Let's talk about money - The Finance Thread


It’s been nice reading all the stuff posted in thread. Pretty motivating seeing your average SRKer discuss personal finance, stocks, etc on a serious level. I’ve been reading a lot of personal finance stuff recently and have moved on to reading about investing. I’ll see you guys on the other side!!!



My last contribution to this thread. I don’t have a forex account but figured it’d be useful for niggas who do currency trading.

24/7 live stream :wow: :wow: Makes sense since more country are getting in on this thing.

Good luck homies! :tup:


What do you guys use to buy different Cryptocurrencies? Binance is closed for registration so I signed up with kucoin? Any experience from there?


If there’s an finance link on srk discord, or if anybody plans to make one, then I would be down to join


hahaa- I know the fees are small, but they exist. The premise of my ‘joke’ is still valid

$100? What is that going to do? I used to think I was risk averse, but apparently I am an unhinged wildman. DIVERSIFICATION IS FOR COWARDS! hahaa

I 2nd this
I came here to try and learn some stuff (in trying to achieve what 90sarcade wished everyone above) and to also have some date stamped record of the calls I was making. I called this cali legalization rally (I wasnt the only one) and I imagined it ending the first day of trading after the new year, however it gave us a couple extra days and probably wouldve continued to rally through the month if it wasnt for the DOJ recinding the Cole memo. I went** ALL IN** on this with my account and made a killing. I planned on popping in to call future rallies (because i intend on doing the same again) and had hoped I would be able to be of some service to others if I built a track record of relaying these rally calls, but it looks like I wont be able to do that. I think there is far too much uncertainty right now in the US market to see out in the future. Alternate plays regarding the US weed sector would be the biotech cannabinoids, somewhat-related tobacco plays, and Cannadian LPs. I went in heavy on the Canadian laggards monday (ORGMF and EMMBF) and still have a sizeable cash position. I am applied for a margin account so I could do some swing trades in the US tickers (I likely wouldnt sleep well holding these overnight). Once I see the opportunity in this sector diminish I plan on exiting completely into cash (or maybe Fish’s index funds hahaa) and regroup for the next opportunity. I firmly believe there are real opportunities to research, make money and beat the market, it is just that these opportunities arent necessarily omnipresent.

Good luck. Nice meeting y’all.


I can make you guys a channel. brb, doing it for the official discord. Link is in the sticky.


hub, real talk i am going to miss arguing with you - religion, politics, and now index funds. you’re right i am an insufferable know it all asshole - and you are correct to call me out on it. no homo i wish we could hangout in real life and argue

alright here is my know it all response:

index funds have the lowest fees - because they’re passively tracking the market - esp the vanguard ones, so no, your point about management fees only applies to mutual funds, which are indeed a scam

boring life? cmon dude my life has not been boring. do i need to replay my greatest hits? all i’m saying is that index funds are great - you set it and forget it so you don’t have to constantly worry about it, and long term you are guaranteed to do well. you just have to be able to have the discipline not to freak out if theres a recession and your portfolio drops 50% or whatever, but instead see it as an opportunity to buy up even more at a huge discount. so here’s my boring strat for anyone interested -

  • have emergency fund that can last you a year or two of living expenses if you get fired
  • have an additional cash reserve fund in hella boring places like banks/money market funds where yes you will lose money due to inflation (right now i’m only earning 1.25% APY in savings), but what this buys you liquidity if you see a pretty decent gamble you can take - foreclosed real estate, crypto, hella cheap stock (decade ago msft was at 25$ so i bought a bunch as a gamble). key tho is you don’t risk your emergency fund, and you only gamble what you can afford to lose. like i put some money in crypto and even if they all go to 0 (i dont think they will) it will sting but it will be ok life goes on
  • rest in index funds
  • max out your 401k, beyond their matching contribution, it will help with taxes - it lowers your taxable income, don’t let the greedy government get it
  • contribute to a roth ira if you can, because guarantee the feds will raise taxes by a shit ton by the time we retire due to their fiscal irresponsibility

qudruple investment - you can use the rule of 72. s&p 500 ON AVERAGE returns about 10% a year - but of course some year it drops by a shit ton. so let’s just say 8% a year - so rule of 72 says it will double after 9 years, so after 18 years it will quadruple. vanguard is the best cause its got lowest fees. now as a know it all i predict you’re gonna response that you quadrupled your money this year. and i would totally believe you. if you can quadruple your money every year the next 10 years you would be an investing god and i would bow down. all i ask is that you buy shoryuken.com and keep it alive. gonna miss you buddy!


