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FUCK i was distracted and missed the open, my 159 buy target left me so fast, dammit, now aapl up 2% , oh well im already in LABU and BABA from friday, just got back in AMD today


The dow down 1500 pts, the correction is here full circle. We all have been saying it, and I’m doing just fine. Long term investing is what it’s all about, buy up these dips now!


Canadian weed sector was a day trader’s dream today (too bad I am not a day trader). Dropped ~15% at the open then up ~15% before lunch and slow sell of to a close of about even. I shouldve taken the morning off, stupid day job is costing me money. hahaa

Setting up orders to buy these dips though. The bottom may not be in but I am betting on a pop-off starting mid April.

Also: Sick volatility today and some crazy after hours ish about the VIX ETN. Talk about it being terminated? If youre in this, might want to look into it. Be careful with the ETNs.
EDIT: I mean XIV not VIX


Being down that much is nothing to worry about. What’s the percentage in drop??? A site shows “4.60%” drop. If the DOW drops to 18,000 there is nothing to worry about because all of the markets are over inflated anyways.

Now if the DOW drops below 15,000 then we’re in trouble again…


Damn (Ron Simmons’ voice)! I missed the boat again!

The VIX is up 238% since the start of the year.

I was gonna buy a bunch back in December but procrastinated…


Sooo…everyone’s nest egg still on the up and up after today’s massacre? YTD on mines still 3.7%.

I’m kicking myself for not selling MGTI last Dec. when it peaked 7.00+ :cry: :cry: . Got greedy thinking it’d hit 8.00+ with the crypto craziness.


I agree, it’s not quite time to panic yet but I would definitely be concerned. 1500 pt drop before leveling off to 1100 is still a bit of an eye opener, there’s a lot of fear in the market right now and everyone is moving over to bonds. The market is still overvalued, all the sudden drop really did was erase January’s gains.

I’m going to look at some inverse etfs and gold tomorrow, those could be strong plays and I can make some money back. Really the goal for any investor right now is buying out at the bottom, which is difficult if not impossible to conclude.


there was a flash crash yesterday, if u can pull up a intraday chart of yesterday for the DOW, you will see a big spike down around 2pm ish that came back almost instantly, just an example amazon dropped as low as low 1300s during that small spike, i was asleep, and i probably wouldnt have gotten my order filled anyways, flash crashes are all algos. last flash crash i was a part of was aug 2015, that one was insane.


Half of that was yesterday. I suppose if you are shorting a stock that goes >100% in a day (XIV -> VIX), you are wiped out - and owe $$?


Today the bulls came running back. The market corrected for about 5% and I’m sure you bought some of those dips Ken. I got into APPL around 156, that was the same price it was at around Aug 2017 lol. I’m confident APPL will be the first trillion dollar stock, which means it will have to reach $200 at some point.

I sold PEP and bought MCD again cheap. I just like their dividends, the food is delicious (arguably), and they pay a sweet dividend. They are changing things up how you order food with touch screens and they just get it lol.

Bought Mastercard, and will swing trade this out for Visa tomorrow. Visa is still quite undervalued, and with the correction you can get in cheap (not as cheap as today though. I messed that spike).

What else is cheap? Maybe NVIDA (well maybe not cheap), but what AMD? I’m just worried AMD will start doing AMD things, and I don’t day trade much. NVDA has a report coming up.

Will buy BRK.B. Great stock, I sold this high but there’s still time to jump back in. I see $250 easily by the end of the year.

I’m buying SNAP too, not because of the earnings spike but because I’m starting to finally see the value behind it.


Oh yeah, I bought JNJ at 128. That’s a damn good position for that stock.


i got in labu early on…well i bought it twice by mistake because fidelity was fucking up, the volume of traders were way too high at the open, so while my shit was glitching and fidelity was crashing, i guess i doulbe bought labu, but it never showed up, till like an hour later. so i missed buying aapl at the open, im so fucking pissed. most of the brokerage programs always crash or lag really bad during those extreme times of volatility.


Canadian weed stocks bounced 10-20% yesterday. I am hoping to test the lows again but wouldnt be surprised to see a higher consolidation. Still a lot of time left until legalization.


just sold my LABU for a nice gain, was tempting to hold on to it, but i dont like holding a x3 levereged etf in a very volatile market.


There’s still some great stuff on sale. Going all in on PG once the market opens, it’s at a 52 week low and dividend aristocrat. When the market turns bearish, these are the stocks people should love to go long.

I might buy Twitter, but I don’t like playing off earnings. I’ll wait for a pullback.


The Market has officially reached a correction today. I’m hearing it’s going lower so brace yourselves. Gold is up. Inverse ETFs are skyrocketing. Bears are celebrating. I have lost close to $1000 off this dip but I’m in it for the long haul!


i was flat today. down because of baba and T but i day traded LABU for a nice gain, volatility makes quick trades profitable. bought some netflix at the close,

we retested the tuesday low and broke it at the close, if we close lower tomorrow be ready for some pain, either way volatility is at a high and i will be looking to day trade LABU again tomorrow.


Don’t worry until DOW hits 15,000


In case a collections agency ties to make you pay debt. Give them this letter. What does everyone think???


Comment by Darrell Miller:



I just closed my Acorns account and opened a Betterment account. I think I did the right thing…


Aren’t the fees higher on Betterment? I opened an Roth IRA with M1 Finance. Free trades, no fees.