Lets talk controllers


I’m sick and tired of stupid easy inputs and wireless interference ruining my matches. Switching off of the classic controller may only get rid of the wireless interference but at lest that’s half the problem out of my way. I don’t want to go back to a wavebird because my thumbs hurt after playing this game too much. So whats left? Arcade sticks!

What do you use or want to use? I’m currently looking for a good solution for my Wii and PS3. Hell, I’d be fine using the normal PS3 controller instead of this shitty classic.


IMO the best solution and is what i tell every one is to just get a ps2 arcade stick and get a ps3 converter from laugh(if he still does that) and a joybox cube converter you have 1 stick for every system. You can also get that 360 converter i don’t know much about, all these system specific sticks are such a waste of money please do that lol, also the 2 converters are like 10-15 bucks each so nothing much there.


I just use a Gamecube Controller lol…

I don’t use the D-Pad for it’s quite a nuisance. I have no problem with the analog or performing combos whatsoever.


There doesn’t happen to be some magic converter that would allow me to play my 360 stick on the wii right -_-

And as far as i know, yea your best option would be to get a ps2 stick and 2 converters. You could also get a PS3 stick and a Wii stick if you have nothing better to waste your money on.


I think you can get a joybox converter and then use a ps2 dualshock if you don’t want to buy a stick. If not, yea the analog stick on the gc controller is fine if you practice enough


How does wireless interference happen? My CC doesn’t get that.


best option: Gamecube stick
2nd best option: PS2 stick with converter
3rd best: Wii stick
4th best: classic controller
5th best: gamecube controller
worst (unless you want to annoy people online or make combo videos): wiimote


Are these CC impressions for the original CC? Anybody try playing with the CC Pro yet?

I’m currently using a Hori Pad which works quite well. It’s a shame they don’t make those anymore - prices on Amazon for them are ridiculous. I should’ve gotten a second one a few years back when they were still affordable. :frowning:


My Classic Controller works flawlessly. The Gamecube Controller looks awkward to actually play seriously with since it has such a shitty d-pad. A stick is obviously optimal but they cost more than the game does so unless you want to go pro or play a hell of a lot of virtual console games then it’s probably not worth it.


The gamecube controller works far better for me than the classic controller. I set jab to the big green button (A), assist to the little red circle (B), mediuim to Y, hard to X, and the right trigger is A+B+C. I haven’t had any trouble with it. After a little practice (5-10 minutes) I could even do things like 2C, 6C as Ryu with consistency avoiding the accidental hadouken.
I have ordered an MC cthulu and an imp to mod my mad catz SE so it’ll work through the GC slot (currently it’s a 360 but I want it to be all systems). Yeah, it’s been a little pricey. But sticks are on sale this weekend, so if you want a stick now’s the time to do it if you go that route.


I can imagine the GC controller being pretty horrible if you’re the type of person who uses the D-Pad instead of Analog Stick on pads.
I personally used the GC controller quite a bit and with the analog stick, it’s fairly comfortable. Putting L as Partner for easy Baroque/Partner Assists/MegaCrushing with L+R also helps with comfort…


The biggest difference for me between the GC and classic controller is WHERE the analog stick is. On the classic controller I personally have trouble getting pure up and pure down just due to the location of the stick. On the GC controller pure up and pure down are where my thumb thinks they are.


I don’t see any problem with the GC controller, actually is very comfortable for me. I just made two changes to the original configuration that were L=partner and Z=C and is comfortable to use even with the charge chars like Zero and Volnutt… only drawback is no taunt button in my controller :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought 2 CC Pros for this game… Big mistake if you use the dpads. The dpads are so unresponsive you simply cannot use them. I’ve reverted to a regular CC


I think im just going back to the wavebird. I used the gc controller for a year on the japanese version.


I have never used an arcade stick nor CC, so I’m playing with the GC controller but I’m having a hard time, because throughout my life I always used the dpad on any controller (mostly PS1/PS2/PS3/PC), so even with practice I think that I would do much better with a dpad rather than the GC’s analog. I will probably order monster hunter with the CC pro, and I hope that will work better for me.


Classic Controller is top tier, learn how to SNES.


Ok question - Could I use my PS3 Arcade stick on the Wii through the PS2 to GC adapters?


no, PS3 sticks use USB connectors; PS2 sticks use Sony’s proprietary connector, and the Wii won’t recognize USB sticks

so the only way it would work would be if your stick also had PS2 compatibility (like a Mayflash)