prediction - i believe we are in for another bubble popping. irresponsible obama and his QE and bailouts basically inflated the market big time, propping it up, and the feds added fuel to the fire by keeping interest at 0% for so goddamn long. banks are even bigger now. i think the next big catalyst for explosion is the student loan bubble. students have over a TRILLION in debt, and are incapable of paying it back since feminist studies graduates find nobody wants to hire their dumbasses and so they work at starbucks, meanwhile these student loans are being repackaged and sold, just like the real estate bubble.

so careful out there. i think gold and crypto are good place to hide. but remember, once bubble pops and market crashes, it will be perfect time to buy up everything at huge discounts. its then that even buying individual stocks would be good, pick a company with a strong brand with good leadership that you know will do well in the long term, but whose price dropped only due to recession/correction/depression whatevers and there’s a good chance you’ll make a killing. but again only gamble what you can afford to lose. rest in index funds


pretty much the fundamentals here, well said sir.

and i am also in the camp of believing student loans is the next big thing.


See yalls on Reddit finance!


I got friend that has set aside like $15K for the next great crash. 2012 prices on average down? Sweet!


yep. Got 10k waiting and most likely will have even more when the hammer finally falls. I really wish These damn coins were easier to get at though. Bitcoin, litecoin? Yeah you can snatch them up easy enough. Outside of Coinbase, I can’t seem to reach any place where I can get the good gold mines. Still, the search continues.



get in on the ripple! they just a few dollars and you can use binance. buy a few hundred coins, and even if they go to 0 you’ve lost nothing. but if they shoot to 100 or 1000 ??? PROFIT!!!


I sold MJX high a couple of days ago. Weed is just not doing all that stellar right now, it’s time to move the profits somewhere else.

So right now I want to focus on stacking my dividends. I have two that pay me about $36 monthly, and I plan on adding to my T shares. Pays a great dividend of about 0.50 cents.


these digi coins are scams; they too new…


These 3 day weekends be killing my wallet lol. I need to just say fuck it, learn some crypto, and make money everyday.


i enjoyed that nice/quick end-of-this-world lovefest…
yes, US weed stock seem to be danger at this point until the federal situation evolves - I am 100% out of US weed stocks for now. Even volume in the Canadians is dropping off, I trimmed heavily the superhigh valuation Canada tickers and am betting on a correction soon (today?) but really not sure since these Canadians have been defying all expectation lately (birth of a new industry can do that i suppose), we will see. I am still long on the Canadians however and expect even higher highs (rally) this summer. Trying to gauge short term trader psychology is a (humbling) trip


Bitconnect shutdown! The scam exposed!


Guys who were scammed have put hits on the Bitconnect guys supposedly. Dark web is a scary place :confused:


So this thread is to talk about money and shit? I don’t have stock market tips, but I wanted to talk about the Costco credit card, which is saving me some money on gasoline.

Well, first off, Costco is selling memberships for $60

Since my work already got me an executive Costco membership for free, I went ahead and applied for the credit card. The nice thing is buying gas with the Costco CC gives you back 4% of the total you purchased over a year (up to $7,000). You get a check with the money on February. Add to that that Costco has the cheapest gas around, and it’s definitely helpful for someone who works with his own vehicle. And since I am an executive Costco member, I get 2% back from Costco gas (cash back separate from the credit card).
I use this card almost exclusively for purchasing gas. If you are a delivery driver and/or are on one of those independent contractor gigs (uber, lyft, post mates, etc), this card will save you money on gas.