Let's talk about money - The Finance Thread


AMD up 7.28%; it’s back lol. Ken is still making that AMD money!

Disney jumped 2.03%, thanks to Thor I’m willing to bet. I knew this would happen, but since Disney has gone nowhere for months I was scarred jumping in because they have earnings coming up.


nah disney was up because there is talks that they will buy most of fox’s assets. pretty much a merger but not, this means the possibility of xmen characters making a come back in mvc may be upon us if the deal goes through


Those oil plays I was doing a while back didnt really amount to much, but some of my other stuff did…My account is up 60% in the past couple months (!, indeed). Almost all gains in weed stocks. Canada legalizes weed next summer and stocks have been rising topped off with a crazy little rally that sparked a week or so ago. This sector is spoiling me, if I dont get double digit % hikes I get bored, hahaa. The Canada rally seems about to die down after having gone parabolic, but US tickers look like they about to pop now. Cali is supposed to legalize Jan, so I am hoping for a rally in US names starting from ~ now to mid-Dec (we got a crazy US-wide rally last Nov after the elections which is what put me on to the sector in the first place). I really dont trust the US tickers (with the whole federally illegal thing), but they are starting to move again. Call me naive, but I am convinced that the Canadian tickers are going to go **off **next year. I am way overweight in TWMJF and MEDFF (grey market tickers for US traders on the two largest Canadian LPs) which both went parabolic. I am not saying to buy in now, just that I am going to be in all in on the Canadian LPs next year. I figure we will have some dips between now and then in the Canadian names. For US names I am in KSHB and MPXEF (CBICF) and a bunch of other crap, but I plan on being out of US early next year (although there are some Massachusetts plays for next summer). Lots of crazy US pennies too, but I dont really mess with those.

Anybody else paying attention to this sector?

And no, I dont smoke.


SMG is on my watch list, so yeah it’s definitely something to consider. Many would consider it risky though with all the feds watching. Once the legalization opens up more the money will start pouring in.

I gotta jump in Disney tomorrow. I hate chasing the market, but it’s still quite undervalued


For US names short term (mid-Dec) I am looking to enter MDCL, TRTC (just had a good 10Q running up to the Cali legalization but has been a persistent dog), DIGP, ITHUF (oh and hoping for GRWG to catch on). Despite federal status I expect money to pour. We will see.


Last weeks Canada rally was sparked by a US fortune 500 company buying a 10% stake in Canopy (TWMJF). This brought a good amount of visibility and the Canadian LPs seem to be consolidating so far rather than dropping. Money seems to be rotating around the top tier Canada tickers based on every little piece of known news that comes out. Aurora (ACBFF) just jumped 15% today after a slow and steady uptick over the last couple months. I honestly dont really know what to expect from the rise of a new industry borne of deregulation (and the Canadian Cos are poised for international domination). I would say the risk in getting into these Canadian Co.s at this moment is probably high, but at this point I am done selling off my Canadian LPs until next summer (holding my cores). Will buy on dips. We will see if I can trade this plan and see what happens.

And New Jersey mayor doing things here too…


I was wrong the Canada rally is still going, just rotating into the 2nd tier LPs. MEDFF still going at +6.27%, ACBFF parabola continues up another 27.83% today, Aphria (APHQF) up 6.83%, Cannimed (CMMDF) up 7.22%, Harvest One (HRVOF) up 11.61%, Organigram (OGRMF) up 14.18%, Supreme (SPRWF) up 9%, Namaste (NXTTF) up 9.37%, ABCann (ABCCF) up 9.32%, Maricann (MRRCF) up 16.07%, Cronos (PRMCF) up 12.26%, THC Biomed (THCBF; a dog LP) is up 14%, Kalytera (KALTF; a dog canadian biotech) up ~40%. Canada is overshadowing the US rally. I am betting on Organigram and Supreme to follow through with a solid break out.


The delays on this tax reform has investors spooked, most of everything is down right now on the US side. I don’t want to jump into too many international stocks, but I am still holding BABA. With that market cap it’s just a matter of time until they blow up. Stocks with great dividends aren’t hit as bad, especially since I did some dividend capturing last month. Gonna try to cut down the day trading though, otherwise taxes are gonna eat me up. Buy and hold is still my original plan, up to year you get that 0% ratio.

I’m already well diversed again, but I want to add Walmart, L Brands, and Chase to my account.


