Let's talk headsets

Basically, I stream games for my local gaming community (tournaments and stuff). I had my first stream Saturday and everything went well except for the audio in which the venue was too noisy and no one could hear us commentate.

Some background on my setup- I use a fairly new Windows 8 laptop with very high specs.

An ElGato External Capture Card and 2 Logitech webcams for different POV’s.

Being a noob, I intended to use just the laptop microphone to commentate with.

After some research and discussion with an audiophile friend, his answer to the problem was the Yeti mics and a program like GarageBand or Protools and NOT a separate mixer or anything.

If I went this route, would there be an issue with using 2 mics at the same time next to each other? IE- Having 2 commentators

If this isn’t the route to go, what headsets can I get to deliver similar quality?

What do you guys think?


I’d suggest stream chatting with either WNF/TRB’s Armando or Team Spooky, for their respective tournaments tonight and try getting answers out of them.<br>

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