Let's talk about money - The Finance Thread



Oh man, people still fall for this bullshit???

Tai Lopez is like the 1990s Don Lapre


The fees are pretty high with Acorns too. I’ll look into M1 Finance.



I cancelled both Stash and Acorns. Stash is hit the hardest with the fees, but you are still paying a dollar per month either way. That’s $12 bucks already gone per year.

M1 Finance looks intimidating at first, but it’s easy to get down. Set up your pies in a cash account or retirement account, and just forget about it. I have $500 in my Roth and it has all the Vanguard ETFs. You only pay a certain percentage of a stock or ETF, so even if you can’t afford something like Amazon you can still buy fractions of it. M1 Web is also up for those of us with desk jobs.

There is a minimum deposit, but that shouldn’t effect anything too much.


ugly head fake today, im still in 60% cash, waiting for the retest of the correction we had.


This whole month has been very volatile. Some great positions I picked up from the last correction:

Apple shares @ $154
Pepsi shares @ $111 (this went even lower :bluu:)
Caterpillar shares @ 155 (got this today, it could go lower tomorrow. Got as low as 145)
Activision shares @ 66 (looooove this)

Walmart is on a epic dip right now. Could reach a nice buy point soon.

Selling TSLA (why did I buy this) and SHOP. Will average down on MCDs, MFST, and FB.


only thing i held from the correction is netflix. i missed my entry point on apple, wouldnt mind it coming back down so i can get in


KHC got near its IPO price, solid buy. It’s one of Buffet’s long term favorites. I hope it keeps going down because it’s a dividend king, and I want to get in as low as possible.

Some stocks I took away were Activision, Berkshire B, and Facebook shares. When the market crashes, I want to be sure I’m hanging on to the high yielding dividend stocks. So I loaded up today on PG, HD, ABBV, and CSCO. These companies weren’t exactly on great buying points (well except PG), but they have solid growth and awesome dividends, this will entice people to hang on to these stocks when the sky is falling. My goal is 15 stocks, 2 ETFs.

I’m at 14 stocks right now. On my watchlist is NIKE, UPS, and KHC. I also loaded up more on SPHD.


Completely ignored all sales related to the marketwide correction and just went in hard on the last dip in Canadian pot stocks hahaa; diversification is for cowards Now only ~5% cash. Sector seems to be consolidating for now. There is talk about legalization being pushed back to the fall. I am hoping for some news between now an then to catalyze higher consolidation otherwise I am just holding until a rally that I expect to happen a few months before legislation.
…Is there a gambling thread?


steel stocks were down all day even after trump announced the tariff, i guess it was a sell the news event


Great day today. I definitely need to go all in on Amazon before they hit $2000, this thing is ridiculous


amazon is a good buy on a dip, but the way netflix is running this year, wow!


So yea those 2 Gene editing stocks I got in last year has been blowing up…


Too bad I’m still in the red overall but goddamn its nice to see dem gains.

Kinda in slippery slope atm; CRSP going to file an application to FDA for human trials later this year. So much hype on this tech that if the human trial fails…well yea. We’ll see.

Recent news: Anyone else reading up on billionaire Icahn’s steel-related stock dump days before Trump announcement? Suspicious af imo.



Someone talk to me about the plusses vs minuses of index funds. I’m a noob as far as investing is concerned but I just paid off all my debts, am looking to do something with the money I have left aside from letting it sit in my savings account, and have been told that I need funds might be a good avenue.


Trump admin ends crackdown on state-legalized marijuana. This is big news (if true) and would seem to be reason for a strong rally. I am taking Monday off and plan on keeping an eye on the action, selling a few lots of Canadian weed stocks that are currently underwater and will be looking at increasing US holdings (and tickers that represent domestic retail) on Monday. Looking at MPXEF, ITHUF, LHSIF, GRWG, TRTC…
Canada vote for legalization this summer…
watch this ish
birth of an industry


Pretty mad at myself for not jumping in CRON when it hit $5…sigh. This week will be an interesting watch for pot stocks on my list.


The big plus is that they have very low overhead. You don’t need a bunch of highly-paid analysts researching companies, you just buy the stocks that are part of the index and you’re done.
Historically few funds outperform the index*, and whatever they do above the index gets eaten up by the higher expense ratios.

Index funds are also diversified, which is generally good but if you were looking for a downside that’s probably it too. If biotechnology stocks are doing well but the rest of the market is getting dragged down because of steel tariffs, then the index is going to go down. But if you were super savvy and bought a biotech ETF you would just see the upside there.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time researching and following the market and trying to time buys and sells, you might do better than an index fund. If you’re looking to just put your money somewhere, forget about it, and hope its doing well when you look at it in a few months, an S&P 500 is probably the way to go.

*By “index” I mean major index, which pretty much means S&P 500.


Thanks man. Yeah to be honest I kind of want to just be able to put the money in a fund and just forget it. Is the S&P 500 a similar idea but just with a different group of stocks?


The S&P 500 is an aggregate of the stock price of 500 of the biggest companies, similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. For whatever reason it’s considered [I guess is] a very good representation of the economy as a whole and tends to be the index generally tracked by funds.

You could also have a fund from a more “specialized” index, small-cap or mid-cap or NASDAQ or whatever. But when you’re talking about a relatively safe, simple index fund, you’re probably talking about tracking the S&P 500. (The Dow tends to get top billing in the news but the investment tends to actually go by the S&P 500.)
Again it’s something of an average, so in theory it’s possible to beat the average, but in practice people tend not to.

Examples from Vanguard and Fidelity. To quote Fidelity (Vanguard is similar):

Seeks to provide investment results that correspond to the total return (i.e., the combination of capital changes and income) performance of common stocks publicly traded in the United States.

Normally investing at least 80% of assets in common stocks included in the S&P 500 Index, which broadly represents the performance of common stocks publicly traded in the United States.

The S&P 500 Index is a market capitalization-weighted index of 500 common stocks chosen for market size, liquidity, and industry group representation to represent U.S. equity performance.

Finally, in the vein of “you don’t have to take my word for it”: Warren Buffet’s a fan too. (You can Google Warren Buffet index fund for more on this and his bet against managed hedge funds.)


Well, not the MJ rally I was banking on. I remain undeterred. Perhaps the news has been buried lately, ha. We will see what the coming days bring.


Looks like pots stocks failed to live up to the 4/20 hype. There’s always the Canada legalization in July to bank on.

Anyway, had to move some stuff around in my portfolio today. Sold PG sometime ago after capturing the dividend, I just feel the company has ran it’s course as a staple stock. Earnings report didn’t excite investors and they’re a struggling to find a niche in their marketing (thanks to Tide Pod challenges I bet…) – Replaced PG for Nike, great growth and marketing fundamentals. They also did sorta well during the last recession.

MCD, WMT, and V also did well during the last recession and increased my position on those. There’s no telling how they will fare during the next crash, but I won’t doubt what I have already seen.

Bought some more of Apple too, you can never go wrong with Apple. Interest rates are rising and volatility is back, if a crash is set to happen soon I want to be ready for it.