Let's talk about the store


So first off, the colors. Where are the colors? You can’t buy the original colors and on top of that there are only THREE colors and they’re priced at 10, 5 and 2 thousand? Why the different prices? Isn’t it the EXACT same thing with a different palette? And where are the other 2 colors shown in this?

Next the costumes. So we only get the story costumes, where are the pre-order costumes and all the other ones we saw? And you can’t buy the character Alex yet. There are no stages and no character specific titles and who cares about profile design?

Personally, I’m pretty disappointed. Capcom is milking the shit out of it’s fan base. They’re charging 10k for ONE color?


The premium costumes can only be bought with Bison Dollars (i.e. real money), so they have been excluded for the store for now.


Ito so stupid to have to unlock shit your going to have to buy anyway, capcom is butchering this model that had so much promise. everything just feels like a fucking chore, let’s not en get into the survival Bullshit we already got a thread for that.


This has been mostly explained in a lot of their articles. The premium pre order stuff won’t be available until the zenny shop opens later in the year

I do agree that it sucks that you can’t purchase all colors through the store yet. Its really random which ones they chose to be available


Are you…trolling? I hope you’re not that retarded.

I’m saddened that I didn’t get the Laura color I wanted ,but I got her costume and the color I wanted for Nash; so 2/3, I’m happy.

They made it known you wouldn’t be able to buy Alex until the cash shop was released, I don’t see how you can complain about that.


What’s the source on this? I’ve read multiple places that FM and Zenny will be able to buy the same things, just different amounts required from each.


Going from what Capcom said on their official release the premium costumes AKA preorders are going to be available for season pass holders and not everyone, this would include the new stage they said would be coming “soon”.

That’s an assumption though.


Capcom has stated that there will be items that can ONLY be purchased with Zenny or with a Season Pass. AKA spending real money.

Which means you can bet premium costumes are going to be Zenny/Season Pass only. Fight Money will most likely be just for basic items. From what I’ve heard this isn’t too much different from how other popular PC eSports games does it.

ALSO, I wouldn’t worry too much yet about how much fight money they’re charging for colors. When the daily targets come in you’ll have a way to earn fight money every day. In other MOBAs and such the daily tasks from what I know are usually the best way to earn game currency.


I love that they’re too incompetent to let us actually see what the colors look like on the character you’re buying them for. Just 2 blocks with the colors in them. Want to see them applied to a character? Too damn bad, look online.

I also love the idea of having to buy titles of the sort we used to just unlock through gameplay in SF4.

Oh…and greeeeat. Let me get this straight…there are colors locked behind horrible survival mode…and also colors locked behind having a character at a certain level? Is Capcom too fucktarded to realize that this isn’t a goddamn RPG and that leveling means NOTHING with a given character? Is that a real thing? Maybe I just want a damn color for my wife to play offline with a character I’m NEVER going to play online. Oh well!


I got all the Cammy stuff, so I’m partially happy with the store, but I was really hoping to get her alternate costume today. Soon, my precious… sooooon…


All I want, is to be able to buy the survival mode colors. At the end of the day, that’s still something to spend Fight Money on, which takes from Fight Money people might spend on other things, which may force them to eventually get Zenny to buy them.


The fact that you can’t see which color you’re getting ON THE CHARACTER sucks. Anyone know if the classic bright red costume, dark hair Bison is available in the store?


Haha yes, I looked for a way to see it for like 5 min before I realized they were retarded.


its just another thing capcom rushed out without tough and “love” behind it.
beside of the colors, the titles have a similar issue.
you can see whats written on it and how the background looks like but why did they not showed you the
banner with the text on it instead to seperate it?!


I have season pass too but i couldn’t see the premium costumes. Will season pass owners have to wait the Zenny Store too? If it is then it is meanless, why we have to wait the Zenny Store, they are already free to us we won’t pay anything more for premium ones.


I bet you the zenny store will have tons of love behind it :wink:


why is capcom using “zenny” when they can just use PlayStation points or whatever steam has.


CFN. They want everyone to do everything through Capcom’s system.


why? thats just added work that doesnt need to be done. rule #1 of development is dont reinvent the wheel


Capcom feels, based on their track record, they’ll be able to do it entirely on their own better than by cooperating with Playstation’s existing infrastructure.

Yes, they’re that stupid and lacking in self-awareness.