Let's talk about money - The Finance Thread


Can’t refinance. Owe other debts that are in collection. So looks like I just gotta suck it up and pay that shit off asap. as for insurance. That is due to speeding tickets that went on my record for not paying within the 30 day window


23% interest rates sounds pretty crazy. I don’t know what the average is for newer vehicles because I avoid dealers like the plague, but all things considered that’s high asf if you always have to work OT to meet ends. The risk are normally higher with purchasing used vehicles, but I tend to go for them every time (cragslist etc.), hell right now I’m driving a 92 Camry less than 150K mileage back and forth to work (owner asked for $2000). This not only allowed me to save a shit load of money (no car note/insurance 35-50 monthly), but my commute to work is ideally sound to what you are looking for. Traveling short distances back and forth to work would probably allow me to drive this car another 10 years. In fact, I just paid off ALL my student loans by taking these measures because I had so much extra money left from payday. I moved from California to OKC.

If you’re too deep in you might as well pay it off, otherwise I would look for a way out of that asap. Interest rates are going up on everything, and inflation is rising. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of all that. Be smart, make some good contacts, and always have your bro with you when checking out used cars so you can get a second opinion.

Tirlay and CGC are still grossly overpriced, but ACB is approaching fair levels. I think I’m ready to pull the trigger around the low 5’s. The next buy the news event will have weed stocks soaring again, the sector is still young and if you play it right you can make thousands off of it.


My plan is to stack up enough to buy a used car. Surrender this one. And from there just mainly do contracts throughout the southeast region of the US. So that way I won’t put much milleage on it. I’ll owe on it but at least that’s 450 a month back in my account.

Once I very stacked a good deal of savings. I’ll work towards paying my debts down. You are absolutely rright. Avoid dealerships unless you got it like that. Avoid debt period. Also I looked into my insurance. My speeding ticket convictions is what uped it.


LOL @ Bitcoin