Lets talk about TS5 + upcoming evo + strategy

I know this is late. but it good actully because everyone is in clear mind about it now.

Anyways, after seeing the CvS2 top 8, I gotta say that I’m really impressed with Buktooth and Combofiend’s performance. Everyone, lets give them a hand. :clap: BAS and Otaku are not easy to beat. Infact, most japanese players are not easy to beat.
K, I say that Ricky and Kindevu are evenly matched, do you? Even tho Kindevu won. Is it just me or does ricky like get nervious and lose at finals? He plays great the first match, but just loses it or something. Oh well, hope that he gets better and we win Evo this year. If he wins this Evo would that mean that its going to be the first time an american won a worldwide championship at CvS2?
I got a question for everyone. You guys remember Ino from Evo 2k2? What ever happened to him? He was a great player. I’d really like to see him come to Evo or even know what happened to him. I really liked his style.

Now, I haven’t played this game in a while since I focus on 3S now, but lets talk about P groove. You know whos great at P groove and I don’t think people noticed? Ken…Man, he is a beast if you use him well.

Meh, Another thing that I wante to talk about and maybe I’ll consider learning it. But, can anyone explain Ken’s further reaching DP?
Like you are doing a f.hk xx dp? right? someone got any tips on how to execute this? I’d really like to learn it. I think obot did a video on it, but I dunno. Someone got the video or better yet a vid of someones hands doing it? Thanks in advance

P-Ken is like P-Sak, less mix up options. (Usless)

And F.U. Anticon I dont wanna hear shit.



:r::d::df::r:+:hk:,:r:+:lp: (just press LP right after HK)

The second way works better for me.

Yeah, the second one with RC timing is the best.

BTW, do it fast and you’ll barely gain any ground. You really need to get the full 3-4 frames of kara.

Do it close range and you’ll often get throws(which is good), from just outside of throw range. The opponent often makes the mistake of trying to walk in and close the gap, making throws frequent.

edit: Forgot to mention that I’ve done kara DP into SPD’s(but usually Zangief’s kick version is the one that gets me), NOT GOOD!!!

From what people have been saying on the boards and stuff Ino just went MIA, so I wouldn’t expect to see him at EVO or anything.

Japanese player Dan is coming back to Evo apparently. As far as I’m concerned, the guy is an RC mashing bum who can’t do level 2 combos properly though. So don’t lose to Mr. Glasses. Some notes.

-Zones very well. He’s patient and throws Hadoukens just outside your range, also looking to bait your jump or roll in by whiffing low strongs and stand jabs. He’s smart enough to not throw half screen fireballs when you have Iori too. By all means, go for the jump or roll in if you notice he is getting a little too reckless with the fireballs though.

-Loves the hop kick. He uses it whenever you let him, and when he’s on top of you, he likes doing after making you block d.LP. The guard damage will really add up if you’re hesitant and block too much. Keep him zoned with your safe pokes so he never gets a chance to get in with this move.

-Powerful anti-air game. Dan doesn’t mess up his DP’s. You could jump at him with Vega when he’s walking towards you, and his execution will still be good enough to anti-air you. Ryu has easy one button anti-airs with his far s.HK and d.HP too. Don’t underestimate this guy’s anti-air game, because it’s top level.

-Not afraid to randomly DP when you’re attacking him. I call him Shoryuken Dan for a reason. :rofl: Don’t mess up punishing consistently with your Kyo far s.MP xx combo for example. If you try to throw him for example, instead of countering with d.LK, d.LK xx combo, he’s more likely to go for a Shoryuken I’ve noticed. Fake the throws and don’t do anything every now and then to bait and punish the DP’s.

-Powerful wake-up games. It’s the bulk of where his damage comes from. His favorite mix up on you after a knockdown is to whiff a low short, and then…

  1. throw
  2. short, short xx super
  3. hurricane kick super

Watch out if he ever wants to cross you up with the whiffed hop kick as well. Dan doesn’t use it as much as he plays for the guard crush, but never fall asleep against him or you’re going to eat some 2nd player glitch combo. Midscreen, the hopkick can be used as a corpse hop. Be on the look out for it when you get hit by a dp+LP.

-Punish those RC kicks 100%. Dan builds meter with these things and assumes they’re unpunishable or something. Hit him with your Vega slide every time so he stops.

-Whiffed Shoryuken, Shoryuken! :rofl:

-His favorite tactic is to use his walk up counter hit d.LK, d.MK xx super combo.

-He’s patient against Sakura on the ground but attempts to use s.MP of all moves to fight against the Sakura roundhouse.

-Doesn’t even attempt to anti-air Yamazaki’s jump. He blocks and look for an opportunity to do random roll, jab, jab combo.

-One hit far s.LK xx Level 1 Low Tiger super to chip you to death

Dan had a lot of trouble against Vega players last year at Evo. I don’t know if he’s gotten better or not since Daigo, BAS, Mago, and countless random scrubs have been using Vega as the new fad character in Japan, but yeah, even ST Vega was giving him big problems. Try using Vega to counter him if you get him in your pool, but my money is on that he’s gotten better in this match-up. Run whatever characters you normally like to play and just keep an eye out for the tricks and tactics he likes to use instead I say. Dan literally MASHES on the roll when he’s blocking a CC, so you savvy A-groovers might want to come up with some setups to counter that. Be glad he’s using C-Ryu instead of a more difficult character to fight against like RC cheese Guile or footsies Chun. He’s toned down Choi with less random cross-up tricks. The fat dude and the RC Honda players are another story, but this guy is very beatable, so play your best and you just might upset an SRK nerd’s hero.

someone is doing home work

All shoto players are beatable. All you have to do is guess right. Mash on jabs on throw attempts. And block all CH setups. Thats all there is to it. And block the crossups the right way. I dunno why people don’t think of this come tournament time when they are playing Choi.

dan is awesome. even if he RCs a lot, atleast he’s not a tier whore. his use of two shotos is pretty cool too.

He’s obviously better then everyone who’s posted in this thread thus far, so he’s doing something right.

lol agreed

could that “something” be living in japan?

yes, getting far into SBO in cvs2 has nothing to do with skill–just him living in japan, didnt work for any one else.


You’re an idiot. You posted universal Ryu tactics and made it seem like they were Dan’s super elite secrets. Please jump off a cliff and don’t die.

if i end up making it to evo, i want to money match dan. no seriously, i’m not scared, he’s not that good. A-vega/bison/blanka would rape his team.

thanks kcxj, i’m glad somebody else isn’t amazed by random RC fireballs and funky kicks.

his skill is implied because he lives in japan and has access to good comp. (obviously there’s other factors too).

If I make it out to Evo… I’ll play you with team Dan for money against that team.

you geese will always be a good guy in my book cuz you arent afraid to call kcxj out like the bitch he is… This guy is retarded, always flameing everyone like he is good at the game or something. Saying bas isnt any good, dans not good, now in another thread iyo isnt anyhting special. Seriously, kcxk is stupid all he does is post strats (That he read somewhere else a lot of times) and then acts like hes something special.

Kcxj has never done anything in a tournment before, therefore should stop talking shit about everyone else like he himself is good. Also whats up when he acts like other people are nerds etc? hes pretty nerdy if you ask me, takes one to know one i guess.


KCXJ is good…he spits good informatin…but he sometimes is an asshole thats all…so…all in all yeah, i’m lovin it