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One risky move is the Seaboard Corp.

I can get in on this dip, and sell the rally (with that volume it will be hard asf though). I could make about $500 quick dollars off this really risky move.

Or NVR, I think Imma jump in NVR. It’s insane


Hey heads up! CLX and LOW have ex-dividend dates on Tues (this week). Monday is the last day to get in, and both are trending down currently so they might have a great day tomorrow. I’m thinking about flooding about 1K for each stock, we shall see!


I don’t know the first thing about stocks but I went ahead and opened a brokerage Roth IRA account via Vangaurd. I’m probably only going to toss $500-$600 into it this year because I’m paying off credit cards right now. My question is should I just let the account sit idle until I’ve saved up the 1-3 thousand dollars to buy a mutual found or should I buy stocks now?


First off, Congratulations! Welcome to the club homey! Vanguard is an excellent choice. Since you mentioned you are NOT familiar with stocks, i would recommend you to get index funds or etfs for now. Do not get into Mutual funds. Here’s the list of what Vanguard offers for ETFs:


Some general ‘simplified’ translation:
Large cap- ‘safest’ --> Small cap-> ‘riskiest’

The market has been bullish for a long-ass time so the majority of etfs are in the up and up; instruments that are naturally depressed(CDs, bonds etc) during bullish is also reflected in their index/etf version.

With regards to stock trading, use this to have general idea w/o using real $$.


BAIDU Earnings Conference meeting this Thursday y’all.


I heartily agree. Especially for an IRA, which is a long-term investment vehicle, you’ll be much better served (and diversified) with a low-fee index fund. Ignore the day-trading stuff some of the people in this thread are into.


Okay, thanks for the info.


Also, there are many set-it-and-forget-it style. One way is something called three-fund portfolio.


Bogleheads is an ode to John C. Bogle; father of index funds. He founded Vanguard Group :bow: :bow: .

Good luck meng.


Any of you guys use WiseBanyan and if so, is it worth using it?


I use Robinhood and Acorns.

AMD slightly beats earnings but still takes a noise dive. Sorry Ken, this is proof that NVDA is bad news for both it and Intel. Around 12 dollars, however, the stock is a can’t miss opportunity. LMT failed to beat earnings, so it dipped as well.

CAT was a win for me though. It’s currently undervalued even with the +4.98% increase after CRUSHING earnings. They nailed it, and there’s still time to get in before it becomes overpriced. I hope ABBV can beat earnings too because JNJ crushed theirs.


Just made a Vanguard acc for a retirement account. How should I go about this, fam? Looking for your sage like advice to give me an idea.

Thinking of going pretty much all into VOO, but not sure.


Sigh, yes the previous System gives winning lawyers tons of $$ if they win the class-action lawsuit but to outright ban consumers is beyond insane.


Big day yall! Earnings reports are out for big time stocks. I hope yall made some money!

Amazon jumped 7.33% very much expected. They are just crushing it man, the stock is flooded with money and killing other businesses. I regret selling Amazon, wtf was I thinking? BUT I did buy Google, up 3.19%

BIDU is getting raped. Down $27 bucks, good thing I got out! WYNN beat earnings but currently it’s standing pack. Fuck man what a day what day, UNH mysteriously jumped! Loloolololol this shit is nuts!

Intel beat earnings and jumped a little


yup, shitty week for me. T, AMD, and biotechs all nosedived all at the same dam time. oh well, thats life.


It’s not too late for NVDA Ken, I know you like money so it’s time to roll with the big ballers. Analyst are predicting it’s gonna top $350 and with the way AI is going I truly believe that. As long as AMD stays within that 12 dollar range I think that is a good price point.

The tech industry soared on high wings today. Every tech stock was up more than 3% at one point.


I find it insane that large-cap titan Amazon, with a 500+ Billion market cap, has its stock value go up in double-digits this week :wow: :wow: . This tech age is freaking insane. If i only i invested when it was just an ‘online bookstore’…


Amazon taking over. Bet that Amazon and Google will merge soon into either Amazon Google or Google Amazon…


Damn AMD is looking quite bearish, while NVDA continues to stomp on. This might be an overreaction, but I read somewhere that it could drop to 5 bucks. I didn’t want to believe it, but this might be a good buy now that everybody is panicking.


overreactions are always time to buy, as long as the fundamentals of the company havent changed, but the guidance was bad, so if anyone was planning to buy during this sell off, i wouldnt buy huge positions.


So Apple is at an all time high after earnings, not bad. I bought the stock at $152, but sold around $156 because I felt the money could be used elsewhere after discouraging Iphone X reports. However, I jumped back in around $155 or so and I have been holding on ever since. FAANG stocks are still a must buy, even with a looming bearish market hanging over our heads. The only FAANG stock I don’t own is Amazon, it’s because I feel like Alibaba is going to blow up and I can diversify that money. One could argue that NVDA is outpacing Netflix, so the N in FAANG should be “NVDA” lmao.

Anyway, here’s my portfolio setup in a nutshell:

Microsoft and Alibaba round out my tech. I’m very tech savvy because I believe in it.

Health stocks (JNJ, ABT, ABBV)
I want to put United Health somewhere in here later on. Tech and Health stocks are the primary focus on this portfolio.

Trump Supporters (XOM, BA, CAT, ED)
Stocks composed of construction, energy, oil, and aerospace. All the things Trump wants to focus on.

Blue Chips (MCD, HD, PG, T, VZ, GM)
Any portfolio setup loves blue chippers. Great dividends, decent growth, solid buy and holds.

Banks and Payments (WFC, BAC, V)
I wouldn’t mind adding Paypal and Square but since they don’t pay dividends they don’t really stack on what I’m trying to setup

Monthly Dividend stocks (STAG)
Most of them center around real estate or business stuff. There’s tons more like APLE, GLAD, MAIN, O, all that dividend stacking that contributes monthly payments

+17.93 growth today! Not bad


i got in LABU at $77, its a X3 leveraged etf of the XBI ETF which is biotechs.

its showing the h pattern which usually becomes a W pattern


AMD shares surge on a report of laptop chip deal with Intel to fight off Nvidia