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I got friend that has set aside like $15K for the next great crash. 2012 prices on average down? Sweet!


yep. Got 10k waiting and most likely will have even more when the hammer finally falls. I really wish These damn coins were easier to get at though. Bitcoin, litecoin? Yeah you can snatch them up easy enough. Outside of Coinbase, I can’t seem to reach any place where I can get the good gold mines. Still, the search continues.



get in on the ripple! they just a few dollars and you can use binance. buy a few hundred coins, and even if they go to 0 you’ve lost nothing. but if they shoot to 100 or 1000 ??? PROFIT!!!


I sold MJX high a couple of days ago. Weed is just not doing all that stellar right now, it’s time to move the profits somewhere else.

So right now I want to focus on stacking my dividends. I have two that pay me about $36 monthly, and I plan on adding to my T shares. Pays a great dividend of about 0.50 cents.


these digi coins are scams; they too new…


These 3 day weekends be killing my wallet lol. I need to just say fuck it, learn some crypto, and make money everyday.


i enjoyed that nice/quick end-of-this-world lovefest…
yes, US weed stock seem to be danger at this point until the federal situation evolves - I am 100% out of US weed stocks for now. Even volume in the Canadians is dropping off, I trimmed heavily the superhigh valuation Canada tickers and am betting on a correction soon (today?) but really not sure since these Canadians have been defying all expectation lately (birth of a new industry can do that i suppose), we will see. I am still long on the Canadians however and expect even higher highs (rally) this summer. Trying to gauge short term trader psychology is a (humbling) trip


Bitconnect shutdown! The scam exposed!


Guys who were scammed have put hits on the Bitconnect guys supposedly. Dark web is a scary place :confused:


So this thread is to talk about money and shit? I don’t have stock market tips, but I wanted to talk about the Costco credit card, which is saving me some money on gasoline.

Well, first off, Costco is selling memberships for $60

Since my work already got me an executive Costco membership for free, I went ahead and applied for the credit card. The nice thing is buying gas with the Costco CC gives you back 4% of the total you purchased over a year (up to $7,000). You get a check with the money on February. Add to that that Costco has the cheapest gas around, and it’s definitely helpful for someone who works with his own vehicle. And since I am an executive Costco member, I get 2% back from Costco gas (cash back separate from the credit card).
I use this card almost exclusively for purchasing gas. If you are a delivery driver and/or are on one of those independent contractor gigs (uber, lyft, post mates, etc), this card will save you money on gas.


John Wick Continental-Coin needs to come true.


bruh even tho the world was ending i still meant everything i said. its been fun arguing with you all these years. nothing but love and respect, no homo. i still don’t think picking stocks is good, but if youre going to, warren buffets mentor was ben graham who wrote the intelligent investor. i think going with fundamentals is better than doing technical analysis, most of which seems bogus to me (see book: fooled by randomness or random walk down wallstreet)


Technical analysis does work, but i agree fundamentals in the long term has a higher percentage of paying off.


before getting into it I thought technical analysis was complete bunk, but I am continually seeing it work. Before investing I watched Biotech stocks but never had the gumption to enter. I would read technical analysis on the charts and think these people are crazy thinking that the dips and peaks are driving the price rather than the actual RnD areas, clinical results, pipeline, competitor ish, etc. But with such a binary sector I think relying on technical analysis is probably still just a crapshoot. However in the sector I am focusing on now, which is highly speculative, it is working in spades. I just assume that the other traders are following the same technical tricks/guidelines. Does this sound like a house of cards? maybe
and I still dont trade biotech, even though I probably know the most about that particular sector


biotech is my biggest money maker every year. i usually trade the 3x levered version of XBI, its called LABU. i trade that purely on technical analysis, of course its hit or miss, but for the most part if the overall market is in good shape and there is a pull back to a major moving average, its a good buy signal. but that goes for technical analysis and fundamentals, its all in context. stuff like what the state of the market is, what the sentiment in certain sectors is like, how earning reports are perceived by the big funds rather than just if they beat or not, you have to take all that stuff into account.


Crypto-related: Someone did research on BitConnect organization after North Carolina and Texas sent a cease-and-decease letter.


Crypto on Robinhood, they’re going all in!


Re crypto: GBTC does a 91 for 1 split tomorrow; I can finally trim. The reverse splits I have been a part of (commodity ETFs) have always seemed to be a part of gradual devaluation/contango. Should I expect a reciprocal boost from new money coming in at the outset here?

LABU, i will have to put that on my watchlist and see how it behaves

Surprisingly, US weed sector is still rallying but I am keeping my distance. A number of Canadians pulled back hard today, I am slowly buying dips incrementally. Will see if it continues tomorrow. CNBC pumped last night and gave air to shorts today - mainstream pump and dumps?. Would love to see a well timed dope PR at these lower prices to squeeze those shorts.


Amazon has been killing it lately. I bought more shares, and just letting this ride to the promise land. I trimmed my portfolio down some more and diversified myself among the 10 market sectors. I also added some of my personal favorite stocks among car manufacturing and e-sports. Here’s where I’m at:

AMZN (Tech) x 3
JNJ (Health) x 3
BA (Defense/Aerospace) x 3 (I have a great position with them, been holding for a while)
PEP (Consumer Staples) x 3
HD (Consumer Discretionary) x 3
BAC (Financials) x 3
GM (Car Manufacturing) x 3
BABA (Internationals) x 3
ATVI (e-sports) x 3
RDS.B (Oil/Energy) x 3
MMM (Industrial) x 3
ED (Utilities) x 3
O (Real Estate) x (goal 50-100 shares, pays monthly)
VOX (Telecommunications ETF) x 1
SPY (Materials ETF) x 1

13 stocks, 2 ETFs

I plan on starting an M1 Finance account soon, maybe some weed plays or gold/real estate. They offer no fees now, which is attractive to me.