Let's talk about money - The Finance Thread


I see some people buying up FB after that 20% drop. I won’t be touching it until it gets back into the 150s again though


Want to start buying precious metal.

Which online vendor is safest to buy? What size should i go for? How much should i have?


Precious metals as an investment or to have in case society collapses and you have to barter with it?

I don’t do any of it myself, but if you’re investing I’d think buying a gold (or whatever) ETF would be much more practical.


No not for investment, more of a protection just in case of Zombie Apocalypse.


Yall still following this weed sector? Constellation brands just invested $4 billion into Canopy Growth (my largest holding) setting off a sizable rally in the tier 1 Canadian LPs. Big beverage is leveraging;
Molson/Coors has dipped its toe in the water and Diageo is rumored to be looking for an outfit in the sector to aqcuire. It appears Constellation is openly interested in the US prospects, so this rally may roll over into the Can/Am tickers as well as the straight US Co.s. Despite the parabolic action I am holding Canopy Growth (CGC/WEED) because I am expecting some serious aquisition/expansion PR with that $4 bill cash reserve, and OGRMF, EMBFF, SPRWF, APQHF, and ACBFF (each of which I hold) still look like they have room as far as the Canadians go. As far as the Can/Ams MPXEF is my 2nd largest with an expected large revenue coming next week i am looking for this to pop, also large with CNNTF which just popped Friday (filling gap), also significant holdings in CNRRF, ITHUF and LHSIF. As far as straight US holdings I am expecting KSHB to fill the large gap resultant of recent financing and then some, also in TRTC but not expecting much from that one. I am expecting the positive action to continue as Canada is legal in Oct. We will see what next week brings.


Rally indeed; my small MJ etf share is up 16%! Canopy Growth is one of it’s top holding. We in long boyz~

Speaking of the market, anyone here own any of the electric car manufacturer? I don’t but maaan watching Tesla’s in the news whenever Musk tweets is entertaining af. That “Funding secured” tweet must’ve cost short sellers :joy::rofl:. The power of social media maaan…sshiiieeet.


I think Elon Musk is too wackadoodle these days to trust his companies with my money.


The lawsuits over it should make them whole, and Musk’s going to get some punishment from the SEC for sure.

Tesla stock is a mess. It’s pretty obvious it’s over-valued, but in typical Wall Street fashion that doesn’t really matter as long as it’s going up. And then you have the Musk vs. short sellers propaganda war with the two sides trying to push the stock in opposite directions.


Google & Apple too…

house of cards coming soon…


MPX quarterly revenue exceeds expectations at $14.5 mil (up 224%). This seems to establish this Co as a major player. Will today be another crazy runup in the sector (or at least in the Can/Am tickers)? Chances look good that it will be. We will see.


I’m currently trading CRON and CGC. CGC is the better long term hold of the two.

CRON is…interesting though lol. I bought it right around the support level (my scanners had it around 5.60s) and rode that shit up high. Sold off around 12 something, but made a killer profit. If you got in early enough, your vacation is pretty much paid for. Citron’s price manipulation bullshit took CRON back down to single digits, so there’s another opportunity to play this thing before October.

AAPL isn’t overvalued as people think. Low P/E, solid fundamentals, the last earnings report totally killed any bearish movement. Most of my gains came from (and are still coming from) AAPL. Long $AAPL.

Market overall is still pretty pricey asf though, I wouldn’t dare jump in now and start buying stuff other than ETF/Indexes


Yeah but at least Apple makes money, Tesla is the only company I can think of right now that bleeds money and has a through the roof stock price.


Soon we will hit “house of cards” soon. You think 2008 was bad…


Agreed on your take on the Citron report . Even though CRON is overvalued, consensus us that the report is off base. A lot of dishonest manipulation going on (report author Andrew Left is an activist short seller that is not super transparent regarding his holdings). Also MPX def did not follow through after the big news as I had expected. In retrospect it did already run up before the announcement so one could have predicted some profit taking on the news, however the stock is cited as undervalued and I will continue to hold.

I am certainly guilty of thinking that this legalization event is not going to be the typical cyclic rally, and that ‘this time it is going to be different’. Like CRON ,most of the big Canadian LPs are also overvalued to various extents, however I expect alot of eyes on the sector after this long weekend, so I am holding in expectation of a sustained ramp up in valuations across the board. I remain foolishly heavy with only 5% cash position. I am curious to see what next week brings.

Also: despite the runup, CNTTF remains a favorite target of Alan Brochstein.


I don’t think that the California market crash would be near anything like 2008. I do think California in general has some of the most insane housing prices but they have been crazy for a long time. IMO the real danger that Californians pose is that when they move in mass to a new area like Boise they inflate real estate up to ridiculous prices that cannot be supported by the local economy or job market.


Not just California, but entire west coast, to include Hawaii…


must be worth millions…



^^^and that’s a wrap, folks…


Yeah, yesterday was just my worst day ever in the market. I trimmed early this week, but not enough. Biggest loss yet. Probably to be continued today.

edit: I think the story behind the action is sensationalsm. The border has had this policy toward MJ use forever. (lifetime ban). I dont think this changes anything, except short term sentiment (more opportunity).