Let's see the 3D!

i figured some people may make or appreciate 3D art.
i was looking at mr. twelve’s cool sf candies and got inspired.


If those were sold in stores I would get the entire set.

LOL. nice one man – looks great.
what’d you make it out of?

btw I edited your post to include a link to Twelve’s thread :slight_smile:

Thats fantastic!

I’ve been making some Busts and chibi Figures out of fimo modelling clay. Would it be ok to post em up in this thread?

cpt…hells yeah. this is a showcase for all 3d stuff not just mine!

rook…thanks for putting the link up. i made this out of a wooden egg, a wooden ball knob, and little wood gloves. drew, painted, then clear coat, clear coat, clear coat, then like 5 more times lol.

akuma is already drawn and ready to be painted. when i post him i’ll post the sketch, the blank wood, the drawn wood, the painted wood and the completed figure.

Dude this is cool man. I think the black lines could be neater though. If i were you i’d put the black lines down first then paint along the edges to get a more crisp line.

Can’t wait to see your Akuma man. Cool stuff. How many do you plan on making?

Cool Bananas. Looking forward to your Akuma Rabid, great idea for a thread man!

Okie Dokie:

Here’s my blurry shots (Damn crap digi cam):
These were made outta FIMO modelling clay:

Star Platinum from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure:



These two were made with some crappy stuff called Du-kit (Or HaDu-kit as we call it :wink: )




(Yes indeed that is a Napolean Dynamite action figure in the background)

That Dan is seriously so awesome. I’m impressed with how clean it turned out. I’d buy it in a sec too!

And CptMunta… STAR PLATINUM! :wow: ORAAAA!!

Sorry I don’t post here more often. I’ve been busy doing my personal projects. Hopefully, I can post it up here soon. It is kinda 3D related. :smile:

im back…
damn…my electricty went out at my apt…and the new landlord is a bitch…so instead of knocking her out…i moved!!! yay.
new place that me and the g/f decided to get together. but it means i haven’t worked on the others yet.

thanks for the compliments
CPT…dude…that necro is my fav!
mr12…awesome…i have 2 people lined up! lets bring it to capcom and demand they mass produce these :slight_smile:
sfmc…i want to do as many as possible. but def the sfII lineup at least.

Here is a sculp my buddy Juan Chen did. I did the concept art and turn arounds for him. This is his first scult ever. He’s a modeler in the studio. He just started drawing and sculpting couple of months ago. I think he did a good job considering he is just learning.



wow thats amazing and for a first try as well, your friend has a natural talent, I can just imagine that in my room, hope too see what he comes up with next.

Woah that’s awesome! I’d buy that if it was for sale!