Let's talk SSF4



From what I’ve read on the net
-Faster Walk Speed
-c.HP more like its ST version
-Chip Damage on Ultra 1 is much less

Well if all of these are true then it looks like
-Jab Elec block string easier
-Tick Throwing easier
-Better poke that does good damage

Also Ultra 2 has very low startup time it seems and reports say it punishes fireballs from fullscreen

Any other news?


Apparently Blanka balls move closer to the ground as they can be swept out of now…(which IMO is BS)


I’d expect them to do something thart since all the noobs complain about Blanka


You have always been able to sweep him out of it in SF4, at least until he has completed 1.5 rotations and then again when he’s closer to landing.

This is nothing new and has essentially zero effect on his game.


This is quite old news… Most of other char boards are updated regulary, it seems our green friend doesn’t get much love from testers :frowning:

on the known info, faster walking speed is great news, as is better cr. HP, lower chip on U1 is also not so important since U1 chipping really isn’t usable in serious battles. If Capcom adds one more footsie tool, more consistent/better range on elect. in combos and usable U2, I’ll be a happy mid-tier panda. I mean beast.


All I wanted was rock crusher overhead to combo/canel into something and ball safe on hit. Reduced recovery on hops woulda been nice too.


I was hoping for a better hop. And a better ultra. Looks like I might be getting the later.


How close to the ground is the questiom, it’d be catastrophic if it flew so close to the ground any time he got hit out of the ball he’d be in hitstun on the ground


How close to the ground is the questiom, it’d be catastrophic if it flew so close to the ground any time he got hit out of the ball he’d be in hitstun on the ground


If you do the overhead as meaty and only get the second hit you are at +4 or +5 and can combo off of it. The thing is though with an overhead so slow, it is kinda worthless.


Translated Dev Blog


Surprise forward with less recovery is awesome news! That would make crossup hop mixups even more effective! Short range ball even shorter is cool if it’s just by a small amount; makes it less likely to hit people that can punish the roll.


Was talking to a friend of mine who islearning Blanka, and I had a few ideas for a new move and a remixed move. I feel they are gonna update SSF4 a few times. It’d be nice if he had a command throw that used electricity for good damage like his Sf2 bite. Also, since rainbow roll is near useless as offense in sf4, why not give it additional properties or options like Akuma’s flip kick. Hold kick button down for roll on ground after landing (letting off stops the roll), don’t hold for normal landing, or press punch and direction to bounce off their head or ground to either side.


^ A command grab would be so welcome. Would really make him formidable up close, and you can really mix it up then.

I want to know about his combo-ability. I’ve heard (more like “read a vicious rumor”) that his cr. lk is “better”, which I thought to mean that it has either a larger hit stun or more link-frames. This could be a welcome move, since comboing with Blanka is pretty tough, or has been so for me.


It would be nice if Blanka’s jab > elec combo were slightly easier to do, because I can combo Honda’s jab > HP Hands really well, but it doesn’t go as well for Blanka

Also, electricity shouldn’t send people so far back…I mean, if Honda can combo Hands > Super, why can’t Blanka do the same? (Yes, I know Blanka can do it, but only if the opponent is in the corner)


It would be good if they allowed you to do this:

Usually when crouching and someone jumps in, a good option is to use crouching medium punch.

What would be useful is if, after hitting the opponent with the c.mp and they get hit back in the air, is if you could follow it up with a rolling attack whilst they’re still in the air, meaning they get knocked down. Would be a nice Alpha touch.


heh… it seems that T.Hawk is worse than Gief in handling Blanka balls. The closest thing he has is probably his DP move but that thing is so unsafe.

[media=youtube]sJa8nMacjGc&feature=channel[/media] Blanka v Thawk starts around 5:30.

Since t.hawk seems pretty OP so far (best health, great damage from normal/specials, good normals), it’s nice to know good ol’ blanka can still make life annoying for the top tier grapplers.


Lol…just lol.


T.Hawk isn’t going to be OP. No one will be Vanilla Sagat good or even Vanilla Akuma good.


this is so ridiculous. That would be what 220 damage every time you made a bad jump at blanka? That is stupid.

I actually have a similar problem. I can’t piano electricity reliably but I can do so with hands. I started sliding instead and it solved my problem.

It actually works midscreen against some characters, but you don’t get full damage. If you want to combo into super you should just use horizontal ball anyways though.