Let's stop the Online VS Offline arguing, please

I’m no fucking moderator, but it’s getting fucking stupid to the point that I avoid threads in FGD because all of a sudden, there’s this huge motherfucking war between the Kaillera people and the people who don’t play online.

Sure, some of you will go “but online is always inferior!” That’s true in terms of game quality, maybe, but in outright convenience it just can’t be beat. A lot of people have to understand that the people who play online may simply just not have the time or resources to be going around playing others in majors. You also have to realize that just because they play online is not really a valid reason to discredit whatever experience or skill they’ve accumulated at the game.

An example I’m going to pull is from '98, where I consider myself to be pretty decent. I’ve played Emil online and I’ve lost to him. I’m one of the people who say “well, online isn’t anything like offline,” but it would be fucking stupid to discredit Emil’s skill and knowledge just because he wasn’t playing with me on an arcade cabinet or betting money.

The same goes for kids like T-Kimura and his MVC1 ability, and a lot of other players. I’m never going to say that online is ever preferable to me over just playing the games offline – that’s crazy talk. However, for what it is, it’s pretty good, and with how technology is going, it can get a lot better. Don’t hate so much. Most of the reason why these huge arguments start is because you can’t accept that some people just play online. That’s cool. Maybe you think their skills don’t really translate to offline play. That’s cool too, but at this point, I really don’t think I give a fuck, and I really don’t think anyone gives a fuck. Just drop it.

In summary, I love you all despite anything but think you’re all a bunch of faggots for fighting over that shit. :lovin:


looks at the title of the thread


EDIT: I would like to say that from my experience I play online because the respective scene for the games I play are dead(and I am willing to bet that they have never been alive). I dont have the means to travel half way around the country to find some competition. I’m in college and I have to pay tuition and the bills. I think its about fucking time that someone on SRK finally aknowledged the problems that some of us have.

You’re still dumb for defending Emil in any way though.

PS. I don’t play online, but I don’t hate it.

I blame the Flash for going back in time to when my mom was pregnant and putting speed into the stairs so they fell up her. :looney:

I used Emil mostly as example since he’s the only person I can think of outside of T-Kimura in MVC1, and definitely one of the few that I have that kind of first-hand experience with. There’s some other cats on Kaillera that play games like KOF, ST and other stuff, and they are definitely not bad – maybe not top tier material, but they are definitely not garbage, and I think people would just say they are without thinking or checking it out themselves first just because it’s convenient to say “They play online? Pffffffft.”

HAHAHA… that’s almost sig worthy.

And I agree with you, just play the fucking game and have fuin.

People just need to be more open minded about it. The online players aren’t really saying offline play sucks…but a lot of offline players are saying online sucks, with some impression they have been given about online play in general. Kaillera is surprisingly stable compared to other forms of online gameplay (think, MMORPGs, RTS games, etc). It almost seems that the ones that make the assumptions about the online fighting games do it from experience of games like Diablo II which does have horrendous (and very random) lag.

At first I used to complain a lot about the lag…and while some lag still exists, the lag actually made me a better player. How? It forces you to have to improve your reaction speed to a point that far exceeds what is needed for offline gameplay. In addition, if you really want to win online without actually resorting to abusing lag tactics yourself, this means you will have to be even better at noticing patterns (in this case, noticing lag abuse patterns). Back in the day I used to complain a lot when people would do some low recovery move, then immediately roll through my character. I would blame lag, and it is true that lag (or rather, delay) reduces the chance that you will be able to punish that…but in reality the reason I couldn’t punish it (besides the delay) was that I just wasn’t focussing as hard on the game as I could have been. After enough playing like this, I was able to just know all possible actions the opponent could perform at any given situation (including all possible lag tactics), and I was ready for all of them. This was all improved because the lag initially prevented me from being able to beat it with the skill I had at the time, so I stepped it up.

If you’re 100% critical about the lag and have actually played on kaillera (like Serpent has), then you should do what he does. Play people with very low ping, on Excellent/LAN and even better, find a private server to go to.

As said in the other thread, 15ms ping corresponds to 0.9 frames of delay. 30ms ping is 1.8 frames of delay. Generally games are considered playable at <= 30ms ping. If you live reasonably close, and host a private server, you will have 0 ping and your opponent might have about 10-30 ping. That’s really not so bad. It also helps to choose a less laggy client…most people are stuck with mame32k 0.64, but others like Brandon, recommended FBA which even less delay, or so he says.

Edit: Furthermore there is the misconception that people that play online do not play in the arcades. I know quite a few people on kaillera that play against hard competition in the arcades, including some very good mexicans (kofman comes to mind). In fact, some of the best mexicans in the arcade, that have also attended the Big Bang tourney in Juarez, play online as well. There are also many chinese players online that also play in the arcade offline, and can probably beat a large majority of players that only play in the arcade and never online.

Bottom-line is, if you haven’t tried kaillera, don’t assume it is some unstable lag fest where you can’t move or execute specials/supers. There is some delay depending who you are playing against and some lag, again depending on who you play. Just play people with low pings, Excellent/LAN connection and possibly in a private server and there shouldn’t be much of a problem. At least try it before insulting it. The worst you can do is assume that they are scrubs because of this, especially when there are a variety of legitimate reasons why someone would have to play online…offline first hand experience is not the only way someone can learn how to play, if they are smart enough…just like you can self teach yourself to do computer programming using online resources without having to take actual courses, which is similar to people learning from watching match videos of the best players rather than having to play against them in person, in order to learn. If you’re smart enough to analyze things well, and your execution/reaction is good, you can be good without having any offline tournament experience. The thing is…this is just rare to see, but definitely possible. The notions that having no experience in offline tournaments means you are not a good player is just garbage.

