Let's talk PR! Is Capcom doing a Good Job to Promote MvC3? Why/why Not? (OBJECTIVELY)

This topic is intended for adult discussion, and only that. Please do not flame, or troll. Thanks in advance. BTW this is my first post here! :slight_smile:

A little background:

My career is in public relations. I work at a PR consulting firm, and manage to maintain a blog on the industry outside of work. I’m always looking for current examples of good and bad PR, specifically in the new media realm. I make this topic specifically because I’m writing a post on MvC3, to analyze how effective Capcom was in:
[]a) promoting this game
]b) maintaining hype for returning fans
[*]c) drawing in a new crowd of casual gamers
…plus, all of the Twitter “leaks” (e.g., Lupinko) automatically make it all new media-related.

Here’s where YOU fit into all of this:

It would really strengthen the article to have direct feedback from the SRK crowd, being that we are one of the biggest and most dedicated communities waiting on MvC3. I’m looking to use quotes in my article to add credibility, and of course I’ll give you credit, by username. (By posting in this topic, you agree to possibly be quoted). Additionally, I’m just CURIOUS as to what everyone thinks. :slight_smile:

My question is simple:
“Is Capcom’s PR Team doing a good job to promote MvC3? Why or why not?”*

All you have to do is explain your answer to the above. Please write in full sentences, and give details and examples where you can. A one-word “yes” or “no” isn’t very helpful, lol.

Thanks to all who participate, and of course I’ll link you all to the article when it’s finished!

I am going to say yes. Personally their PR job has got me hyped for the game a TON.

Previously I was way more excited for SSF4AE and Yun and Yang. As time went on my attention shifed to MvC3 in a BIG way. Their fight clubs got the community involved and the vast majority of them seemed to love it and that is who I listen to the most. And as I became more interested due to word of mouth I followed the news on it more, which was always interesting. Matter of fact I had something to look forward to almost EVERY day between SRK and Keits awesome high level play videos from various fight clubs or CES, interviews and announcements, and of course character reveals.

I think Capcom is hitting the market in the most important of places, word of mouth and the internet. Every gamer I know, of every ilk is well aware the game is coming. If they are skeptical then they have folks like me who are willing to drown them in a sea of awesome information.

Even the “leaks” are helping them out. It creates a fun little scandal, and it’s start great, if not heated, discussions about whether it’s right or not, speculation on play and theory crafting.

Anyhow, my two cents.

I think that all of the fight clubs and demo builds Capcom has shown off have definitely helped to keep the hype going. Up until recently there’s usually been a new build playable at various events every month or so, and we’ve been able to get impressions and analysis (and occasionally video) from community members after each event. In addition, Capcom has occasionally shown themselves willing to make adjustments to the game based on player feedback from these events, which I think helps maintain a positive relationship with the community. These are both things that a lot of game developers/publishers don’t do very often.

I went to the Sheffield UK fight club and had allot of fun trying the game out. I was happy they came to my area in the UK and not just London. Got it on pre order now so I would say yes there doing a good job.

Why ask the built-in audience?
anyway, from what i’ve seen, the answer is no. marketing a game to those who are already likely to buy it is a waste of money. i’ve only seen the commercial on tv twice and it doesn’t look that great in the first place. i mean, capcom doesn’t have to go BioShock 2 with it and have a 150 second commercial, but something as simple as an animated Deadpool promoting the game in a 30s spot would likely go further than most anything done this far (regarding making believers out of those who have/had nothing to do with fighting games in the first place)

It appears Capcom really knows its audience on this one. They revealed most of the characters and information very slowly, and now so close to release, they have shown us a lot of what we were hoping for in terms of throwbacks and references to past titles (most obviously is the Mango Sentinel and curly mustache line from Deadpool, but also characters like Arthur and Hsien-Ko).

I think in addition to all the streams, leaks, and general hype-machine they’ve created, Capcom did a smart thing offering an exclusive pre-order bonus through their store, at least in the US. Whether most gamers like the fact that pre-ordering from certain stores gives you exclusive content or swag, Capcom took it a step further and is attempting to bring the sales directly to their store, rather than to somewhere like Gamestop or Bestbuy, where they likely see less of a profit.

Previous poster is right though, this is all targeted at the almost guaranteed sale audience, so I’m not sure how effective it is.

I think they’re doing a brilliant job hyping the game and i’m pretty sure at least one of the twitter leaks is deliberate. especially considering most of this marketing is coming at relatively little cost (compared to spamming TV slots) and most of the hype is being driven by the community itself. the well paced reveals are keeping mvc3 in the spotlight consistently and the sheer amount of discussion on this forum about a game that hasn’t been released yet is proof of that.