Let's talk about money - The Finance Thread


duing this correction i have picked up twitter, square, grubhub and nutanix. all holding up really well, could become leaders whenever we get back on track.


all crypto is, is digital commodities like gold, silver, platinum…


Aurora taking over Medreleaf, Canopy threatening to uplist to NYSE, I have a good feeling about this week


currently doing my extended definition essay. I also have some finance case study to complete.


I think today is going to be a big day. Canada votes on legalization Thurs and premarket seems popping. The sentiment seems to be that legalization will pass, but with the recent volatility there does seem to be some doubts. So, will it be a sell-the-news event or buy-the-news? Hype machine seems to be ramping up on social and mainstream media. Maybe a good time to start the rotation back into US names as the greater unrealized potential would now seem to be in the US. Canopy has grown to almost half my portfolio and I am holding, for better or worse, right now. The rest of this week should prove exciting.


The anticipated has happened, Canada voted to go legal. Despite the news being expected, I am holding Canada long. I will continue to trim and rotate into US names. But I just dont know what to expect from the birth of a new industry in this manner. Will this follow the trader’s playbook (a sell-the-news event) or am I just being naive in hoping that these joints will grow to the moon? Since I see the long term hold as a solid play anyways I am willing to take the risk by holding. If ish goes parabolic I will certainly be trimming heavily, however.


Looked like a sell-the-news event on Friday, but then all the sells started getting absorbed and most ended up green before the close. Looks like a shakeout and I am holding into next week, even with alot of the Canadian bigboys near all time highs. I am expecting positive action in both Canada and US (with Trump publicly supporting the recent bipartisan pro-MJ bill proposal). KSHB (an MJ product packaging play) dipped nearly 30% on a capital raise PR, an I sold all of my random other holdings I could and sunnk all all of my free cash into it. It bounced back about 10% from the lows and I expect it be a good performer long term as the most established packing co.

Any thoughts? I think there is alot of $ to be made here.
If anyone cares. …lol


7,316.04 -290.1699 (-3.8149%)


I invested $1k last month to MJ etf(expense fee .75 which seems to be the norm on these). i personally do not smoke but just walking around locally I am noticing more and more people are smoking em so it’s really just a matter of time at this point imo.
The other Cannabis-ETFs out there:

Another bitcoin hacked:


LOOOOOL…that’s all…


C-45 final amendments passed last night, NY seems to be going towards legal. How is the market going to react today?

Alan Brochstein at 420 Investor keeps tabs on this stuff way better than i ever could. Been there for a couple months. Dude is actually legit and some of the members are experienced traders (most are pretty loopy tho). I actually really trust this guy and the knowledge there pays for the subscription fees 100X over. Going to peg my decisions to his analyses and save myself some time (time is money and I still got that pesky day job). I confidently remain wildly undiversified.
Good luck all.


MongoDB(MDB), an open source NOSQL database co. went public last fall and I bought a few at $33 a pop. Just checked today and its approaching 60…


@TheDoctaMario if you still need some ideas, go with Bogle’s 3-fund portfolio for simplicity. More info:



Thanks man!

The publishing company I was working for decided to shut down and while I have clients coming in, I’m waiting on investing anything until I get a little more steady work coming in. But I’ll check that out, thank you!


Went in on the big 3 CRISPR stocks right after their recent dip. They went higher in the rebound than they were before they fell. Feels good to be +15% in just a couple of days.

I’m torn between cashing out and sitting on them. Always smart to take your profits, but the technology is the REAL DEAL, and somebody is going to make a fortune with it.


I actually sold enough of CRSP to cover my initial investment few days ago; the rest I have left is pure 100% profit at this point. I got in when it was trading around 17.00+ last summer. Sold some of my losing stocks to balance it off tax-wise.
Used the proceeds to get back in Activision Blizzard(ATVI). As much as I hate the e-sports scene, there is no denying there is a huge push for it this year more than ever imo. Look at Overwatch league for example; each team franchise apparently cost 20m and analysts expect the next round of sales to fetch even higher.


@TheDoctaMario don’t wait too long man. The earlier you open a retirement account, the better. This site explains ira well.

I opened a roth ira account awhile back (6 years ago i think) even though my work provides 401k already; one of my best financial decision I ever made. When i check the account every and then, it still boggles my mind on its growth.
Good luck/make paper!


The Roth was my plan until the pub company shut down. I’m pulling in money but not really enough to be able to make bills AND invest. At least not at a point I’m comfortable with. Things are looking up tho, thanks for that article link!


Slowly but surely


Authorities arrest 40, seize more than $3.6 million in gold bars in 1st darknet bust


Rough couple days on these weed stocks, local minimum probably not in just yet, yet I remain long.
For what it is worth also dabbling in canadian oil companies, GENGF in particular has had decent returns. Some analysts have been predicting a gradually approaching supply shortage and canadian oil may have the most room for expansion. Any thoughts?