Let's Talk Beards - The Facial Hair Thread

i can’t grow a beard. bitches love my smooth face, though =D

clipper shave all the way. i have been letting my mustache grow for like a month and a half and barely have a 5 o’clock shadow.

I dislike growing out facial hair because it makes me form acne (if not shaven for a week and a half). I also hate the stench that comes with growing a beard.

Luckily, my facial is the only part of my body where the hair grows out straight, thus making it easier for me to shave w/o the cream since that shit gets expensive. Unfortunately, all of my shaving utensils are broken, so I have to wait it out until my paycheck can get me A Shick Quatro or w/e

Dropped the clean shaven look like 7 years ago with no intention to ever go back. I fuckin hate shaving, and at this point I feel weird without having a beard of some sort.

And like any white guy with long hair and a beard, many friends call me Jesus, and I enjoy the opportunity to be sacrilegious.

I get bad razor bumps and rashes when I shave too much. So I grow mines out often. Like RedBeard said in 3-4 week cycles. But when I do grow it I put this MDXV Beard Moisturizing Lotion on it. I just put the lotion on after a shower and it helps with the itching, and it has oil in it that helps soften my hair so it doesn’t curl up as much. It’s definitely helped me. I haven’t tried the pomade they have but my friend says its good. His facial hair is longer than mine.

Stubble. It’s the chick sauce. :tup:

For black men who get razor bumps, try using a depilatory cream like Magic Shave. It really works I shave pretty much exclusively with it unless I’m in a real big hurry, need to shave and must use a razor. Even then, I rarely get bumps after using the cream for so long. Also, an aftershave product called Bump Stopper is good to apply if you shave with a razor. It may hurt a bit to put on, but once you get used to it you’ll notice a huge difference in the amount of bumps you get. Then there’s Black Opal facial soap. This soap is the real magic. It will make your skin turn even toned and bump-free in hours. Literally, it works that fast. My wife could tell a difference the first day I started using it. Prolonged use produced even better results. All of those are available at Sally beauty supply. Some of them at Walmart.

Or, just grow an epic beard!

I have pretty retarded facial hair.
Around my chin I can actually grow something beard-like, but because my beard is blonde, despite my brown hair, it just looks like I’m 13, so I hardly ever do that.
If I don’t shave above my upper lip for 3 days it’ll look like I french-kissed a hobo.

One day…

I’m asian and can actually grow an ok beard. Finally summed up the courage to let it grow out starting in like Nov. Got the standard sideburn beard down to the chin as well as mustache… mustache and goatee don’t connect though. Oh and my beard has a good amount of red and blonde hairs, I just tell people I’m powering up. >_>

I think I need to check out that lotion. Mine gets really dry and itchy and I think thats why the girlfriend dislikes it the most too. I been using shampoo and conditioner only. Might help me keep it neatly combed too.

Combs and brushes dont do much solo.



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Relevant to this thread:

The thing that usually convinces me to shave before I get anything resembling a beard is waking up with what looks like a rash on my arm as a result of my stubble jabbing into my arm/hand.

Here is my now pathetic beard. I dont have any pictures of myself before I trimmed it.



p.s. I realized that now I can take pictures of myself (vita style) and be a vain prick like all these other people I see on facebook. hmhmhm

There is nothing pathetic about that beard.

I fluctuate from having only a mustache to having a goatee but with no mini sideburns leading up from the beard to the mustache if you know what I mean.
I always thought for it to be a goatee they had to be connected, but I guess not.

Used to rock the sideburn to beard and mustache combo, but it gets way to itchy when I’m skating for me, and sweaty.

I once just shaved my mustache off for instant Abraham Lincoln face for the lulz.

I can’t grow anything too long though or it just ends up looking like a used broom or pubic hair on the face. It doesn’t get very thick after awhile, so needless to say my mustache can look quite asian/choloish. I might have done just sideburns before but I don’t remember.

But yeah, shaved face means I look at least 3 years younger. I initially started letting it grow because I was 18 and girls in the region of 14-16 year were hitting on me quite a bit, so it was part of an evasion technique to stay away from unwanted attention; true story. Plus I’m 5’ 6’ and fluctuate between 115-125 pounds, I can theoretically look like I’m still in highschool anytime I feel like it.

Looks fine for an unshaven beard. You got “The Dude” look going there.

LOL You don’t look at all how I imagined you!
That’s a pretty epic beard! More than I can hope for… hence… stubble. I have to draw upon the rugged rogue look. :sad:

Also, bad ass flowing locks of manly hair. :tup:

It’s Jesus.

I haven’t checked out every pic, but Red has a nice beard, and dirzzt looks JUST like his avatar.

My teacher has a long beard…I should ask how long it took him to grow it. People with long beards aren’t likely to shave it off I think, and would probably guard it with their lives. I remember this one Ubisoft developer from last year’s E3 who had a sick beard. I think he worked on one of the Raving Rabbids games.

I almost have my technique for keeping my mustache dry while drinking perfected. Most shit I drink my mustache stays dry, but coffee seems to be the biggest problem. I still get a little coffee on that fucker from time to time.

Did a quick trim this morning for my wife, didn’t get to line up as much as a Ilike, but I hadn’t shaved in almost a month so I had the Rick Ross developing. I usually do a goatee+chinstrap look, but I just felt like trimming the sides off the goatee this time shrug since I wasn’t trimming the hair length down further. Still undecided as to if I am going to get hair die. turn 30 in a couple weeks…so its on my mind alot.

  • :bluu:

Trying to hold on to your youth by dying out that gray? When my shit turns gray im just gonna leave it. Shit, the hair on my head is turning but that shit is silver so I think it will look pretty dope when its all like that.