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I was just curious what match ups are worth picking up the knife? iv been messing around with it but i dont really have a clear idea when i might want to actually use it.

My instincts tell me perhaps against people with long as pokes like vega and chun but having to use clk to special cancel anything seems a bit of a trade off in addition to losing all of his unique normals (minus the overhead)


So what are all of cody’s blockstrings lol? This character is pretty fucking amazing and I’d like to no more but I’m so busy.


I’ve been trying to master cr.lp buffered into mk ruffian but the cr.lp recovers really quickly so the ruffian comes out 9 times out of ten. Am i supposed to do cr.lp buffer the ruffian then hit mk if the cr.lp hits ?


No, you’re doing the ruffian motion regardless of it connecting or not. If the ruffian comes out it means you’re doing the motion too slow. Also, after you hit mk hold the button to avoid getting a negative edge, that helps a lot.


Ok i’ll try that, i think you’re right about the whole negative edge thing, didn’t think to hold down the mk, thanks.


Check this out, from the akuma forum but it has great shortcut tips for buffering moves


Thanks, but i knew all of that. I’m not new to buffering or negative edge just an oversight on my point, the minute Otori mentioned it i realised he was right…lol


Why is j.hp better than j.hk? I usually use hk but people say that hp is better. And How many frame-safejump is the backthrow j.hk/hp setup? 4/5/6?

  • j.hk is probably the go to option because it has a ridiculous amount of active frames and faster startup, but j.hp has one of the weirdest hitboxes in the game, so in a lot of matchups where the opponent depends on anti-airing with normals, j.hp can make you win or trade. It can also make reversals with and stuff like that.

  • backthrow is 5 frame safe jump and if do an empty jump it’s safe against 3 frames as well


couldn’t really find this in forums but does anyone know what other characters the corner throw j.mk unblockable works on besides ryu, e.ryu, and ken?


If you time it perfectly, it is unblockable against the aforementioned characters plus Ibuki, Dudley, Gen, Oni, Guile, Claw and Makoto (but I would not try it against her). If not, it’s unblockable against all shotos (including Oni), Guile, Makoto and Guy (again, I would not try it against the last two characters).


So what is the deal with momochi’s throw quick dash forward dash forward then jump fierce(in corner). He makes it look unblockable because he hits it 99 times out of a 100 but it is just a crossup. Can anyone clue me in on why it works or is it just a visual/mind fuck.

ALSO my friend tells me that cody’s real mixup game is after jump ins.
According to him after a jump in I can throw or read the tech and go for f.mp which will beat their tech and allow me a cr.mp lk ruffian to continue the mixup or the throw lands and I get another mixup. Is it a viable mixup because sasaki and momochi land obnoxious amounts of throws and are they doing this or what.

Excuse my scrubbyness I don’t use cody very much I finally decided to really grind him out and learn his stuff.


I’m going to assume you’re talking about ex ruffian > dash > dash > jumping fierce. It’s not a cross up. It’s a fake cross up, meaning you need to block it like a normal jump in. Cody can mix this up with a jumping mk to be an actual cross up.

That pressure is great vs characters that can be safe jumped, but vs characters that can’t be safe jumped, you’ll have to formulate your own mixup/setups vs those guys. The most important part about playing Cody is being able to read what kind of player your opponent is, not just how to play matchups. Cody has a very variable playstyle so you can play to the weaknesses of your opponents


Thank you so much and for the first response umm I’ve seen momochi throw double dash and jump fierce and it crosses up but thanks for the first one too that is nice.


It’s not because the character landed behind that he hit his opponent cross up. As Melovegames said it, it’s not a cross up.


Hello Cody thread. I looked through the all the threads and messed around with every character in the game again after being away from the game for months (I left for basic training and have no scene to play in where I’m at now so my old skills have pretty much been reset.) So I’m back to square one, trying to find a main. I just wanted to get some insight on the character. Is he a solid pick? What are his bad matchups/good matchups? Can he handle the top tier fairly well? Any and every little bit helps. I’m almost dead set on picking him up. His theme really makes me want to pick him up. LOL

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Cody is a pretty soild character. Most of his matchups are even but he has trouble with cammy, akuma, and seth. His best matchups imo are adon and bison


Cody is very solid. He has projectiles [rocks/knife], Anti-airs, frame-trap/mixups, huge combos, good pokes and great forward dash. He has answers for almost everything.


Honestly, the Cody-Seth matchup is really even. The reason being, is that the risk/reward is basically always in your favor. One good read and you do 50% of his health and have a solid chance to stun on your next mixup.


If the Seth player is on point though you’re kind of screwed. It becomes like a guessing game and you have to pray you guess right or you’re back in the mix up vortex.