Let's support Bang The Machine 2

NOTE: Its illegal for anyone to try to distribute or publish any type of Bang The Machine’s content without permission. This movie has never been officially released.

If you been to EVO more than once, chances are that you’ve heard of “Bang the Machine” (Refered to as BTM for the rest of this thread)
By you I mean
-The fighting game enthusiast
-The dedicated player
-The one who regularly travels to tournaments
-The one who’s been involved in this community for a good amount of time.
-The one who’s always looking to improve his or her technique
-The tournament organizer

If you meet 1 or more of this requirements, there’s a 90% chance that you would somehow feel identified with the players featured in BTM.

After the last screening at EVO2010, Ponder (one of the 3 founders of EVO) said that they were gonna eventually do BTM 2 and release the original for everyone to see.
The purpose of this thread is to gather support for this project. We have to be aware though that years could pass without hearing or seeing anything of this project, but I think its important to show that the community would be deeply interested in this project.

We will never really know the entire idea behind the original BTM because most of the original footage was lost in 9/11
However, the little part we’ve seen at EVO can still show (in a little perspective I imagine) that these players who now we see as top professionals are just people like you and I.
I’m pretty sure this film made a lot of players feel nostalgic in the last screening, because it kinda makes you feel that you can too become a professional player.

However, it’s important to note that our current community is really different compared to the one shown in the original BTM.
I’m glad to say that even though we’ve made te switch console, the roots of our hype are still with the arcades.
The new members that joined our community when SF4 was released didn’t change our cheering and unique way of hypeness, they joined us on it.
Therefore, the fighting game community’s hype isn’t anything like the one on any other type of event.

It’s been over 10 years since the story shown in the original BTM, so I think it’s important to have a new release that tells us new stories, new challeges and all those new feelings that this new generation of games, players and events has brought us.

Again, this is just for support and its not in any way pressure to the EVO staff or anyone else to release this. Keep in mind that EVO is growing larger and its a really important brand now. It’s totally expected that the EVO staff is really busy for the moment.
Feel free to post your ideas for this film if you support this idea and nominate it if you’d like to see this in the front page.

Thats all for now…
Take care

I thought this was the intent of I Got Next.

Regardless, I’m interested, at the very least, in the eventual release of the original. A sequel would be nice.

smh I Got Next looks nice but a new BTM would be so much better

I say they should release the original FIRST so that everyone can see it and then, based on feedback from that, begin supporting a sequel. Doing it the other way around seems kind of backwards to me.

But anyway I would support it in the way proposed here as well. The more documentaries we have of the fighting game scene, the better.

I’ve yet to see a good docu on Fighting Games. Most of which are very masturbatory (like how great Justin Wong or Mike Ross is) and have bland editing.

Another fighting game documentary??? Fuck that. I for one, do not want to see ANY more documentaries on fighting games. I want to see a documentary on RACING games!! I want Namco or Sega to do docs on the rise and fall of the arcade racer, and why games such Ridge Racer and Daytona USA had great success but ultimately met their doom once Gran Turismo hit the PS1.

This would be much better than any fighting game doc you would ever see, gentlemen. And I suggest you support this idea in spades.

Need to get with the times…Bang the Machine doesn’t really apply in this day and age…should call it Throw the Stick or something.

I would support it but I know 99.99% of the documentary would revolve around SF4 and it’s community JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER DOC which is NOT the entire fighting game community. There’s been too many docs already about SF4.

stop trolling

if you’ve seen the original BTM, you’ll see its not related to any game in particular

Its just normal that other docs use the SF4 community cause for most of the people who’s behind them its the first time they try to get the community’s credibility, and the sf4 community if the biggest one right now.
That of course isn’t the case for the people behind BTM cause they already have plenty of credibility within the community, so they can talk about anything they want.

Most people who’d watch BTM 2 would do it because of the people behind it.
Most people who’d watch “I got Next” would do it cause it talks about the game they play.

Yes I’ve seen BTM, actually at the original screening in OC and I loved it because it was a new concept and it brought light to fighting games which is all most of us wanted back then. My point is that thre’s too many SF4 docs already and in order for BTM 2 to bring the attention of the entire FG community they would have to do something NEW just like they did back then, but a SF4 doc is nothing new.

“Most people who’d watch BTM 2 would do it because of the people behind it.”

You are absolutely right, but is that all you want?

No-one’s trolling

I don’t really want a BTM2.
The scene now sucks compared to then.

Bigger doesn’t mean better.

Great, another fighting game documentary who is not going to be released or just going to have an exhibition in EVO and nowhere else.

No thx.

That’s my point
there’s plenty of stuff that BTM would talk about that are non SF4 related
like EVO
SF4 has only been at evo 2 years.
We have the 02-08 season where lots and lots of things happened

Bang the Machine 2 would end up being about how to get signed to a "pro gaming team"
The scene isn’t even about the spirit of competition now. It’s about the Spirit of Making Money.

No thanks.

Those changes are just an important topic as what the scene used to be. As an outsider looking in, the growing pains and success since SF4 are incredibly interesting.

Yeah, something like that. That’s why I liked the road to So-Cal regionals episodes. At least that was from the perspective of those who remember arcades and the competitive spirit found within those arcades. Back when it was more important to everyone to get better and win rather than get sponsored or be on a stream.