventually you will get a rythm going and you will never drop a single link in game (unless online/lag).

Frame traps are an important part of codys game. Cody has an amazing close strong, that gives I think, +8 frames adv on hit? and something like +6 on block? This allows you to do crazy stuff, like strong into crouching fierce, if it hits, follow up with an option select RK, if it doesnt, then you throw at some pokes or even a bad stone. The important thing with frame traps is YOU have the initiative, so you can kara-throw/tic throw, delay an input and fish for the counter hit, jump in, lots- you just have to practise and understand when to mix up these options.

f+fierece is a good OH, but that is all. Its used when you have your opponent in a blockstring and you want him to stand up more. You cannot combo from it like dudley, but you don’t have to just block. One thing I find useful is follow f+HP with another f+HP followed by a sweep if the second hits. If the 2nd is blocked then you can focus/dash/jab into more frame trapage. It’s a tool, so be sure to practise using it.

Always use jab and strong, for the reasons you highlighted. 1; HP is a decent anti air, but to be honest, EX-zonk is an even better one. 2; If you are going to be jumping in, you are going to want your HP free for obvious reasons.

No one should ever hold anything other than jab and strong for zonky :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say Cody is neccesarily a plinking character. He does have a few 2-and 1 frame links. The most important one’s being st.MP, cr.MP (2 frame) and st.MP, cr.HP (1 frame). Plinking makes these links a lot easier to hit. So much even that I rarely miss st.MP, cr.MP.

st.MP, cr.MP xx Fierce CU is my favorite punish.

But if you haven’t learned how to plink yet his regular BNB will do just fine.

dont you punish with FA lvl 2/3 s.HP xx Fierce CU? I havent tested the effect of the damage mitigation with the FA, but I’d have thought it better damage? And easier to pull off :stuck_out_tongue:

I tend to use st.mp, cr.mp xx RK/CU for blockstring/counterhit scenarios.

Personally I punish with 4HP > 2MP > Fierce CU.

I’ve 2 questions:

  1. What do you use when your opponent spam focus attack? If I don’t have my zonk charged, what I could use to counter focus attack after a jump for exemple?

  2. What is the best combo after a stun? A simple BnB, or other? To hit less and strong, thanks.

Sorry, I missed the c.MP but thats what I meant- FA level 3, cl.Fierce, cr.strong xx fierce CU/(RK into ultra)

To answer your questions:

1; If you are jumping in and see them starting up a focus attack, then don’t throw out a limb and simply grab. If they are timing it so that you are getting nailed before you can startup your grab…then they are using FA perfectly- which means, don’t jump in!

2; Im finding im stunning my opponents EVERY round with Cody, and my followup is a simple neutral jump fierce, cl.fierce xx fierce CU/(RK into ultra). You can obviously just use ultra, or FA lvl 3, cl.fierce, cr.strong xx whatever, but you will do far more damage with the neutral jump fierce combo. You can also experiment with neutral j.HP, cl.HP, cr.MP xx HK RK > MK RK (in corner) and you can follow up with an EX-CU, but the initial punch (worth about 50/60% of CU damage) wiffs, so I generally don’t waste that last EX meter.

I’m kinda stuck in my ST Turbo ways, I don’t use FA nearly as much as I should. :rolleyes:

And Spyx you should definitely go for a more damaging combo than his BNB after a stun. Usually BNB’s are easily hit-confirmed combo’s, but if you’re opponent is stunned then you know he won’t block anyway. In this case it’s just best to do your most damaging combo. Unless you aren’t anywhere near him, then just do whatever.

How can I work the close medium punch into my game. I seem to have a hard time using things that aren’t quick jabs, or meaty/long range roundhouses. On knockdown do you start with the medium punch? Start with jab and quickly stand to apply the medium punch? Don’t over think this question…I’m a noob to close quarters combat.

I’m looking into picking up Cody a bit to see how he fairs.

Who would you guys say is Cody’s hardest match-ups at this point? Styles of play included.

Bison - dealing with Scissor Kick pressure is hard. Very hard. His new Ultra can punish any Bad Stone. And his safe Psycho Crusher BS makes getting in on you very likely so at one point or another you WILL have to face Scissor Kick pressure.

Ryu/Sagat/Akuma - simply cus they’re better in every aspect.

Q: What do you do when you’re the one getting frame trapped? I’ve had a few people using Balrog, Dudley, Rufus, etc. that just started spamming me down with attack after attack, mixed with an occasional throw. I’ve tried charging up Bingo and using that when I see an opening, but that seems really hard to do especially during mixup hell. Most of the time they throw in an extra jab I wasn’t expecting or I just plain let it go too early during blockstun, lose the Bingo, and eat some attacks/throws. Is there a better way to deal with this crap?

Seriously, I think any character with a descent rushdown game is equally hard with a good player behind him/her. I’m sure the Cody players here can agree that when you are up against a really good player, they score a lot of damage off just a single knockdown opportunity. Those matches really come down to who gets the knock down first.

yea i agree especially abel he can do work on cody after a knockdown! i personally have problems with t.hawk,boxer,fuerte,and chun.everyone else is 5-5 imo