Let's talk about money - The Finance Thread


TLRY is crazy. This is the kind of move that turns average people into millionaires if timed right. We saw it with LFIN last year lol

Got halted today though, I wouldn’t touch this with a 50 foot pole. Weed stocks are still jumping.


Yeah, TLRY was the perfect storm of burgeoning industry, Nasdaq uplist, low float, and short squeeze. I thought it was expensive at the IPO, and then it went up 10X to a market cap exceeding some fortune 500 companies. Then the next day it went up another 100% before crashing. Too unpredictable for me., I was unable to take advantage of that one unfortunately. Still expensive, i gather.

GWPH’s epidiolex/CBD was just rescheduled (V) after being approved by FDA, and many analysts upgraded their outlook on this one. And now they have done a capital raise which is pressuring the stock, may be a good time to get in for a long term investment. This is the only biotech I really trade right now.

Canada goes legal Oct.17 and the rally, while still on, seems to be losing steam. The big LPs’ stock prices seem to be consolidating right now. What happens with the sector in the next two weeks will decide whether OCt.17 is a ‘sell the news’ event or not.


Most “buy the rumors” in cannabis stocks have already been priced in. CRON is heading back to interesting levels, showing strong support at $5. If ACBFF can maintain its above average volume, then I see it peaking 10 dollars.

TLRY is overpriced, but huge profit potential with this one. I had puts ready at $300, shame I didn’t go through with it. Would have at least made $10K easily off that. Due to the circumstances, I wouldn’t touch it now unless I had heavy scanners, charts, and free time to go off of. TLRY is not an easy trade.

One worth mentioning is CGC, but it’s having trouble breaking resistance. Again, the rumors are priced in, but this could move more and it seems to be one of the few weed stocks you can hold overnight.


-ACBFF uplist to NYSE (ACB) official PR this morn
-Cowen targets CGC at 63$ (lowball?)
-PYX another low floater rocketing upward, the next TLRY? who knows (prob not)
this is going to be an exciting month


^^^^^This list has Tower Records & stuff. Damm…

also ironic:

Thom McAn was a chain of shoe stores that had over 1,400 stores at its peak in the 1960s. The chain had closed by 1996, but Thom McAn shoes are still available at Sears and Kmart.

Blockbuster, the iconic video rental store, announced in 2013 that it would begin closing most locations. As of earlier this month, only a single Blockbuster remains in Bend, Oregon.

also depressing list:




I miss bookstores and trying on clothes. Iconic stores are gone. Our children will never know delights of Toys R Us, Borders Books, Radio Shack, The Limited, Circuit City and dozens more.


Yeah! I saw the same on cannasos.com it gives me the hope they’ll proceed with it.


I have been selling the Monday, early Tues pop in the weed sector and buying into GWPH. For the record I still hold the unpopular opinion that for individual biotech stocks the binary nature can dominate the technicals (well, this fear is what usually keeps me away from biotechs anyways). I also hold the unpopular opinion that grouping together the pharma stocks into a single sector (XBI, LABU, etc) makes no sense whatsoever. I can not say that binary dominates the technicals in the performance of these sectorwide ETFs, but pharma is not energy, tech, financial, telecom, entertainmnet, media/telecom, construction, agriculture, weed, etc. Individual pharma companiesdo not sway in the breeze of market forces in unison the way that companies in other sectors do. Pharma companies end up betting the lions share of their worth (to some degree, and many do not appreciate how much is on the line for a pharma co regarding a phase 3 trial - but that is another story) on a particular drug, and if it is one of the sector leaders it will end up doing this repeatedly. This is where alot of the binary action comes from and it is what creates the vast distinction between individual companies in this sector. The strength of this effect, destroys what is any usefulness of viewing the sector as a whole for traditional investing purposes regarding individual stocks that you see in other sectors. However it creates another opportunity.

My point is that when individual biotech stocks are influenced by the technicals that are driving the ETFs (XBI, LABU, etc), that is the time to jump into an attractive biotech stock (this may seem obvious but there is an underlying point I am trying to make). These past few days, the S&P/DOW were tanking and the Biotech sector ETFs (XBI, etc) were plummeting hard, and this was dragging down individual stocks however, for the reasons I stated above, this sentiment really has no bearing whatsoever on the individual companies’ business realities. It is 100% emotion and not tied to any reality, the approval of medicines will continue to drive value. My point is this is unlike other sectors where the sentiment, although composed of a significant emotional component, is also usually tied to some overall sector business reality (while in the biotech sector I contend that it is usually not). GWPH is specializing in canabinoid ligands and has an FDA-approved product with other trials in the works and I just figured they are a good bet for now made more attractive by the recent sentiment.

