Let's talk about the best wrestler in the game...and its not Zangief


Raiden owns in this game. It would be great to have VDO, rsigley, psycochronic, and whoever else uses him seriously to share their knwoledge of the character.

His best groove in my opinion is undoubtedbly K. Followed by N/P. I am not sure about his RC potential though nor his CC. I just dont see him benefitting from the C-grooves features due to loss of mobility, and apart for level 1 rush super, I dont see him doing much with S-groove.

crouching forward has deceptive reach, standing medium kick is a pretty good poke, and down fierce is an ok anti-air. foot-stomp is not as sick as in cvs1.

his jump ins, such as light kick, medium kick, roundhouse and downfierce punch are pretty good for attacking.

Air to air: jumping medium? Im not sure about this, but ive seen it beat out vega’s jumpin attacks cleanly much like Chang’s attack.

In my opinion, if u face a K groove or P groove user who has a medium to large character in their team, knocking down that character in the corner may spell their doom cause of one move: the acid spit.

the acid spit is a very fast guard breaker, and the best part is that when the opponent blocks it, Raiden stays in place, and gets various options including:

-another spit
-crouching medium kick spit (great to mixup parry happy peeps)
-walk a bit, 360
-crouching forward, rush special (yeah i dont know the name of his moves mk)
-instant low jump attack

also, the spit is pretty good rc electicity in the corner only if distanced correctly.

The biggest downfall is the horrible lag if whiffed…so one should be careful when attempting such setups against “roll” grooves.

I have found no use for his “bulldog” special (dp+punch).
Drop kicks are ok for beating whiffed pokes or catching peeps by surprise.

k back to my university essay

I don’t have time to post much currently but just a few thoughts

THere was a jap player who played C raiden. He basically Rc rdp+p all day long and breath against taller characters. Raiden’s best RC has got to be either the rdp+p or the drop kick, drop kick rc is hard to get used to but you ca use it to blow through attacks of people who are trying to zone you especially since it’s soo fast. More to come later.

PS - I still think raiden is horribly hampered in this game. oh well.

Honda is MUCH better than Raiden.

im the best with raiden

then say a tip?

play him r4.


lol look at this [media=youtube]CE_1cE36UbU[/media]

lolol Desora said nice Raiden.

no offense but that guy wasn’t very good…btw, jump up fb with geese is good

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it can get you raped bad ask smoothcat lol. yea i kno he’s not good but he was trying to run his mouth so i had to give him hell. p.s. i don’t even play cvs2 :rofl:

(+): With a Level 3, can do massive amount of
damage off of a crouching LP.
(+): The highest health points at 15600 (assuming
Raiden is a Ratio 2).
(+): The highest stun points at 80.
(+): Farthest normal throw range in the game at
85 pixels (P throw only). Very useful tool, more
so than his Thunder Crush Bomb usually.
(+): Raiden is the only character in the game
that can make good use of the Tech Throw Glitch
without help from the opponent. Combined with
his far throw range, he can make the glitch come
into play more often than you would think.
(+): RC Front Suplex (there are many that aren’t
due to too many conflicting special move inputs)
makes a good wake up, since his Thunder Crush
Bomb grabs fast enough (3 frames) so that he
can’t be thrown out of it before his “unthrowable
time” goes away. His Thunder Crush Bomb is
also mostly safe to opponents jumping away
from it.
(+): Has a useful mix up to his Thunder Crush
Bomb or his Destruction Drop with crouching
LK into a Combination Body Blow. If Raiden
has a level 3 ready, he can get a lot of damage
out of a right guess.
(+): Combination Body Blow easily combo off
a standing/crouching LP/MP, leading to big
damage if a Level 3 is ready. The Headbutt is
safe against many characters.
(+): Giant Bomb has more invincibility time than
most anything. The only things that beat it in
that category are Ryo’s and Haohmaru’s useless
Level 3 only supers. Safe at the right distances,
can be used to beat supers and CC’s.
(+): Poison Breath leads itself to a crazy corner
game. It also reaches farther (about the length
of Raiden’s crouching LP before normal sized
characters can crouch it) and hits lower sized
characters (shoto sized characters and up have
to block it up close). If it hits, Raiden can juggle
a Level 3 Flame Breath if available.
(+): Raiden’s Destruction Drop has a lot of range
and is mostly safe to opponents jumping out of it.
Level 3 version is the longest ranged grab in the
game by 2 pixels.
(+): Flame Breath is a useful anti-air. The Level 3
version is jugglable, which is where the bulk of
Raiden’s potential damage comes from.

(-): Probably the worst ground game in the game.
He has almost no useful ground moves of note.
Decent sweep and that’s about it. Most Raiden,
players that play their ground game consists of
trying to get a lucky roll, Giant Bomb or a Roll
Cancel Combination Body Blow.
(-): The slowest run in the game.
(-): No anti-air. Crouching HP is garbage and
has to be done really early for it work, and even
then it gets beat a lot. Flame Breath is only good
at Level 2 or higher and the cumbersome input
method makes it tough to pull out without
(-): Overall defense is probably the worst in the
game also. In addition to having no anti-air, his
ground moves are slow and he doesn’t really have
a reversal-type move to get out of sticky situations.
He generally has to Counter Attack if he has meter
(he usually spends most of his meter on Counter
Attacks) or hope a random Giant Bomb will work if
he doesn’t.
(-): Same horrible jump arc as Ryo and maybe worse.
Unlike Ryo and Zangief, Raiden’s jump-ins are all
pretty bad. Jumping HP and the his command splash
in the air have decent priority, but they require Raiden
to be at a range that he has problems getting to due
to his crap jump arc.
(-): He’s too big of a target. Raiden is the probably
the biggest character in the game and as a result,
he can’t crouch under a ton of stuff such as Rock’s
and Rugal’s standing HK’s. Pretty much any low
jump move can be an overhead on Raiden.
(-): Though his close game is very good, Raiden has
the hardest time of any character getting into that
(-): Combination Body Blow -> Headbutt is punishable
on block by most any fast super. Even many Level 2’s
can easily hit it for free.
(-): The tech throw glitch can be just as detrimental to
Raiden as it is to the opponent. Since the opponent is
mostly invisible, stuff like low jumps and overheads
become especially hard to deal with.

i was going to dig through and find buk’s old post on raiden but you beat me to it. some good advice there.

idk, i play VDO’s P-raiden a ton and it’s good. but it’s also VDO. you tell VDO to make kyosuke or king a beast and he could as long as you give him parry, he doesn’t even really need supers. i remember having a good P-raiden in evo pools a long time ago and i absolutely destroyed him, he maybe took 1/5 off my blanka (yea i know, i should be winning that match anyways, but let me finish my point). since i had played VDO’s P-raiden so much, i knew all the tricks/stuff to look for. longest throw range, charge move to get in or blow through pokes, jumping short, etc.

you’ll definitely catch people off guard with a good raiden, but after a few matches, they’ll adapt and you’re in trouble. what is scary about VDO’s raiden is that he constantly jumps at you and rushes you down, and regardless of whether you mix up your AA’s, he’ll get in more times than you like and then you have to deal with raiden’s scary mixup game.


yeah definitely, that’s one of the more scarier things about playing against jumping p/k-groove, especially p. Sure, you can mix up your anti-airs and keep him out 5 times in a row, but if he gets in on the 6th time (with someone like say, Raiden), you’re gonna have to just deal with an unfavorable position, since Raiden likes it up close. Raiden also deals big damage…it’s a good fit. without P/K (and I guess roll cancelling), those fatties would have No Chance In Hell