Let's Tier Blackadder I-IV

Rowan Atkinson’s better than mr bean show, lets discuss it ad infinitum

obv the most glamorous way to do this is to tier each one

**Blackadder II ****** : Easy Number one for me, has my favorite episode (Beer) and favorite Baldrick (bearded). The queen and nursie parts kind of annoy me, but I feel the episodes themselves are better written, having not fallen into the you are so x that y thing that plagues III a bit and especially IV. I think McInnerny and Frye are also best in this season, caring for neither as much in IV when they came back. Hugh Laurie was only in one episode and admittedly, as far as im concerned this one did have the weakest ending, but ending alone is not going to knock this one from the top.

Blackadder I**** : This one was rough, it was tough deciding on whether I should rate III higher because it is more in line with what the show actually was or go with I because of one man, Brian Blessed. As far as I’m concerned Blessed carries this show past any issues that may have come up with bad plots or anything (especially the witchhunter episode) They realized that cunning blackadder/stupid baldrick was a way better dynamic than the other way around after this season. Ending is definitely better than II, and I do still catch myself saying “an eunuch” just because of the way it rolls off the tongue. If you are more a fan of Mr. Bean I could see this season being your favorite, cuz it feels like he is kind of playing the same kind of character just with more talking.

**Blackadder III ******: Barely unable to unseat I, this season is still definitely solid, but starts to start reusing the same things over and over. That being said a full season of Hugh Laurie is gdlk, and the plots are probably more together than they were in 2. Also has best funny ending, as IV has the best somber ending. The cunning plan thing starts to rear its head, but isn’t to the point that you are hearing it 100 times a second like you do in IV. This is probably the most cunning blackadder which has a bit going on for it too. His machinations definitely seem to work out better in III than in any other season.

**Blackadder IV ******: Good, but definitely feels tired except for the change in setting (my favorite). I think the court martial episode is the best out of the bunch but way too many cunning plands and baldrick you’re so x that y etc… Hugh Laurie is still good but not blackadder III good. I feel like McInnerny and Frye are nearly awful in this season. The ending is touching, imo, even though this is a comedy show.

I am open to changing these if you are intelligent mans and have manpoitns.

I think I may have made the most useless non sf4 related thread.


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Don’t feel Goes 4th…feels as unnecessary and mundane as season 8 of Red Dwarf.


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