Am I thinking incorrectly on this? Am I reinventing the wheel? (I am still put off by biotech investing for the most part) Any thoughts?

sorry for the length, i didnt have time to make this some tight, readable morsel.

…oh yeah, and Canada has legalized rec MJ today. Sectorwide correction yesterday,I wonder what action we going to see today (premarket indicates followthru from yesterday)


I would make a distinction between big pharma and most other biotech, but other than that you’re pretty much correct. Big pharma is more stable, similar to traditional companies. But if you are taking a long term position on individual smaller biotechs, you’re really betting on their product rather than on market forces.


Ouch. Yesterday was down almost 30% of my portfolio since the 16th. Didnt trim as much as I should have after the news, a more savvy (or more nimble --damn you day job) investor definitely would have after the news. Most of my free cash I have been directing towards GWPH as i see that as a bit of a safe haven during this correction (who knows). Also buying some dips on the sector in Canada. Looking forward to earnings reports in the coming weeks. I find that I tend not to panic when losing tons of $$ here. I dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing yet for me (I will eventually find out, hahaa). Apparently I am a bit less risk averse than I thought. I wonder what the action in the sector will bring today.


Looks like everyone is cashing out. Cash out while you still can…


NOW sell!


I have a good 25+ year of solid work to go; i’m going to wait it out like:

if you own Sears doe; sell that ish quick.


Yeah I’m down about -1300 lol. I do believe the Bear Market has struck.

However, it would be silly to sell now. The rich pull out first, who obviously have more information than the rest of us. Money being lost by panicky investors will continue until the dust settles; while everybody is selling off near the bottom, the rich will be buying back in. I expect the people who bought overpriced FAANGs, non-dividend paying stocks, or over priced techs will be panicking the most.

Meanwhile, us dividend growers will continue to DRIP and collect.


Yeah I lost a third of my portfolio, but I wasnt selling in the down market (stil way up since I started ~1.5yr ago). That sounds like a good strategy toward zero. I held since I believe in the sector and the holdings I have and I expected the sales #s to come out this month and spark interest. Whatever cash I had I squirreled away in GWPH and AAPL (I also bought some of the lagging weed stocks). I have gained back nearly half of what I have lost already and I expect a recovery in the canibus sector soon. (and it looks like we might be on our way right now) US names might even rally on this election news, we will see. Diversification is for cowards. hahaa


Honestly, just wish I had liquidity to buy in right now. Crispr stocks are at fire sale prices.


Hey need some advice ya. I’m thinking of surrendering my car and going back to public transportation. Right now I pay 448 a month for my car note and 300 a month for insurance. So 750 a month for the luxury of driving
Now by working OT consistently I’m able to afford this and still save a deal of money. But this Ot might not always be available. If I go back to 40 hrs. Then things become a challenge financially.

I was thinking to try to find a job in Atlanta or any major city with good public transport. And live near the job. An extra 750 a month would be amazing, and could go to savings or paying down student loan debt. I’d still owe the remaining balance on the car minus what they sell it for when I return it. Is this a good call or should I just try to pay the car off quickly?


^i dont know but isnt living in a major city pretty expensive in itself?

A jeff sessions ouster rally yesterday in the mj sector
i’ll take it
if it continues today I will be trimming


Moving to the city can be worthwhile for its own reasons, but why the fuck are you driving such an expensive car?


Because I was a sucker who thought he really needed a solid car to travel cross country. Ended up signing for a loan at like 23% interest rate on the car. Over 6 years I’d have paid 30k for a car that sells for 8-10k at most. I need to get out this bullshit


That’s ridiculous, of course. If you have any credit I would look into seeing if you can refinance the loan–some other bank loans you enough to pay off the original loan but the new loan is at a lower rate. $300 a month for insurance also sounds really steep; you might look into whether you have too much insurance and/or shop around a bit.
Otherwise pay down that loan as fast as you possibly can.

Surrendering the car sounds shady since the dealer has no motivate to maximize the amount they sell it for if you’re on the hook for the whole value no matter what. However since they have their name on the title I don’t know if you could try to sell it yourself.