Let's talk serious about Hibiki *EXPERTS PLZ*

I play her in P and A groove. I’m thinking about resets to use and it seems like most resets just get stuffed by jabs and such. I’m wondering if resets in general only work like once or something on skilled players. Also about activation with her, since no one really ever gets that close to her unless they get lucky, when do you activate. Do you go for almost guard crush then activate, then reset?

I could talk about P groove, it’s the groove I know best. I have only been playing A for 1 day.


c’mon people let’s talk about her good and bad matchups, guard crush strings, and practical resets. Discuaaion on AA’s and CC Atcivation setups also need to be discussed.


I guess that about sums it up. Thanks alot. Cmon seriously, their must be more to it than that.

I use K-Hibiki, but I think he said that cause she can combo off her throw in A-groove.

activate throw is top tier tactics

edit: I’ve also seen people ticking into command overhead, and watching to see if people react (assuming they block) and then punish with blackout, you can also do the command overhead and do the super combo right away, if the overhead hits the super will come out, if not then it doesnt, so it’s fairly safe (wont waste meter)…

But im no expert, all i know is activate throw! :rolleyes:

If you watch the evo DVD some guy using A-Hibiki and resets another guy like three times using the the overhead after the cross-up slice. It took off a shitload.


I posted in this thread. Don’t listen to the Chun-li guy about how ridiculously hard the KK hop overhead trick in a CC is. It’s not. There’s just no point that’s all. The other combos I do are…

-CC, [s.HK, s.HK, crossup qcb+HP] x 2, [s.HK, crossup qcb+HP], crounching jabs pattern, super *

-the ground CC from gunter’s site

-CC, off the counter (just a bunch of jumping HP and random crap… you can figure it all out yourself)

  • It does more damage than the other one I post in that thread. They’re both friggin’ beautiful. With one reset she can do a Bison-like 9500-ish in one go. Learn how many time you can go back and forth with s.HK, qcb+HP before your meter runs out, then start inserting dp+K after the close s.HK’s. Make sure you can do d.LP x 4, d.HP, qcb+HP/super good too. Her customs are all about improvisation, but the individual patterns in general are always the same.

Anyway, that’s how I play her. I’d love Hibiki a lot more if I didn’t secret hate all you people who post here.

I’m just curious how do you get 9500 damage pts with her? can you elaborite on it some more. I usually put her first building meter for bison.

don’t people just jab out of resets like that though?? Or is the block-stun from the Roundhouses enough to make it a true high -low crossup?? I got the combo part, and basically your saying that that reset is the only one worth using??


I read your intire blanka post and I have to say it’s really informative and I appreciate it alot. I have been playing p groove since the start so when I just picked up A 3 days or so ago I really needed a base from which to start. That was my base. It’s not some scrubbed out bullshit like most of the stuff you find on here. Like with vega do two feirce rolls then red impact, or slide then red impact. WTF kinda random ass getto waste of a super type shit is that. You and I don’t play like that, good players don’t play like that.


kcjx makes everything work :eek:

that’s me:cool:

and that reset is hard as fuck to do consistently, but i’ve never been able to do it once:lol:

and your blanka guide is dope as hell. i really appreciate how in depth you went with everything.

And i hope you make one for Hibiki too.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment :D. Aside from being able to perform the fancy CC’s however, I really don’t know anything about Hibiki at all. Gunter played A-Hibiki at Evo this year. I’m postive his is way better than mine so he’s probably the guy to ask instead. What I know about Hibiki won’t take more than a single post.

There are two basic patterns I repeat when I CC with Hibiki.

-[d.HP x 3, qcb+LP]
I do this when I’m hitting from the front, and it the universal pattern pretty much everybody else in the US does already. Stop at hit 8, which will be after two “reps”, and go into d.LP’s for maximum hit count damage.

-[close s.HK, qcb+HP]
This is the super fancy back and forth cross-up pattern that impresses everybody when you use it at the arcade. Again, stop at 8 hits. It will be after four reps this time. From there either go for the options of guaranteed d.LP’s damage, or be fancy and go for a reset instead (the 9500 damage thing).

How to reset with Hibiki (the Danny Leong shit):

-close s.HK, dp+K, qcb+HP…
The idea behind this is that the close s.HK must be blocked low when up close. The immediate dp+K overhead must be blocked high after. Normally this should be pretty useless because the opponent can usually just jump or jab out of situations like these. However with Hibiki, since her close s.HK is a heavy attack the opponent is stuck in hit or block stun too long for them to do anything other than block (*they can roll, but it’s hard). Jabs will get stuffed. Jumping out will make you eat the full combo.

When you can do this:

from the front —> after a qcb+LP, insert s.HK xx overhead

from the back and forth CC —> after any cross-up qcb+HP, where you would normally do another s.HK xx qcb+HP, do s.HK xx overhead instead.

How to learn this:
Make sure you can combo reliably after the dp overhead everytime. I like cross-up qcb+HP, but others can use d.HP, continue with front hitting CC if they find it easier to time as well. When I practice A-Hibiki in training mode, I mostly just practice going back and forth with s.HK, qcb+HP, insert random overhead here and there, fast d.LP patterns, and SNK style supers (I hate snk… can’t do those qcb, hcf motions for the life of me).

As for all the fancy juggle stuff in the air, I know nothing about. Time for a attn:gunter… thread or ask morikawa from Japan :lol:

When someone throws a fireball, activate and do qcb+jab slash through it to get close. Do your basic ground combo from there.

If Bison Psycho Crushers you, block it, activate and do Strong Slash then Running Slashes to the corner.

If Sagat does a Hotfoot on you, block it, duck the middle part of the super, then activate and Jab Running Slash to get close for a ground combo.

If Blanka does a Ball against you, activate and Strong Slash into Strong Running Slashes for a juggling combo, or wait, activate and Jab Running Slash to get in close for a ground combo.

Learn how to activate after a Kick Throw… just wait a second longer than you think you should, and it’s pretty easy. Jab Slash and Strong Running Slashes to the corner.

For RC happy fools, esp. Sakura, stick out her counter every now and then. Jump up and activate to do a simple juggle combo (I’ve started to do j.strong x2 at the beginning and then j.fierces for consistency).

Also, do anti-air activation into Strong Slash, Running Slashes against straight up jumps and dive kicks.

Thanks for the tips guys, An (A)newbie/scrub like me needs some expert advice like this.

I was under the impression that people could just jab out of hibiki’s dp k reset, now knowing that thats not possible really makes her a devestating character IMO. I’m actually suprised more people don’t do this and just simply dominate with it. The only way out of that reset is basically If I mess up or if you roll perfectly, right? Edit: ok yeah, you could block, haha

Is there any use for a RC DP+K movement?? Not in the reset but just at any point?

Can you take advantage of her dodge, Run, Hop? For example, dodge something then activate into combo?

Is there a particular practical AA crossup CC combo that you use often?

Say for example someone jumps in, would you activate when they are mid air and slash then slashes till corner, OR activate then kick throw to nearest corner then combo? What do you use to launch them when you get to the corner BTW?

So Gunter and KCXJ, how did you guys do at EVO 2k3?? What games did you enter?? Did you do as well as you thought?? Did you have any memorable victories or defeats??

I played P Cammy ,Blanka, Sagat. Go figure. I felt that I had the best chances against any team with these characters in P Groove. Now that I have picked up Hibiki though, I believe all that has changed. Using her in P just changes everything about her. People can’t short jump on her anymore and she can turtle so hard it’s rediculus. I really like her combos in P too, parry into Deadly Rave, Counter into Blackout, but my favorite is shorts to deadly rave, s.HK, QCB FP, QCF HP, jump to crossup, if it hits then short to slash combo, if that hit then their dizzy, jump in FP s.HK, QCB FP, QCF FP. Tons of damage, almost a full character. No doubt you guys know about all this. We should keep discussing,

Thanks again,



a couple quick things, can you use any of her slashes at any range to bait a psyco crusher that you can activate on??

also, when you block a Blanka ball, which CC combo do you use for reliability, do you go air or ground??

and I didn’t quite understand that last part, you said,

“Also, do anti-air activation into Strong Slash, Running Slashes against straight up jumps and dive kicks”

If you could tell me a couple customs you have particular trouble with, and possibly other more reliable routes.



Bison’s one of her hardest matches. You can never slash Bison because he can scissor right back. When you do her B&B, you have to stop before the slash. So, what you CAN do (every so often) is jump on his head and do the combo again. If he gets cornered, he MAY try to RC Psycho Crusher out… THAT is when you do the combo.


I go air. It’s a lot easier… Plus K and P might be able to JD/Parry it when they land. At least, if you’re a little too slow there’s that slight risk, so better to do it in the air.


A lot of people jump straight up to avoid RCs and pokes. When they do, you can activate from really far away and still catch them with a standing slash into running slashes. This also works well against characters with dive kicks, like Sakura and Cammy, who sometimes whiff dive kicks from far away to build meter. If you’re in range for a slash, you can activate and take off half their life from really far away.


Her customs aren’t really hard. The hardest ones are her reset and her custom off of throw. I never do resets with her (never really practiced it…), but her CC off of throw is pretty easy once you get it down. There isn’t much room for error though, so I miss it every so often.

Ok I can do the blanka ball air counter and Bisons Psyco counter. I’m having alot of trouble doing the Hotfoot counter though. Sometimes I can get it to hit others not. Got any tips on this one? Also what is the most practical combo you usually do after that QCB jab?? It puts you at some funny ranges so I don’t know where to go from there. Which custom do you do from there?

One more thing, if you were to do say one short and then jab and the slash, would bison have enough time to charge for the sizor? Or maybe just short then slash? Does the fact that Bison is one of her hardest matches seriously hold her back as a character??


im wondering…the other day i was watching this a groove hibiki vs some k groove character
a-hibiki was using rc running slash as anti air instead of the standard fierce
is this due to the crossup ability of the move making it near impossible for the k groover to jd her anti air…
if so rc’ed running slash may seem to be a great anti-air…
it crosses up??
anyone knows this for sure?
it’ll practically kill off all air games and bring it to ground games…making hibiki very very scary in a groove:rolleyes:

hibiki is already scary in agroove…