Oh well; mainly dips yesterday to fill gaps. News of Aurora hostile takeover attempt of Cannimed (@ 4.53X with a cap of $24/share). After the parabolic run of ACBFF, this seems like a crazy deal if current price holds (I expect it will be pressured somewhat but not be decimated due to the terms of the proposal - 4.53X or $24 whichever is cheaper). I am going to put in limit order for cheap CMMDF this morning. Will prob be halted although sometime the grey market tickers dont halt when they otherwise should.


Walmart up almost 10% an excellent, well timed buy! Most of all retail stocks are up right now, and the market is back to being bullish again.

BTW, I sold off Netflix. I might regret this now (especially since it’s up 2%) but it’s my LEAST favorite FANG stock. Go long on Disney, Netflix business model is entirely sold on streaming. The stock is trending overpriced value and Disney still owns all those other markets. NVDA is your N in FANG


Alibaba is about to breakout. I feel it man, it’s up again anothter 1.55%

It’s not too late to jump in yet. Better do it before it hits $200 lol


My new portfolio setup:

Here’s my version of FAANG. It lacks Amazon, but I still have BABA and MSFT to compensate. NVDA is outperforming Netflix, Intel, and AMD. I sold off Netflix because it’s
my LEAST favorite FAANG stock. GOOGL still owns youtube at the end of the day, so I’m covered there.

Health Stocks (ABBV, JNJ, ABT)
No change. United Health is still on my watchlist, but it’s becoming a little too overpriced for my liking. Portola is still very risky until they get another drug approved.

Trump Supporters (BA, XOM, CAT, ED)
No change here either. Everything this administration wants to emphasize: oil, energy, warfare, aerospace, etc. Oil has slid a bit lately though.

Banks and Payments (V, SQ, JPM)
I thought about adding Paypal here too, but SQ was too good to pass up. Turned BAC and WFC into JPM, the more popular bank. Everybody uses Visa.

Monthly Dividend Stocks (MAIN, STAG, APLE, GLAD, SPHD, O)
I did some homework and found that these are pretty much the best Monthly Dividend stocks, dividend stacking helps reduce the damage on those dips.

Blue Chippers (MCD, SBUX, WMT, HD, PEP, F, PG, SMG, T, DIS)
Everything is here. McDonalds, Starbucks, Pepsi, Ford (got 8 shares of that), PG, T, these are blue chip stocks. Buy and hold them. Simple.

Strong portfolio, it hits a lot of markets and well diversified. The only weakness I see is not enough ETFs, so I’m thinking about adding ROBO.


So, I applied for


and got approved. I was surprised…


Do any of you guys have a charge card?


I have a discover and a capital one card both with cash back bonuses. I do all of my monthly spending on the card and I pay the balance each month. I save up my cashback bonus and also make big purchases with my card. I follow the cashback schedule and if you make a big purchase at the right time of year you can get 5% cash back from select stores through discover. This allows me to get paid for using the card, while protecting my banking account from fraud. Credit cards are fine, but IMO you should never carry a balance. Credit card rewards programs are bullshit, I have never spoken to anyone who comes out ahead with them.


Another tech correction today, never sell! Buy and hold!


Amazing how everything us up? Something is up. No pun intended…

Usually if the markets are doing well then commodities go down and vice-versa. Looks like a huge crash to 2008 levels or worse is coming to all markets across the board. Yo guys heard it here first on SRK!!!


Why are you buying shares in lots of less than 100? You get charged extra for the unusual lot size.

I agree with not owning Amazon because they are trading at infinite times earnings, but I don’t actually like any of the FANG stocks. When everyone is piled in, it’s time to get out.

Also, anyone that owns Tesla at this point is just asking for the next Enron, that company is so fucking whack. Elon Musk is the most effective snake oil salesman ever.


I trimmed my portfolio down a bit since I last posted. However, I did sucker in and bought AMZN. I was reading an article once and it basically said that Amazon’s goal for the next couple of years is to cloth, feed, and entertain the ENTIRE United States of America. You just can’t deny them, they are running a complete monopoly on everything. As intriguing as it sounds, yes I do agree that it is a bit ridiculous. So far though, I can’t argue against the charts and graphs. I also own GOOGL because I realized that these are the only two tech stocks I need. You get so much diversification just by holding each, regardless of the price.

Tesla definitely has its share of problems, but once these Model 3’s come out and they can line up the infrastructure with a better business model and futuristic advances, it’s game over man. The electric car is no joke, everybody is trying to get a piece of the action. Gas stations shall be replaced, with Tesla models predicted to skyrocket 20% by 2025. These other car companies better look out whenever Tesla comes knocking hard.

Something VERY risky that I have been doing is trading penny stocks, in particular DPW because Bitcoin is just skyrocketing to new heights everyday. It’s ridiculous, really.