Lets Train Together


Im a PSN user and i play SF4 and SSF4. Imma Makoto user and need some people who use alotta character to train against for tourneys… Im not that great but i aint terrible… If u dont mind playin then add my PSN: MFB_1 and lets get to it.

Also play SSBB if u want to play that too then let me kno and ill get u my FC


Post on this thread too http://shoryuken.com/f322/looking-ssf4-players-ps3-252403/ and you’ll see the PSN invites light up yo inbox.


I’ll add you tonight… I had a discouraging night last night and could use a training partner.


im down as well hit me up!!


It is better for the answer, You can give a more complete description of your needs.


Please use the matchmaking sections for matchmaking.

The newbie dojo is for gameplay questions.

And seriously, necro posting 5-month-old threads that shouldn’t of been posted to begin with isn’t helpful.