Edit: And FYI, I haven’t been to offline tournaments but unlike what many people claim, I have played in some arcades before that arcade was shut down. Oh and guess what, the competition in that arcade (and another arcade I had went to) was generally worse than online play. My point isn’t that online players are better, it’s that being an offline player doesn’t automaticallly mean you are better than an online player.

And nothingxs, we need to play more 98.

Yeah, that’s the ONLY exception to the rule. But, no one likes to play in a private server because most of the time, they’re afraid of losing without their lag tactics. That’s just how it goes. Me and Slide would go into a private server to play some A3. I ended up getting a lot better, but I had to make my own adjustments offline because the input lag does throw your execution off when you’re playing on stick.

Other than that, most of us are referring to the public servers. We know how it works in the public servers. You got those lag abusers that suck, and they’ll throw a shitfit if you win just one game. Then, most of them start saying, “Well, you suck…blahblahblahcockinmymouthblahblahblah…” When in reality, they couldn’t hold their own in a tournament. A lot of us have grown up playing in the arcades because a lot of come from a city with stable competition all day and every day.

That’s because the comp sucked in your area. That’s just how it is. Some areas are stronger than others when it comes to competition.

I cant believe people are still arguing about this subject, it should have been squashed like 5 years ago, the fact people that play games on kaillera and think they deserve respect when they wont play a good player offline for money is laughable.

please close this thread


ps+serious answer
that COULD only improve your GUESSING ability not reaction
doing shit with lag mean that you have to execute it before being sure that it land

Yeah about this…there were very specific cases where Kyokuji would bring others into some private servers and they would actually complain about the lack of lag (wtf?). I guess it’s best to only bring people into private supers that you know are decent players, this really only happens from either knowing them in person or playing them in a public server where you can get a rough impression of their potential and then inviting them to a private one after.

I’ve actually started cracking down on these types of people. Silencing/banning from the server if they keep doing it, because they only end up ruining the community.

Yeah I know it sucked, that was my point basically…

I used to think this…not anymore. If you improve your reaction past a certain point, you can still punish it even if delayed. It’s just harder. If your reaction is “okay” and you’re playing online in a delayed game, you will have to guess most likely, depending on what they do. If your reaction is superb, then you can still beat it without guessing. Not saying mine is godly but it’s come to a point where roll behind throws, short jumps and Andy air qcf+K into high/low get punished by me quite often, without me having to toss out lucky anti-airs/throws.

I still think the best results are offline tournaments.

I do think online kaillera is better comp then your mid-tier arcade. I’ve learned more online then offline. As for adjustments, I don’t make a ton of adjustments online to offline. Biggest difference to me is the speed- things tend to move faster offline to me.

I do get a laugh at tactics I use offline that work in tournies being called lag abuse.

This is exactly the kind of post not to make in this thread. :clap:

This isn’t a place to discuss Online VS Offline, people. That’s the entire fucking point, no one really cares, if people didn’t give you respect before chances are they won’t now. By the same token, people need to stop hating on the guys that play online. If you really want to see how it is for yourself in a private server, then set something up. Most people would be glad to. Otherwise, realize that like I said, not everyone has the time or resources to make the commitment to fly around and play.

No one is arguing that.

We should play videogames for money = CONFIRMED.

no, he said we should play legitimate opponents offline before we start declaring ourselves Gods at the games we play online…

Not to be disrespectful to anyone, If you declare yourself as a “God” at anything then you already lost before the match has begun. Those who do that shit are going to get beasted accordingly on the account of their arrogence, wether its online or offline.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not an expert but I know that much from observation and what little competition I’ve had so far.

no kaillera player will waste a flight ticket or gas money to travel to beat someone they know they can beat. if the offline players wants it soo bad, just come to w/e the kaillera player is. if not kaillera is available any place, any time.

Whackest, copout, ever.

If the “kaillera” player was so sure on the win, why not do a money match for more than the cost of traveling :smiley:

LOL at online lag improving your reaction time. Why the hell would online play improve your reaction over regular offline play? It doesn’t. You don’t see top players training online to improve their reaction, now do you? Because all playing in laggy circumstances is going to teach you is to compensate for lag and guess before crap happens.

In GG for example, good luck blocking ANY TICK THROW, especially pot busters or command throws, on reaction with ANY lag. You MUST guess to avoid them before even seeing them come out. Pot Buster comes out in 3 frames and has a gigantic range. Sol’s command throw comes out in 4 frames and he can do it immediately after several key things where your only CHOICE for online play is to guess before he does anything. But meh, no point arguing really.

this argument is about as stupid as “what fighting game is the best fighting game ever?”

however…good points were made all around.

I’ve played some Kaillera back when I was on DSL and Cable…some fights were decent, some weren’t…just like in the arcades, but different in overall situation. What I’m saying is…there’s good and bad shit about online AND offline, its just up to you to decide what you’re willing to put up with, and what you’re willing to do to better your situation.

LOL!!! $1000 is a waste of time?! LOLOLOLOlo