Lets talk about Momochi's destruction at the hands of Poongko

Alright so we all saw the best Yun player Momochi get lit up by Poongko. I am not familiar with this match up at all but I know that Yun is overpowered and Seth is bottom tier so I’m assuming this match up is in Yun’s favor. Can any Yun pros in here break down the match? What did Momochi do wrong? Was Poongko just on a whole other lever as a player?

a link of the fight would do justice.

Who the hell told you Seth was bottom tier? He easily has the best mix ups in the game and now has more health, think about it.

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Momochi has a good Yun, but it’s definitely far from the best.

Watch the shadowloo showdown recording. Can’t believe there are people here that haven’t seen it. Poongko made history.

i once said…

glad tht poongko actually proved…and buy the way poongko said tht momochi raped his seth with yun in online matches,so saying tht momochi’s yun is not better doesnt make any sense…

Anyways,Poongko is the only player i have seen who takes so many big risks which pro opponents obviously donot expect,because they are not used to it,But Poongko on the other hand has tons of experiece of mind fucking opponents with those risks,tht is what happened their,momochi got mind fucked just like every one else in tht tournament against poongko,Because they just didnt know what is coming how to counter it,they just didnt know whats coming.

I bet momochi only pwned poongko online cuz of lag.

  1. Momochi is an amazing player and probably one of my favorite players to watch. but he is NOT the best Yun in the world
  2. There is nothing to really talk about. [FONT=Helvetica]Poongko outplayed Momochi and was the clear winner of the match.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Helvetica]3. [/FONT][FONT=Helvetica]poongko didn’t really make history. Everyone already knew who he was and how great he was. [/FONT]
    [FONT=Helvetica]4. Seth is NOT bottom tier. He is mid tier and when played well is amazing. AE Seth sucks for defensive seths, but if you’re a rush down seth he is fine and the added health buff helped him a LOT.[/FONT]

yeah he outplayed momochi but how,momochi is no noob…this is what worries me for yun,yun’s reversal options are not good also his back dash does not cover a good distance,seth on the other hand has a very good back dash,godlike uppercut,three frame spd,a vaccum move which punishes back dashes nad whiffed moves, instant overhead into crossups/fake crossups,bnb into 500 stun+reset…but…seth has low life and yun just needs to focus on baiting a spd/dp twice and its over,a pro player like momochi should have done that easily.

Justin.tv Match Starts at 13:20
Youtube the audio is off sync

But momochi didn’t do that, which shows he either didn’t know the matchup, or he was outplayed, which I do believe he was by Poongko.

mr pong gained more respect after that win. especily cause it was yun vs seth.

That was a killer match. I love seeing Seth win a tournament–hat’s off to Poongko.

Poongko landed like 19/20 DP’s in that set. He literally bullied his way to a win. Yun can’t win if he doesn’t have momentum on his side, and Poongko made sure that never happened.

lolwhat? In the SF4 series Momochi has played Akuma, Ryu, Ken, Cody, Yun (mostly). He has put the least amount of time into yun out of these 5.

Poongko showed everyone how a true rush down character should be played: put opponents in situations where they have the least amount of time to think about their options. Give Poongko 2 bars and the match is easily a 7-3 every time.

He did plenty of Shoryukens out of nowhere, without having the meter to fadc.
As he said in the interview, he likes to gamble a lot, and i guess thats what threw Momochi off. Not many good players go for “random” DP’s without the meter to fadc to safety.
I like Seth acutally better in AE than in Vanilla and SSF4, sure his defense isn’t that good anymore, but his freaking mixups and offense is out of place.

those dps were not random at all,they were calculated,i do tht alot too,especially against the hard mathcups.

Yeah, Seth is NOT bottom tier. That is reserved for Hakan and T. Hawk. Like said above, Seth is meant to be played rushdown in AE, not defensively.

Some were random and some(most) were just OS that made him look godly. You do a DP and do an FADC. If it hits you don’t FADC(second SRK doesn’t come out until you’re too high to FADC it) if it is blocked your FADC comes out on the second SRK. It made Poong look even more godlike. :stuck_out_tongue: