Let's talk serious about Hibiki *EXPERTS PLZ*

anyone can confirm that??
rc’ed running slash into followed up knockdown slash as antiair that crosses up?

gotta watch the otaku vs buktooth one where otaku ocvs buktooth, mad shit :smiley:

where can i find that?

try #gamecombos they are sbo casual vids

bleh i just got on their shitlist during the process of learning how to download them

Read the FAQ!

where is the FAQ, how do i get it??

its pointless i read it already and when i was trying it after reading the faq i made a mistake and got shitlisted
so despite my knowledge of how it works, i cant use it anymore cos eidrian wont let me off the shitlist and he’s being a b*tch about it
bleh anywhere else i can get those vids?