Let's talk about money - The Finance Thread


glad i got in LABU when it hit off the 200 dma at 63 ish.



Tesla is a company that I find absolutely bewildering. Every earnings report they massively underperform, and their stock price keeps rising! I suspect eventually they will hit the wall and people will get tired of trying to pail water out of a sinking ship.


I actually prefer Ford over Tesla because there is so many things you can do with Ford. You can buy and hold, day trade, dividend capture, etc.

DPW is becoming my favorite stock lol. Made $40 off them today


Millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin have been stolen…


This is just nuts. I don’t think I’ll be playing this casino.


Took the next couple days off; account broke the 100% milestone today. Looks like Cali legalztn rally day 1 (fingers crossed for ~month-long follow through). Weed is dope.


Bitcoin market is a fickle market. Any signs of a downturn and the whole market shits itself for 2 days then back to the norm.
Idk, how Bitcoin is for the long term especially with all the new forks for the coin happening but it seems like Blockchain technology is starting to be integrated more widely now.

Even stocks that dabbled into accepting bitcoin/mining them are increasing now from all the hype.
Though for long term in terms of crypto currency; QTUM is looking to be a nice pick. Come Jan 2 for every 100 QTUM in the official wallet you will get 1 UBTC (United Bitcoin, New Bitcoin fork currency.)


DIS has a lot things going for it. Star Wars, fox assets, streaming fiasco, I’m long bruh.

I like DIS over NFLX right now, and possibly in the future too.


Hey bros, Robinhood Web is actually up early for those trading on the Robinhood app. Now you can check your stocks at work in your office (for those of us with desk jobs).

Shortened my portfolio up a little bit:

AMZN x 1
APPL x 3
O x 10
BA x 1
GLAD x 100 (capturing 12/18 dividend, selling this high)
DIS x 1
MCD x 1
ABBV x 1
MAIN x 2

Watchlist (stuff I have added before or want to add. I started trading penny stocks, and I know the risk lol)

VDO (pricey ETF that tracks off the S&P, but in a bull market like this one an excellent buy and hold)
DIA (another ETF, tracks off the dow jones. Pays dividends monthly too)
DPW (penny stock that has been blowing up over the crypto currency craze, I have been day trading this like mad)
F (I just love Ford because of it’s versatility)

Heads up, LFIN blew up 300%+ when they announced blockchain. Their IPO LX is coming Dec 21, not saying this will blow up too but if it does you definitely do NOT want to miss out. Missed out on LFIN and got super pissed lol.


Keep an eye out for congress’ Net Neutrality vote. When its fully repealed thats the time to start picking up American ISP stocks.
Expect to see 2015 stock prices again.

Make the internet great again!


Expect to see 2012 markets again soon…


boys what is the best and simplest trading platform for a conplete n00boid like me? I am looking to invest and hold onto stuff.


Hey guys, If you don’t already use this platform and your looking to get into that digital currency run-then i would suggest using this exchange/platform than Coinbase. Follow the link here https://gemini.com/. It’s definitely safer and they have accountability measures.

@ruthless_nash I use Fidelity because of my 401k through my job. If your looking to invest and your completely new, then I would suggest you map out your investment goals(how much, when will you need money, are you investing for the long-term, how much risk can you tolerate, what kind of return % are you expecting, tax efficient, etc). When I started investing, I started with an index fund. I knew almost absolutely nothing about investing and got completely lucky. I made about a 35% return on my initial investment. Would I do it again now? No, because I’m a lot more educated about investing and tax-savings strategies than I was before.


Quick-follow up on the 2 symbol I got in earlier this year:

(a) “Misery” stock LOW(Lowe’s): in at 75.90, it is now trading at 90.00+ :cool:
-This year has just been full of natural disaster(fires in West Coast, storms etc), makes sense this thing is going nowhere but up.

(b) Bitcoin-based/John Mcafee company(big-ups to @FreezingCicada ): in at 3.60, it is now trading at 5.00+
-Bitcoin is now $11,000.00 a piece. Insanity :rofl: :rofl: .Not gonna front doe, I almost sold it when I got the text alert when it dipped as low as 1.60 but sure glad I hang onto to it like a crack-fiend whore :tup: . I do wonder if any of the big-time holders will follow Charlie Lee exit ‘strategy’ at some point in 2018.

I love this thing when it goes up. Literally did nothing but get a piece of a company and let the market do its thing while I do more productive things




…and i spoke too soon. Bitcoin on a roller coaster today.



I havent been doing the digital wallet thing but rather dabbling crypto just by way of MGTI and GBTC. Been buying MGTI (McAffee’s ish) on its dips to $1.60 and selling after the rallies seem to dry up. GBTC (a trust fund that holds bitcoin - not a scam ticker) went crazy and was trading at a ~100% premium to bitcoin itself even considering the insane run in bitcoin. I was out of space trimming on gains until I was down to a single share and just held and it went up to ~$3500 a share, hahaaa. Took a massive loss the past couple days on that one share but still holding, I have no clue what crypto is going to do it is just crazy.

Weed sectors poppin too


Bitcoin needed this correction. Everybody and their grandmother were jumping into these blockchain deals, and it has been riding sky high for weeks. My only crypto playing stock is NXTD, which is gonna blow up Tuesday if Bitcoin continues its recovery. I’m hoping it goes as high as RIOT or NETE lol


Yup. Looks like cryptos are the new tech bubble from 2000 and the real estate bubble from 2006 and so forth…

All I can say LOOOL:


I really never saw any reason to use bitcoin unless you were going to do some illegal weapons deals or buying drugs. I had considered playing around with crypto, but I decided to pass in the end. I was hoping it would eventually become stable enough to replace Gold, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon.